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Take your pick from the list of most sought-after bridal shower venues here at Venuerific! Through our convenient and user-friendly filters, you are guaranteed to land on the perfect bridal shower venue Singapore has to offer. So, where do you want to host the bridal shower, and when do you want it to be scheduled? We'll give you a helping hand!

Bridal Shower Venues Rental Guide

Bridal Shower Venues Singapore

You are probably looking for ideal venues for the special event. Since you are already on this page, why not read some bridal shower ideas and tips to make the celebration more fun and exciting? There are plenty of ways to host bridal showers. Check out some tips on how to throw a successful time-honoured wedding tradition below:

Decide on a bridal shower budget

Before choosing a theme or picking the bridal shower venue in Singapore, the first step in planning is to agree on a budget. The host generally pays for the shower, and while your initial reaction may be to go all out and lavish the bride, we suggest choosing an amount of money you can easily afford without breaking the bank.

At Venuerific, we can help you choose the best bridal shower venue Singapore. Simply use our search filter to select your desired location and price level. We have a list of ideal budget, economy, premium, and luxury venues across the lion city!

Set the event date

Plan the bridal shower at least four to six months before the big day. A bridal shower should take place approximately two months before the wedding. Nevertheless, consult the bride before you finalise the date to ensure that it works for her schedule and also accommodates her preferred guests or family members. That is unless you are planning a surprise bridal shower. In such a case, you can coordinate discreetly with the bride's mother to assist you in organising the event. 

Create the guest list

After determining the date, the next step is finalising the guest list. Ask the bride for a list of who should be invited to a bridal shower and their addresses or contact details. The final guest count will determine your requirement for the next step, which is finding the best venue. To give you an idea, we have procured a list of potential venues that can accommodate a certain number of guests: 

Keep in mind that everybody invited to the bridal shower should also be invited to the wedding. Thus, ensure to clear every guest with the bride before adding them to the list.

Determine the bridal shower venue in Singapore

After you have decided on a date for the party and have the number of guests, you should choose the party's location. You can throw a bridal shower at a restaurant, a function hall, a hotel, or any event space that caters to the bride's interests.

When in doubt, make sure to get the opinion of the bride! In addition, ensure that the venue is easy to get to, has plenty of parking, and has enough room for all guests. 

Select a theme

After you have completed the task of finalising the budget, guest list, and venue, it is time to select a theme for the bridal shower. Although doing so isn't required, it may be a fun and easy way to inject some personality into the event through invitations, food options, and decorations.

To get you started, some common party themes include a brunch with cocktails, a wine tasting theme, a health & beauty Singapore theme, or even a flower arranging party. Feel free to get as creative as you wish and let your imagination run wild! Whatever you decide in the end, it should be something that fits in with the bride's personality and her day-to-day interests.

Decide on the dress code

Encouraging the guests to follow a specific dress code is optional. However, doing so is ideal since it makes the photos look better. You can ask them to dress in a specific colour that matches the theme or have them follow a certain level of formality. 

Send out the invitations

Plan the invites for the bridal shower and send them out in the mail approximately six to eight weeks before the event. This way, the invitees will have plenty of time to rearrange their schedules, go shopping for a present, and get in touch with you if they cannot attend.

Although e-invites are now available, the bride will appreciate it if she gets a hard copy that she can hold onto as a keepsake. Pick stationery that matches the theme or looks easy on the eyes. 

Prepare the food

You can start planning the bridal shower's menu once you have completed sending out the invitations and are receiving confirmations of attendance. When it comes to preparing the menu for the party, stick to meals that you know the bride will appreciate and choose foods that are easy to serve.

If you are throwing a brunch-themed bridal shower, some appropriate food and drink options include a cocktail bar, coffee drinks, and local or international breakfast items. You can also opt to hire a venue that allows external catering so you can personalise the food and drinks for the party. Don't forget to get the best bridal shower cake Singapore has to offer to celebrate the event!

Decorate the venue

Now comes the exciting part – putting up the decorations! After deciding what theme you want for your bridal shower, it's time to shop for the appropriate decorations. Look for things like letter balloons, posters, tassel garlands, and backdrops that will immediately make the area feel unique for the bride. Candles and freshly cut flowers are also suitable for every bridal shower. 

Prepare bridal shower games

It is a good idea to host some fun bridal shower games to entertain the guests at the party. Some of the most traditional games played at bridal showers are bridal bingo and guessing games with bride-related facts.

If any of your guests have never met one another before, ice-breaking activities like games are a great approach to let them get to know one another. Schedule the games during breaks, such as after everyone has finished eating or before the bride receives her gifts. 

Make a playlist

Even though music won't be the primary emphasis of the day, it will be pleasant to have some songs playing in the background as guests arrive, mingle, and enjoy their refreshments. Make a playlist for the bridal shower with music that suits the guests' ages. 

Arrange the party favours

If your budget allows for it, pick a party favour that guests will actually want. Opt for something they can use and will make your money worth it, like customised candles, hand sanitisers, mini champagne, fridge magnets, or bags. 

Bridal Shower FAQs

What is a bridal shower?
A bridal shower celebrates a bride's upcoming marriage. Here, guests are encouraged to give gifts to the couple. The origin of bridal showers is believed to date back to the 16th century when a girl's father refused to give dowry to a marriage he did not approve of. The town worked together by offering small gifts to help the couple start their lives without the dowry money. 

Who should host a bridal shower?
Bridal showers are typically hosted by the bridesmaids or the maid of honours. However, it can also be organised by family members and closest friends. Traditionally, mothers or mothers-in-law should not host the event since it will appear that they are directly asking for gifts. However, modern bridal showers can now be hosted by anyone who wants to. Brides can even have multiple showers if she belongs to several different groups. 

Who should pay for the bridal shower?
The cost of the bridal shower should be paid for by the host, even if the bride is directly involved in the planning. Often, the bridesmaid or maid of honour is the one who throws the party and pays for it. The mother of the bride can also contribute to the costs. 

How much do bridal showers cost?
The overall cost of a bridal shower depends on many factors, such as the venue, guest lists, food, and so on. The price can range from $10 to $180+ for each person, depending on how lavish you want the event to be. 

Book a bridal shower venue here at Venuerific

Bridal showers can be both daunting and exciting to plan. Throw a successful celebration by considering the tips and ideas we provided above. One of the biggest factors in the success of your event is the location.

Thus, you should make sure to book the best bridal shower venue party in Singapore via Venuerific. Check out more bridal shower ideas from us!

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