Top Ceremony Venues in Singapore

One of the first things you need to do when planning your wedding ceremony is to choose a venue. The place you choose for your big day can make or break it. What you choose can greatly impact other parts of your event, like the clothes you and your guests may have to wear and the overall look and feel of the party. At Venuerific, there are a plethora of wedding ceremony and reception venues to choose from!

Ceremony Venues Rental Guide

Ceremony Venues in Singapore

When picking a wedding venue, you should consider its location, size, and style to ensure it will fit your big day with your future spouse. Here are some of the most common types of wedding ceremony venues to get you started.

  • Banquet halls
    One of the best types of classic civil wedding ceremony venues is a banquet hall. Banquet halls are ready to be used for big or small parties because they have beautiful interiors and fully stocked kitchens.

    Most of the time, these places have everything you need for your wedding, including catering and other services. Most banquet halls have a catering team on-site with set menus, but some let you hire external catering. Banquet halls are usually big, so they are suitable for weddings with many guests.

  • Outdoors
    Whether you look out over the ocean, a lake, a river, or green fields, outdoor wedding ceremony venues are always romantic and peaceful. Enjoy the cool breeze and relaxing environment as you enjoy the special day with your loved ones.

  • Restaurants
    If you and your spouse are foodies, restaurants can be great wedding ceremony venues. Restaurants are convenient for ceremonies because they already have nice tables, chairs, and decorations.

    If you choose this type of venue, you won't have to find a place to hold the event and a catering service separately. They can also be cheaper since most restaurants only charge a fixed price per guest or a certain amount of food or drinks to let people use their space. Moreover, they do not charge a separate facility or service fee.

    Most of the time, restaurants are smaller and cosier, so they are best for smaller groups. You might want to rent a private room for a small wedding ceremony and reception. If the restaurant is only open in the evenings, you might even be able to book the whole place during the day.

    A restaurant with a private event space may also be a good choice for couples who want a quiet place with good food. Restaurants are usually well decorated so that you can save money on decorations, and the food and service are typically delicious. 

  • Galleries
    Weddings can be held in beautiful places like galleries that show the work of independent or new artists. Surround yourself with the art you like, whether they are big contemporary sculptures, black-and-white photos, and more.

  • Museums
    If you want a unique place to get married, you can book a museum or art gallery hosting ceremonies. Since museums already look great, especially ones with works of art, you can have a lovely wedding with unique decorations.

    Most importantly, you and your guests can enjoy the ongoing exhibits on your wedding day. A museum venue is an excellent choice for couples who don't think their guests will spend much time on the dance floor since there is a clear secondary activity that still feels unique and fun. 

  • Hotels
    Holding ceremonies at hotels is easy. Hotels have a team of banquet specialists who can help you plan your event and a list of in-house and approved service providers to ensure you do not have to worry about anything on your special day. These places are known for their well-trained staff, excellent facilities, and beautiful surroundings.

    Usually, wedding packages come with a room or suite, so you will have a place to get ready before the big day. When you do the ceremony in a hotel, finding places for your guests to stay and get around is much easier.

    Hotels are great places to have a wedding if you have a lot of out-of-town guests. You can have the ceremony, the reception, and guests from out of town all in one place. This saves you the trouble of getting people to and from different places.

    More prominent hotels have several different ballrooms and event spaces so that you will have a lot of options for your wedding, rehearsal dinner, and other events. This is why hotels are known as " one-stop shops" for civil wedding ceremony venues. Keep in mind that hotels do not have a lot of room for decorating, so it is important that you like the carpet, chandeliers, wallpaper, and other details, as they will affect the style of your event.

  • Function halls
    Function halls are also good options, especially for those who want to stay within their budgets. They come in different sizes, so you can find one that fits the number of guests coming to the event. Most places also give you much freedom when decorating and hiring additional services like external catering.

  • Conference hall
    If the number of people you want to invite keeps growing, you may look for a big space for your big day. Conference halls often hold big events, so they are a good choice for big wedding ceremonies.

    Conference halls tend to have more of a "blank slate" feel, which means you will have to bring in your own decorations. This gives you and your wedding planner a chance to start from scratch, be creative, and bring your vision to life. 

  • Warehouses
    High ceilings and exposed brick walls give warehouses an industrial-chic look that works well with various wedding styles. Warehouse wedding ceremonies are not very popular in Singapore yet, but if you want a unique event, you should consider having one.

    Plus, warehouses are usually empty and have a lot of space, so you can decorate them however you want. You could even add some stations that other types of venues might not be able to have because they don't have enough room.

    Due to their vast spaces, warehouses make lovely wedding ceremony and reception venues. With drapes, flowers, signs, and other things, you can create the look you want, and your guests will enjoy it all while they are eating and dancing.

  • Country clubs
    Country clubs are often located on private or public properties with beautiful views that are great for taking photos. Most of the time, these places have elegant interiors and staff with a lot of experience.

    Country clubs are popular outdoor wedding ceremony venues Singapore, and it is easy to see why. From the well-kept fields and indoor event spaces to the in-house catering and other services, holding a wedding ceremony in a country club weddings is beautiful and stress-free.

    Most country clubs also have catering and other services on-site to make planning easier. These places are perfect for couples who like classic and traditional things. You can get married outside and have the reception inside with room for many guests. 

  • Yachts
    You can consider yachts as your wedding ceremony and reception venue if you want to enjoy a day or night on the water. Getting married on a yacht, allows you to get all-inclusive packages and amazing views that change throughout the event. On bigger yachts, you and your guests might even be able to spend the night.

  • Ballrooms
    Most of the time, ballrooms are bigger spaces for events. They come in many styles, from classic and elegant to modern and simple. Many ballrooms also offer all-inclusive wedding packages. This means that catering, rentals, and other services are taken care of in-house, making it very easy to plan your wedding ceremony. You won't have to worry about the space since ballrooms can easily be changed into spaces for both small and big parties.
Ceremony venues in Singapore FAQs

How many places should I look at for a wedding ceremony?
Before securing the venue booking for your wedding, you should visit five to seven venues in person. This will help you figure out what you like. Whether or not you can visit five or more places depends on where you live. Most likely, you can only do it if they are close or only an hour or two away by car. 

Can a wedding ceremony and reception be in the same venue?
Yes. After your ceremony, you can hold the reception within the same venue since keeping the gap between events as short as possible is better. Usually, the recommended intervals should last no longer than 60 to 90 minutes. If there is a way to move your reception to an earlier time to avoid breaking the flow of the ceremony, go for it. 

How much does it cost to rent civil wedding ceremony venues in Singapore?
Depending on your event's needs, preferences, and guest list, renting a wedding ceremony venue in Singapore can cost as low as $10 up to $181 and above per guest. Venue packages usually start from $1000 for premium and luxury venues. On the other hand, smaller and budget venues offer packages that start at $100. 

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You have a lot of choices when choosing a place for your wedding ceremony. Feel free to look around Venuerific to find the perfect match for your event's needs. You could even try other civil wedding ceremony venues that are not on the list above.

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