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You will make some of your most significant decisions in life when you get married. Planning your dream wedding in Singapore will involve choosing the perfect ROM venue. Fortunately, Venuerific has a plethora of potential ROM wedding venues that will suit your budget and event requirements! Secure unforgettable and special moments during your special day by booking the best ROM venue Singapore has to offer.

ROM Rental Guide

ROM Venues Singapore

Planning a simple ROM, also known as registration of marriage, does not have to be as luxurious and formal as your wedding day. The ROM process can be done in the location of your choice, whether it’s a church, a temple, or a unique ROM solemnisation venue in Singapore.

Below we will show you how to make your marriage official at the Registry of Marriages and how to choose the perfect ROM solemnisation venue for you. 

Step 1: Ensure that you meet the prerequisites for getting married in Singapore
For you to hold a ROM in Singapore, you and your partner should be at least 21 years old. Otherwise, you will need parental consent before applying to get married. If you are not a Singaporean citizen, you should be present in the country for at least 15 consecutive days. If you have a late spouse or are divorced, you have to present certain documents or make declarations on existing maintenance orders. 

Step 2: Submit your marriage application
You can submit your marriage application online or at onsite internet kiosks located at ROM offices. Do this at least 21 days or up to three months before your chosen date of solemnisation. After filing your application, make sure to print a copy of the payment receipt and the “Invitation to Solemnise a Marriage” form if you plan to have your ROM at a venue. Moreover, you will also need to verify the documents and make your statutory declaration at the Registry of Marriages at least 1 to 14 days before your solemnisation date. This can be done in person or virtually.

Step 3: Pick your ROM wedding venue You can hold your solemnisation within ROM. However, you can only invite up to 20 guests, and you might not be able to pick your preferred date since it is on a first-come, first-served basis. The good news is that you can rent your preferred ROM venue instead! Choosing your ROM solemnisation venue allows you to decorate the location however you want and celebrate the special occasion with as many friends and relatives as you can. Some of the ideal ROM venues you can hire here at Venuerific are: 

  • Hotels: These are your one-stop shop when it comes to holding events such as ROMs. They have rooms that are designed for large-scale celebrations, but they can also offer small spaces that can serve as a ROM venue for 10 pax or lower.
  • Function Halls: Most function halls feature in-house catering services and event staff, so organising and holding your ROM in these venues will be easy and efficient. Consider renting a function hall if you are looking for a ROM venue for 20 pax and above.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants can be rented as a whole, or you can just book a private room or space for small-scale ROMs. A restaurant can be cheap ROM venues Singapore has to offer since most of them do not charge separate facility or service fees.
  • Rooftops: These venues have open-concept spaces that you can design and transform into an intimate place for your ROM. Rooftop venues provide stunning skyline views with no matter which time of the day.
  • Outdoors: An outdoor ROM venue is perfect if you love nature and relaxing spaces. You can take advantage of the fresh breeze and natural sunlight during your special day.
  • Yachts: Get spectacular views and all-inclusive packages when you rent a yacht for your ROM. These venues are great for small ROM events.
Step 4: Invite a solemniser
If you are holding the ROM at an external venue, you need to invite a licensed solemniser. Your chosen solemniser should sign a consent form before your solemnisation. Coordinating with your chosen solemniser at least three months before your official wedding date is ideal. This will give the solemniser enough time to check on their availability, especially if they are quite popular.

You need to consider a few things when choosing who will officiate your solemnisation. First is the language you want your solemnisation to be conducted in. If you have foreign guests, you can invite a bilingual solemniser. The second is how long you would want your ROM to last. Some solemnisers tend to have a more extended session since they share some snippets of married life and other wise words. Others like to have fuss-free and straightforward events. 

Step 5: Prepare for the big day
Now that you have secured all the necessary things for your ROM, you have to prepare the rest of the essentials for your special day. Some of these include: 

  • ROM documents: After filing for the ROM, make sure to bring the documents to where the ceremony will take place. At the end of the event, you must receive a coloured and black-and-white copy of your Marriage Certificate signed by your chosen solemniser. These documents should also be shared with the ROM.
  • Wedding rings: These are not required, but it is good to have these as a sign of your marriage. If you do not want wedding rings, you can also use other meaningful items for you and your partner.
  • Flowers: A lovely bouquet of flowers will be great to compliment the bride’s attire or fit the theme of the event if there is any.
  • Attire: Ensure that you and your spouse have your clothes for the ROM ready. Generally, both should be in formal attire, with the groom in formal pants and suits in Singapore and the bride in a dress. 
What to consider when looking for a ROM solemnisation venue

When looking for a ROM venue rental, there will be countless choices that will come up. Consider these factors that you should look out for to narrow down which venues are worth choosing quickly: 

If you have a limited budget, look for small or cheap venues. However, make sure not to settle for less. There are a plethora of venues that offer deals and packages to make the rental more affordable and price-worthy. At Venuerific, we offer budget, economy, premium, and luxury venues to match the price level that you want.

Ensure that the location of the venue is easily accessible for everyone invited to the ROM. Choose a place that has easy access to public transportation and nearby lodging for all your guests. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of potential ROM venues around Singapore’s Central Area, North Region, South Region, East Region, and West Region.

Make sure that your chosen venue can accommodate all your guests and the event itself. Here are the lists of potential ROM venues that you can hire based on the number of guests they can accommodate:

ROM Venues FAQs

When should I book the ROM venue?
If you are planning to hold your ROM in a popular venue or during a holiday, it is ideal to book it in advance, at least three months prior to your official solemnisation date. Booking in advance will not just secure your schedule but will also give you a chance to get a discount. 

How many venues should I visit?
Generally, you should look for five to seven ROM venues before deciding on the final location. Thankfully, you can do that within a few clicks here at Venuerific. Simply use our smart search to filter the results based on your preferred venue type, budget, number of guests, and many other factors. Once you have your eyes on a specific venue, contact the host to schedule a physical visit or secure your booking online. 

How much does a ROM venue rental cost?
Renting a ROM venue via Venuerific can cost between $10 up to $181+ per guest, depending on the venue you choose. You can also take advantage of deals and packages that typically start from $100 and may go as high as $5000. 

Book the best ROM venues in Singapore via Venuerific

If you are planning to be solemnised outside of the ROM building, search for the best ROM venue Singapore has to offer via Venuerific! Whether you are looking for a unique wedding location or a ROM venue for 30 pax Singapore will never run out of ultimate dream venues for you.

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