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Businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals in all fields can learn from some of the most successful business people and experts when they attend networking events. Nowadays, there are a plethora of opportunities for networking online, but nothing quite compares to getting together in person to hash out ideas and get things nailed down. Whether you are looking for standard or unique networking event venues, there will surely be something perfect for you in the lion city. Below is a list of networking venues Singapore has to offer:

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Networking Venues in Singapore

Developing our professional networks is necessary to grow and succeed in our jobs. Relationships created via effective networking can lead to job recommendations and introductions to other professionals and experts. Before we move on to the types of networking events, let's dive deeper into some of the key reasons why networking is so important.

What is a networking event?

To put it simply, a networking event is a planned get-together at which attendees are encouraged to interact with one another and form meaningful connections. Nowadays, such events occur in various formats, such as in person, virtually, or a mix of the two. The term "hybrid event" refers to gatherings that have a combination of in-person and online components. This means that while some of the events may take place in real life, some may take place online. 

What are the benefits of attending or planning a networking event?

Attending networking events is vital because they can significantly contribute to your overall career success. People who are interested in expanding or levelling up their careers have the opportunity to network with one another and obtain new information through these events.

In-person networking, in particular, can greatly assist you in developing a stronger connection to your work and others in your profession. These can also help you find new employment opportunities.

It is possible to meet a greater diversity of people through online or virtual networking activities. You can meet people from all over the county or globally by participating in virtual informational interviews and meet-and-greets.  

  • Speaking Engagements
    There are always people around who can teach you something, regardless of what sector you work in. Speaking engagements are where a speaker (or speakers) will discuss a subject directly linked to your position or the department you work in. You can learn about these events by following news publications covering your industry or specialists in your work sector. Lecturers may teach you about the latest trends in your industry, which you can adopt at your place of employment. In addition, these types of business networking events are excellent opportunities to network with people who work in the same field as you. 
  • Roundtable Discussions
    Roundtables are similar to speaking engagements in way that they help those who want to expand their knowledge by connecting with their peers. They consist of open forums and debates, which can lead to original ideas and fresh perspectives. Participation from each attendee is required during roundtable discussions. This is why it is typically held in more private venues for networking events with fewer attendees, like a seminar room. The event organisers may choose each guest personally to ensure that everyone in attendance has similar professional goals and passions.
  • Alumni Networking Organisations
    Alumni can get together at non-professional activities hosted by their alma maters. The benefits of attending networking events like this include meeting your old friends and getting some casual networking done. This kind of networking can lead to informative interviews and company recommendations.
  • Happy Hour Networking
    In the world of professional networking, happy hour is a time-honoured custom that you should participate in. It makes it easier to initiate a conversation with strangers and engage in small talk, which is more difficult in formal or business networking events. Expect a relaxed atmosphere during the happy hour with drinks and appetisers served while guests mingle. During this time, the host may give a brief speech to welcome people, say a few words about the event's purpose, and provide some background information on the topic being discussed. 
  • Informational Interviews
    Informal informational interviews are becoming increasingly popular among businesses searching for prospective employees. In these networking events, the roles are reversed. You will be the one who will interview or ask questions to your target company instead of applying to them as an applicant. These events provide a low-risk opportunity to learn about a company or industry and make your name known to potential employers in the field. 
  • University Lectures
    If you are fortunate enough to live in a town near a college or university, you may want to keep track of the events that are hosted there, particularly those related to the field in which you work. University lectures are often hosted by educational institutions, which frequently invite industry professionals and leaders in the field. Here, you may take advantage of learning new things and making new connections. These events are often held in networking event venues located inside universities or schools.
  • Job and Career Expos
    Job and career expos are where companies attend career fairs or partner with organisations and job search firms to find candidates who can fill the open positions in their company. If you are actively looking for a job, attending events like these may be highly beneficial because they provide you with immediate information about the company and the roles they are hoping to fill. 
  • Professional conferences
    Larger-scale opportunities for networking can be found at professional conferences and work summits. These gather thousands of people around a central topic, industry, or product. Here, you can participate in a range of events for one to two days. These types of business networking events may include keynote speakers, workshops, opportunities for networking, and even an expo area where you may meet various vendors and learn about their products and services. Such events are often held in networking event venues like a conference hall or a MICE venue. Most conferences are more focused on learning new things and networking with people who have similar interests and less focused on finding people to fill job roles unless the topic naturally arises.
  • Speed Networking
    In speed networking, you and the person you are speaking with have limited time to get your conversation started. During these brief exchanges, you should be prepared to give your 30-second elevator pitch and have some business cards on hand so they can be quickly passed around. If you are planning a networking event like speed networking, you can pre-match the attendees with a small group of people to engage in speed networking before the actual event. 
  • Workshops
    Many people are interested in signing up for a webinar or a workshop because they are interested in hearing more about the topic being taught or the speaker. Although your primary focus on attending a workshop is not on meeting new people, it can be highly beneficial to you. This is because you will see the same people repeatedly, making it much simpler to form connections with them. 
Networking Venues in Singapore FAQs

Where can I find the most suitable locations for hosting a networking event in Singapore?
If you want to host a networking event that people will talk about for years, you need to pick a location that stands out. You will have no trouble finding the ideal venues for networking events in Singapore here at Venuerific. Use our search filter to customise the results based on the venue type, capacity, location, price level, and more. This ensures that each location we show you will be an excellent choice for your networking event.

How to facilitate a networking event in Singapore?
You need the event goal, date, and target attendees to organise a networking event successfully. These factors will assist you in deciding on the type of venue and location you choose. The venue should be close to a transportation hub if most of your guests come from out of town. 

Who should attend a networking event?
You will need the right people to attend the event if you want it to be successful. It is vital to invite visitors at varying phases of their careers and work in areas or companies similar to yours. If you want to ensure that the people attending your networking event are interested in what you offer, consider making it a ticketed event. 

What can I accomplish by hosting a networking event?
Organising or even just attending a networking event will widen your personal contacts for potential future career opportunities or recruitment. You can meet other professionals and prospective customers. 

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5 / 5
Booked at Thirsty4balls

We held an informal networking session at Thirsty4Balls on a weekday evening hosting about 65 people. The person in charge, Clare, was really helpful in making sure our event ran smoothly without a hitch! The venue was cool with the decorations and food catered was great! Would definitely recommend hosting your events here :)

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Alejandro De La Peña
5 / 5
Booked at Latteria Mozzarella Patio
Had the chance to organize an appreciation event for business partners and the experience was great.

Not only was contacted straight away by Daniele but also was provided different options to fit the expected budget. My team had a great time, surrounded by nice service and incredible food (the tiramisu is unbelieveble). Thank you again for hosting us

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Khaeruddin Amat
5 / 5
Booked at KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant
Amazing venue, food and event coordinators.

Our company recently had the pleasure of co-hosting an event at KOMYUNITI, and I must say it exceeded all expectations. From the moment I contacted them until the last guest left, the experience was nothing short of outstanding. First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Aliff and Amelia, the event venue coordinators. Their dedication and attention to detail were instrumental in making our event a resounding success. They went above and beyond to ensure every aspect of the event was meticulously planned and executed flawlessly. From coordinating logistics to managing the setup, their expertise was invaluable. The venue itself was simply on point. The ambiance was warm, inviting, and perfectly suited to our event. The overall atmosphere added a touch of elegance and sophistication that our guests truly appreciated. Additionally, the food served was absolutely delicious! I highly recommend KOMYUNITI to anyone in need of a top-notch event space. The combination of an exceptional coordinator like Aliff and Amelia, a stunning ambiance, and amazing food makes it an ideal choice for any event. I look forward to hosting more events at your venue in the future.

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gui ting toh
5 / 5
Booked at Barouv Singapore

Absolutely lit! The venue is fantastic for events, and it is very well maintained. Staff are professional and helpful to our requirements as well. Barouv Rooftop bar is undoubtedly the next and coming top location in the city. We would like to thank Sanjivan and his team for the warm welcome and playing a great host to our company event. Will defnitely come back again!

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Kai Hong Tay
5 / 5
Booked at 360 Lounge


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