Top Prewedding Photoshoot Venues in Singapore

Your wedding is surely a significant moment of your life, so it is acceptable to take hundreds of photos before and after your special day. Wedding preparations can be hectic and overwhelming, but make sure not to forget about your Prewedding photoshoot! Capture the chemistry between you and your soon-to-be spouse (and your wedding planner Singapore) by booking the perfect Prewedding photoshoot venue in Singapore. Check out the potential venues and spaces you can hire below:

Prewedding Photoshoot Rental Guide

Prewedding Photoshoot Venues Singapore

A Prewedding photoshoot allows you and your partner to spend more precious time together before your wedding day. To have the best Prewedding photoshoot Singapore can witness, you have to ensure that you pick the best location possible.

How to select the best venue for a Prewedding photoshoot Singapore

When deciding on the Prewedding photoshoot location Singapore will never run out of exceptional venues. Something to consider when choosing the venue is knowing the importance of the location to you and your spouse’s love story. Make sure the venue will complement the theme that you want for your wedding.

In addition, the availability of the venue should also be considered. For instance, having a Prewedding photoshoot in crowded or public places may require special permits. On the other hand, renting an indoor Prewedding photoshoot Singapore has to offer will save you the hassle of securing permits and paying additional fees.

To give you an idea of where to find the perfect Prewedding photoshoot package easily, here are some of the potential venues you can hire around Singapore:

Yacht: Renting a yacht is a great way to get a beautiful natural backdrop for your photoshoot. Try to use moonlight or sunlight to capture the best lighting creatively. The bride can wear a flowing gown that the breeze will perfectly blow for the photos. Consider taking sunset pictures as well since the golden hour will be best to capture sweet moments against the fading sun.

Hotel: A hotel is a great backup venue if there is a rain forecast on your photoshoot day. Just make sure to inform the hotel staff and get their permission before you take photos in certain areas. Some hotels can even offer you a Prewedding photoshoot package.

Outdoor: No matter what season it is, you can still capture beautiful photos outdoors. These relaxing and natural spaces are great for taking romantic candid photos.

Gallery: A gallery can be the best indoor Prewedding photoshoot Singapore can offer to you if you love art. You can centre your shots around art pieces to make a definite statement about who you and your partner are and what you both believe in. Most galleries have dimly lit environments, so make sure you hire someone who knows how to adjust exposures and contrasts or has experience in any professional photo editing software.

Cafe: Have you met your special someone in a particular cafe, or do you set your dates often in such places? Then reminisce about your dates and special moments by recreating them on your Prewedding photoshoot. Many cafes around Singapore have unique designs and vibes that can suit your preferences.

Rooftop: Show the landscapes of Singapore in your Prewedding photoshoot. Rooftop venues are popular locations for photoshoots due to the great lighting and beautiful backdrops they offer. You can take advantage of the celestial backdrop while you gaze at the stars during a romantic evening.

Prewedding photoshoot themes and ideas

Your Prewedding photos not only serve as additional mementoes but can also be used on your save-the-date cards, invitations, and even on the reception welcome board. Thus, you have to give your best shots when posing for the photos and, of course, make the pictures tell your unique love story. Here are some unique Prewedding photoshoot ideas you can use.

  • Miniature: Turn into a mini you and make your Prewedding album unique and adorable. Shrunk to fairy size and have an oversized world around you. Don’t worry, photo editing software will make this idea more realistic.
  • Film-based: Do you and your spouse have the same favourite movie? Recreate the iconic scene from the film on your Prewedding photoshoot.
  • Vintage: If you want to have some retro vibes on your photos, pick a decade or century that has the aesthetic you are looking for. You can also use Prewedding photoshoot props such as an old car or gramophone for that authentic vintage flair.
  • Picnic: Have your pictures taken while strolling in the park with a basket of picnic essentials or spending a day sitting on the grass.
  • Home: If you and your spouse are already living together, you can have the Prewedding photoshoot in the comfort of your home. Have your photos taken as you enjoy breakfast or sitting on the sofa.
  • Cooking: Enjoy cooking your favourite meal with your loved one while having your Prewedding photoshoot. You can also have your photos taken while enjoying a meal.
  • Pets: If you have pets, why not include them in your Prewedding photoshoot? Just make sure to pack some treats and lots of patience in case your furry friends do not want to pose on demand.
  • Graffiti: Create a personalised graffiti and watch it come to life as you and your partner pose with its colours and patterns.
  • Library: Are you or your partner a bookworm? Take some geeky shots inside a library!
  • Sports: If you and your spouse are fitness lovers, then the best place to get your photos taken is in a gym. You can also get a sporty Prewedding shoot in courts or fields.
  • Rain: Don’t let the rainy weather ruin your schedule. Instead, take advantage of it by taking some romantic rain photos.
  • Outdoors: Are you and your spouse a fan of the outdoors or nature in general? Find a meadow on a sunny day and get some candid shots. The hours before sunset or after dawn provide the best lighting possible.
  • Underwater: Have a unique Prewedding photoshoot by taking your shots underwater. This is great for couples who love to take a swim or do other water activities.
  • Props: Use some Prewedding photoshoot props such as colour bombs to make your photos more vibrant and full of life.
  • Hobbies: Do the hobbies that you and your spouse do together. You can have your shots taken while playing video games, knitting, crafting, playing gold, or whatever hobby you both do.
  • Proposal: If the wedding proposal was so special for you, why not recreate it for your photoshoot? The scene will perfectly symbolise the next step of your life.
  • Back to school: Are you marrying your high school sweetheart? Capture some of the most beautiful memories in your school life by reflecting them on your Prewedding shots.
Prewedding Photoshoot Venues FAQs

When should I have my Prewedding photoshoot?
There is no hard rule about when you should have your Prewedding photoshoot venue in Singapore. Most people like to have their photoshoot taken earlier since they want to use the shots on their save-the-date notes. Others want to have their photos taken while wearing their wedding dresses, so they do it closer to the actual wedding day. Nevertheless, if you do not have any preferences, you can do it at least a month before your wedding date. 

Am I required to have Prewedding photos?
Having a Prewedding photoshoot is not a requirement for your wedding. However, it is highly recommended since it gives you and your spouse more memories as a couple. The photos taken can also be used for future purposes such as invitations, reception, and more. 

How much does a Prewedding photoshoot cost?
The overall cost of a Prewedding photoshoot depends on the Prewedding photoshoot package you have chosen. There are studios that offer Prewedding photoshoot services, while some venues only provide the location for the shoot. If your case is the latter, you have to find a separate photographer to take your photos for you, which requires additional fees. The typical cost of renting a Prewedding photoshoot studio starts at $70.

Book the best Prewedding photoshoot venues in Singapore via Venuerific

Due to a wide range of potential venues and inspirations for Prewedding photoshoots, it can be difficult to know what direction or idea you want to go with. Hopefully, the guide above will give you a clue of what you want to head to. Have the best Prewedding photoshoot Singapore can witness by booking the perfect location here at Venuerific!

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