Top Company Dinner and Dance Venues in Singapore

A company dinner and dance is an enjoyable, low-key opportunity for employees to socialise and have an excellent time away from work. Create lasting memories with your colleagues and peers by booking a company dinner and dance venue Singapore has to offer!

Company Dinner and Dance Venues Rental Guide

If you are the dinner and dance event company organiser, you have to ensure that the employees will have a good time at the party. The purpose of the company dinner and dance is to celebrate the firm's achievements and the contributions made by its employees.

Planning for the company dinner and dance programme can take several months. In the early stages of the planning process, one of the most important decisions to make is the theme for the event.

The event theme will impact not only the programme and the decor of the company dinner and dance venue, but it will also determine the costumes that the guests will show up in. 

Fun and unique dinner and dance event company themes

Choosing a company dinner and dance theme that will excite the guests will keep them interested throughout the evening. Can't think of any unique and exciting themes? Here is a selection of company dinner and dance ideas that will surely impress your staff and guests.

  • Masquerade
    The classic masquerade theme is a safe bet that won't let you down. A company dinner and dance ballroom in Singapore offer is an excellent event venue choice for this theme. Make sure that the walls and floors are painted red. Moreover, encourage the employees to dress in a colour that matches their mask.
  • Slumber Party
    Are you not feeling like incorporating a formal company dinner and dance dress code? A pyjama party could make for an enjoyable alternative to the traditional business dinner. Not only will attendees have the best possible experience, but they will also have the least trouble getting dressed for the event. Your dining hall ought to be furnished with several fluffy components, such as cushioned chair covers and pillow-like decors.
  • Hawaiian
    Feel free to incorporate elements of serenity and tranquillity into your event by having a Hawaiian dinner and dance event company Singapore has to offer. Get a number of flower necklaces and leaf skirts ready to use as props. If you want your party to have an animated Hawaiian feel, you should decorate with seashells and draw ideas from movies like "Lilo and Stitch" and "Moana." Events with a Hawaiian theme are best held outdoors.
  • Goth
    If the company dinner and dance lands in November, take advantage of Halloween by incorporating a gothic theme to the party. With a predominantly black colour scheme and punk rock music selections, this will surely be an unforgettable dinner and dance. You can also easily include spooky decoration items and finger appetisers into the theme to make it more Halloween-y.
  • Bohemian
    Cushions for the seats and handcrafted items as table decorations are typically the best way to pull off a corporate dinner and dance with a bohemian vibe. If you only have up to 20 guests, consider renting a yacht so you can be surrounded by the sounds of crashing waves and feel the spirit of freedom. 
  • Game Show
    Game Show is another fantastic choice for a theme that offers a wide range of options for costumes. You can host company dinner and dance games like The Price Is Right, The Wheel of Fortune, or Deal or No Deal. Suppose your company has a lot of departments. In that case, you might want to consider assigning each department to a different gameshow and turning the entire space into a collection of different games.
  • Disco Night
    Disco events guarantee that you will be required to dance at some point during the party. This company dinner and dance theme would need a location that either has a disco ball hanging from the ceiling or has colourful floor tiles underneath. Check out the available bars and clubs around Singapore.
  • Back-to-school
    Book a university or school venue and incorporate a back-to-school theme for your company dinner and dance! Encourage the guests to come dressed as they did when you were in school. Not only will your coworkers learn more about your teenage years, but they will also have their own share of humiliation to chuckle about when you bring up embarrassing recollections from the past.
  • Gold
    An easy way to encourage the guests to follow the company dinner and dance dress code is to go for gold. This way, attendees will not have a hard time fitting into the event theme. They simply have to arrive dressed in black with some gold accents.
  • The Oscars
    Make the employees dress to impress and give out various awards to increase their morale! Ensure the cream of the crops stands out by hosting a fancy gala-themed dinner and dance event. You can find luxury venues that are perfect for this theme. Make sure to request a crimson carpet at the main entrance to serve as the finishing touch!
  • Disney
    Rekindle your love for animated films by finding a Disney movie that perfectly fits the childlike side of your organisation. You choose from various movies, such as Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and many more! Try using a ballroom or function hall that can imitate the magical setting of the movies
  • Las Vegas
    Las Vegas is one of the best company dinner and dance ideas that will make the guests enjoy the whole night. You can rent an entire event space that you can transform to incorporate the famous red and green from Russian roulettes. Use coasters in the shape of poker chips and host casino-themed company dinner and dance games.
How to plan a successful company dinner and dance

Here are the essential things to keep in mind when planning the best company dinner and dance venue Singapore will ever have!

  • Choose an exciting venue that will dazzle your guests. If you want the event to be memorable and stand out from the rest, you should check out the list of unique venues in Singapore.
  • Create an organised guest list. The best way to do this is to have the names listed in alphabetical order. This way, when you have a group of twenty people arriving all at once, you can check them off quickly so they can enter the venue faster.
  • Ensure that any dietary restrictions or food preferences are communicated early on. Advise the venue to provide vegetarian-friendly or halal-certified food if needed or hire an external catering service for a more customised menu.
  • Hire excellent entertainers such as a band, a DJ, or a specific performer to encourage people to get on the dance floor right away. After the band has gotten everyone up and dancing, a DJ should ensure they can keep them there.
  • Provide drinks based on the atmosphere you want the event to have. Will there be an open bar? What kinds of drinks do you think your guests will enjoy? Take into consideration the proportion of men to women so you know the quantity of beer or wine that you should have in stock.
  • Ensure everyone can safely go home after the party. Can the guests catch the last bus or train after the event? Should they stay in hotels throughout the night? Is it possible for them to carpool? If you already have strategies in place regarding these, then people will view you as a responsible organiser.
Company Dinner and Dance Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How does dinner and dance benefit a company?

The dinner and dance is a special night where employees get together to celebrate their accomplishments and be recognised for their contributions to the company. This presents an excellent opportunity to showcase your organisation's positive aspects and the assets your firm has. 

Where to have a small company dinner and dance in Singapore?

There are a plethora of potential small company dinners and dance venues you can find around the Central Area, North Region, South Region, East Region, and West Region of Singapore. All you have to do is utilise the search filter of Venuerific to find the perfect venue for your event!

How much does it typically cost to rent company dinner and dance venues in Singapore?

Typically, the cost of renting company dinner and dance venues in Singapore ranges from $600 to $7,500. However, pricing may vary depending on the specific venue and its offerings.

How can I ensure guests will have a good time at the company dinner and dance?

You need to include themes, games, performances, and activities in your company dinner and dance programme to keep the guests involved and ensure an exciting and enjoyable party for everyone. Excite the guests with dance performances. Set up photo booths and play some entertaining games.

Book a company dinner and dance venue in Singapore via Venuerific!

To round things off, organising the best dinner and dance event should not be difficult. Simply get an idea from the list of themes we have provided above and book the perfect company dinner and dance venue Singapore offers. Check out more office party venues here at Venuerific!

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