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A company cocktail party is a must-have whether you are an expert at planning client parties or just starting out with corporate events. Meet potential clients, thank existing customers, and create new business connections by organising the best cocktail party! Check out the top company cocktail party venues Singapore has to offer below:

Company Cocktail Party Venues Rental Guide

Company cocktail parties are a great way to show your customers how much you care about them, as well as to celebrate your company's successes, show off new products, and raise a glass to milestones you have reached. If you have never thrown a company cocktail party before, this guide will help you organise a party that will get a lot of customers and clients to say "yes."

How to host the perfect company cocktail party

Planning is very important when ensuring a company cocktail party goes well. The things you do before the party can help make your guests have a good time and ensure the event runs smoothly and successfully. Here are some suggestions for what to do at your company cocktail party:

  • Customise drinks
    Your main goals for your cocktail party might be to meet new people or share exciting business news, but the drinks themselves are also one of the most important parts of the event. Even if you offer a variety of drinks for your guests to choose from, adding a signature drink to the menu can make your event stand out. It is ideal to have at least one customised cocktail for your event and ensure that it is tasty and unique. This will make the guests remember not just the cocktail but also the experience at your company cocktail party.

  • Hire a trained bartender
    Maybe some of your employees know how to make cocktails, or maybe you are good at making a variety of drinks. But hiring a professional bartender to do this for you has a lot of benefits. They can handle a larger number of guests at once, so you and your staff can focus on your clients. 

  • Ensure there are more than enough drinks
    If you are not sure how many drinks you will need, order more than you think you will need. Plan a budget that includes a little extra money for your cocktail party. You don't want the party to end before the drinks have reached their full potential.

  • Send a detailed and personalised invitation
    How you invite people to your company cocktail party is one of the most important parts of how well it goes. Send them a personalised online invitation and include the most important information, such as, the date and time of the party, the address of the venue, and the dress code. Your guests might get a taste of the fun they can expect at your cocktail party if you send them a detailed invitation. A lot of people will respond to invitations to a well-planned and exciting party.

  • Tell your guests the goal of your company cocktail party
    Telling your guests what your cocktail party is for. Tell your guests why you are celebrating or getting together, so they do not come and wonder what's going on. This will make them feel like they are part of the fun. Don't forget to make it clear when a party starts and when it ends. This may help you end the party at the right time by letting guests know that they can no longer get drinks.

  • Organise a smooth registration and introduction process
    From the moment a customer walks into the company cocktail party venue, they may be able to tell how much you value them based on how you plan your event. Here is how you can make your guests feel welcome and sociable at your event: Set up a table where people can check in, get their name tags, and find out how to get to the bar to buy their first drink, put up branded signs and banners inside and outside the venue to help your guests find the right place, offer a photo booth or banner with your logo and branding, and guests may remember the event better. It's also a great way to spread the word about your brand and get people to talk about the event on social media, and give guests some icebreakers to help them get to know each other. Name tags and event activities are a great way to start conversations.

  • Give out appetisers or finger foods
    Guests like appetisers that they can pick at while talking to each other, like elaborate, hand-crafted charcuterie boards that cover an entire nine-foot table or simple cheese plates at each table. 

  • Make a playlist
    The host decides where a company cocktail party will be held, but the music that plays over the speakers can take people to another country. It is essential to choose a playlist that complements your event rather than detracts from the engaging talks and relationship-building you want to promote. Choose music with less volume and make sure it's not too loud if you want people to be able to talk as easily as they can drink.

  • Give your guests gifts and goodie bags
    Give your guests branded items or gifts that they can take home with them at the end of the night. Promotional items like pens, tote bags, and notepads with your company's logo are great for smaller events. But if you are throwing a big company cocktail party, you might want to give away bigger things. Guests can be given raffle tickets at the start of an event, and winners can be announced throughout the night to keep people interested.
Corporate Cocktail Party Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How do company cocktail parties work?
In general, a company cocktail party is a chance to talk with clients while drinking freshly made cocktails and carefully chosen canapes or other finger foods. It also makes it easier to get to know current and potential clients and introduce guests to each other in a relaxed and comfortable setting. There are a few reasons why you might want to throw a cocktail party for your clients. Some of these are:

  • Marking the opening of a new company website or the renovation of an old one
  • Making new connections with customers or business partners
  • Thanking clients who have already bought from you
  • Saying "thank you" to staff, customers, and business partners
  • Showing off the business successes of the last season or quarter
  • Thanking your sponsors, investors, and donors and letting them know you value them
However, not every company cocktail party is the same. The best cocktail parties, where people really have a good time, have a theme that gives the party a unique vibe that lasts.

How can I organise the best company cocktail theme party in Singapore?
A theme is not necessary for a great party, but it can make your special event stand out. It lets your customers know that there is more to your cocktail hour. Your company cocktail party should be an event with a well-thought-out theme that shows up in the table decorations, finger foods, and mixed drinks. Here are some of our favourite cocktail party themes that we think your guests will enjoy.

  • Pattern the theme with your signature cocktail
    Why not make the theme of the party the drink that you like the most? From vodka to tequila, your alcohol-focused cocktail hour can go in many different directions. Here are some ideas to help you come up with unique drinks:
    Tequila: Plan a colourful party with tequila-based drinks. After trying a few of the bartender's tequila-based drinks, your clients will be more than ready for some easy-to-grab canapes and finger foods.
    Vodka: Up for a different kind of Martini? Consider a Cosmopolitan. Since this drink is so versatile, you can serve it in a classic and creative way. Guests who want to try new flavours can also choose from the delicious and creative side dishes you make.
    Bourbon: Bourbon cocktails can be enjoyed by themselves. Guests can try samples and learn about the whole process of making bourbon beverages.

  • Incorporate the next holiday into the theme
    If your upcoming company cocktail party falls at the same time as a holiday, you might want to have a cocktail party with a similar theme. From Halloween to Christmas themes, it will be easy to buy decorations to make your venue look more festive. You can also make colourful drinks for any holiday of the year.

  • Use a theme that fits the season
    A company cocktail party is always an excellent idea, whatever the season is.
    Wet seasons: Offer your customers hot drinks that remind them of nights by the fire. Even though it's cold outside, your guests will be able to talk and connect over hot chocolates. Flowers and leaves are also ideal parts of your decorations and drinks. Serve drinks and canapés with fruits and edible flowers that remind you of spring, and put a beautiful floral arch at the entrance to the photo booth.
    Dry seasons: If you are having a summer cocktail party by the pool, make sure your drinks are fruity and fresh. Pina Coladas, sangria, and daiquiris, as well as any other summer-themed drinks, are excellent choices. If you put some classic summer songs on your playlist, your guests might feel like they are at the beach all night.
Where are the best company cocktail party venues Singapore?
Some of the best company cocktail party venues are located around Bugis, Jalan Besar, Marina Bay, and Tanjong Pagar. When choosing an ideal company cocktail party venue in Singapore, you have to take into consideration various factors. From the cocktail party table to the provision of cocktail party supplies, every venue has its own features and available event amenities for you to use. To make the best decision, you should contact the venue host and talk about your event requirements and preference so they can inform you if they can comply. 

Organise The Best Company Cocktail Party Singapore Has to Offer

Throw a memorable and fruitful company cocktail party by booking the event venue here on Venuerific. After the event, don't forget to send thank-you letters to each guest to thank them for coming and for their support. Check out more party venues for every type of celebration here.

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