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Cocktail parties are an excellent occasion for gathering with friends, family, and coworkers. Host a seamless and memorable cocktail party in Singapore by booking the perfect venue here on Venuerific!

Cocktail Party Venue Rental Guide

This guide will give you tips on planning a successful and memorable cocktail party. We will impart cocktail party venue ideas that can improve any gathering, from bringing far-away friends and family together to making teams stronger and giving people more chances to network.

What is a cocktail party?

When people have cocktail parties, alcoholic drinks are served. The same thing can also be called a cocktail reception. A social or business networking event also called a mixer, is where people get together to drink.

Hotels and restaurants usually have a "cocktail hour" between 4 and 6 PM to get people to go to their bars. During cocktail hour, people talk to each other while consuming small snacks and drinks. Event organisers use the cocktail hour to keep guests busy between sessions and to cut down on the number of people who show up late.

Usually, people get written invitations one to two weeks before a formal cocktail party. Customarily, verbal invitations are sufficient for less formal cocktail parties. Due to the relaxed atmosphere of the party, the guest may ask the host if they can bring a date.

How to have a cocktail party

Cocktail parties are often held after work and give people a chance to socialise, talk, and get to know each other over drinks. The main things to do at these events are to eat and drink, so you should offer your guests cocktails, wine, and delectable snacks. Since they are less formal than a sit-down dinner, guests are more likely to eat appetisers and other tasty finger foods. These things are essential to the party's success, but careful planning and hosting are also important.

Cocktail party hosts often choose to plan the event themselves. They decide what to serve, who to invite, and which cocktail party themes to implement. Check out the ideas and tips for planning a cocktail party below to get ideas for your next event.

  • Make a cocktail menu with a complete list of all the drinks
    Cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, as well as soft drinks, are usually served at a cocktail party venue, but not "normal" alcoholic beverages like beer, liquor, etc. Most of the time, snacks are given instead of meals. The drinks could be the most important tip for a cocktail party. Be bold, try new things, and make a unique cocktail menu, but remember to include at least one popular drink for customers who might be hesitant to try something new. Martini, mojitos, and pina Coladas are some of the most popular cocktails served during this type of event.

  • Have a signature drink for your cocktail party event
    Even if all of the drinks at your cocktail party are delicious, the signature cocktail should be the best. Think about a drink that fits the event's style or theme. Choose a signature drink that shows how good you are with artisan ingredients and that almost looks too good to drink.

  • Serve seasonal drinks made with high-quality seasonal ingredients
    Guests will feel at ease and at home with fresh rosemary sprigs, oranges, cinnamon sticks, and mulling spices. During the summer, make mojitos and pina Coladas for your guests. Stay as high-quality as possible by avoiding pre-made mixes with corn syrup and going for natural, well-made alternatives. You can assume that your visitors will know the difference. 

  • Add a couple of mocktails
    On the drink menu for a cocktail party, there should be one or two drinks that don't contain alcohol. No matter if they drink alcohol or not, everyone at the party will be able to enjoy well-made, artisanal cocktails. Make a whole menu of creative drinks that don't contain alcohol for times when alcohol isn't allowed.

  • Set up self-service cocktail stations
    Set up cocktail tables with pitchers of drinks that have already been chilled. Choose at least three cocktail recipes, like margaritas, mimosas, and sangria, that can be made in a pitcher. Prepare and freeze a lot of each item ahead of time so hosts and guests can quickly get more as they run out. Keep carbonated mixers in the fridge until you're ready to serve them so they stay fresh. 

  • Use stylish glasses
    Choose glasses that show off your style, whether you are classy, simple, or odd. Some unusual glasses you can buy online are shaped like swans, mushrooms, and hearts. Have fun with the choices you make! 

  • Have a finger food buffet or charcuterie tray
    Set up a buffet table with miniature versions of delicate dining dishes like salad bites, cucumber sandwiches, mini soups, skewers, and other finger foods that are easy to eat on the go. Put the name of each dish and any allergens it might contain on a small sign or menu card.

    You can also set up a good charcuterie tray. Put delicious aged meats like salami and prosciutto on a platter or serving tray, along with good cheeses, nuts, fruit, olives, jams, and homemade jellies. Crackers and freshly made bread serve as the delicious basis for the toppings.

    Remember that most cocktail parties happen after work, so some guests might not eat dinner. A bigger version of a charcuterie board on a grazing table puts snacks that will fill people up. If you're having a big party, skip the cheese board and put out thick slices of freshly baked bread, fruit, antipasto, cheese wheels, vegetables, dips, and other filling appetisers instead. 

  • Make a self-service bar with gourmet food
    Make your own food bar at the grazing table by putting out a variety of snacks that guests might not expect. People can choose from tasty food made from fresh ingredients as they move down the buffet line. 
Cocktail Party Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What time is the cocktail party?
Cocktails are usually served from 5:30 PM to midnight. Most of the time, it lasts up to two hours. So, the cocktail reception takes place before dinner during regular business hours. On-time departure is expected, but on-time arrival is not. 

What to wear to a cocktail party?
Since the event usually takes place during work hours, men generally wear their usual casual clothes (office suits). But when going to a very formal or formal cocktail party, men must wear a black suit. For women, a cocktail dress, which is knee-length and made just for this event, is a common choice.

People often have cocktail hours in the evening. Think about the setting when choosing an outfit for a cocktail party, whether outside or inside, a business event, or a wedding. You might want to wear cocktail clothes that are more dressy for more formal events. For casual events or parties outside, as well as cocktail parties during the day, you might choose lighter colours and more comfortable clothes.

  • Men's guide to cocktail party attire
    Men should wear dress shirts and casual suits to the cocktail hour. Cocktail wear can be formal for weddings by adding a tie or bow tie. In the summer and for outdoor cocktail events, wear a light-coloured suit made of breathable fabric, like linen or seersucker. You could wear loafers or oxfords instead of shoes. Depending on where you are, you might be able to wear leather or suede boots, but you should not wear sneakers. 

  • Women's guide to cocktail party attires
    Cocktail dresses are usually knee-length and come in many colours, but the little black dress is the most common. As a general rule, you should avoid long and short dresses and instead choose something in the middle. You can also wear jumpsuits, pantsuits, blazers, or blouses made of suitable materials. Bring out the flashier things, like sequins and beads, for more expensive cocktail events, like New Year's Eve parties. Add style to your outfit by wearing stylish flats or heels. 
Where are the best cocktail party venues Singapore?
The most common venues for cocktail parties in Singapore are bars, clubs, restaurants, rooftops, and event spaces. These venues offer adequate space to accommodate plenty of guests and encourage socialisation and networking throughout the party. Most venues also provide in-house catering and allow external catering should you want it. You can also hire other types of venues here on Venuerific, as long as they can provide a cocktail menu for your event.

Organise The Best Cocktail Party Singapore Has to Offer

Have the best cocktail party Singapore has to offer by booking the perfect venue here on Venuerific. Get more venue and event planning ideas by checking out this article about the best party venues in Singapore for every celebration. Discover the best birthday venues Singapore has to offer today!

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