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Film Shoot Rental Guide

Film Venues Singapore

There will be a lot going on when you shoot in a film shooting location. Artists, equipment, staff, and props will be all in one place for a day or several weeks until the scene has been recorded. When shooting a film, your set should be as efficient and organised as possible.

How to organise a film shoot venue

Here is a step-by-step guide to getting a film shoot off to a good start so that there is no chaos and you can get to the performance immediately: 

  • Secure the location
    The first thing you need to do is figure out where the location will be. Long before the day of filming, the film location scout should have taken care of all the logistics of setting up the venue. After choosing the shooting venue, there should be a film location agreement. If you are the film location scout, you should coordinate with the venue owner about how the shoot will go and ensure the contract is in order. Make a technical scene inspection and figure out what needs to be done for the shoot. This will help you imagine how the filming location will look in the movie. Take all of this information, then turn it into a clear and detailed plan. 
  • Put the infrastructure together
    The movie scene will not only need an artistic setup but also need a certain infrastructure. Make sure the venue has designated rooms or spaces for the cast and crew to hang out, places for the make-up and costume departments to work, storage rooms, bathrooms, parking lots, and power and water hookups. Suppose your chosen venue does not provide such infrastructure. In that case, you can hire an additional service that provides mobile infrastructure like tents, trailers, portable toilets, generators, and catering vehicles with built-in kitchens, depending on what is needed for your project. 
  • Get the location permit
    You must secure permits if you need to close a road or put up lights for your shoot. Permits are often only effective for a certain number of hours. So, make sure that you coordinate with the production manager or director with the schedule. Send out the schedule and call sheet at least a day before the shooting so everyone on the team can stick to the time. 
  • Set up everything on the site
    Getting everything set up at the site will require teamwork and coordination. Make sure to arrive early at the venue on the day of shooting so you can go over the day's plans and needs and ensure everything is in order. Get ready for the arrival of various staff or departments. Ensure each department's needs are cared for in the film shooting location. The infrastructures should be set and hooked up to electricity and water. The make-up and costume departments should have a convenient space to prepare the actors and rest between scenes. All involved in the shooting should have parking spots for their cars. Private vehicles should be parked where they won't get in the way of the shoot. Work vehicles like trailers and trucks should be parked nearer to the location since the technical and production design departments need equipment close to the set to make shooting easier.
  • Prepare for the rehearsal
    Once everyone is there, they will set up their work areas for the shoot. The actors will get ready with make-up and costumes. At the same time, technical preparations should also start. All departments should be ready at a certain time so that when it's time to start shooting, they can do so quickly and easily. In tightly scheduled film shoots, delays must be avoided at all costs. If an actress can't get her make-up done because there isn't enough electricity in the make-up trailer, she won't be ready when the rehearsal starts. A delay in one department at the start of the day means that shooting time is lost immediately. It is vital to track how each department's tasks are coming along and ensure they are finished on time. 
  • Rehearsal
    Before the actual shoot, everyone has to go through a series of rehearsals first. Now that all the departments are finished setting up, the staging work for the movie scene starts with a run-through. The film director will work with the actors to put the information in the script in the proper order. Most of the time, emotional nuances are not part of the rehearsal. Instead, it is about putting the finishing touches on the camera settings and giving the crew the information they need to improve the scene. 
  • Shoot the scene
    After the rehearsal, the camera department should now know where to set up the camera, the lighting department should know how to line up the lights with where the actors are standing, and the sound department should know where exactly to put the microphones. While this is going on, the departments of make-up and costumes have time to finish getting ready. When everything is finally set, the cameras can start rolling, and the shooting can start. 
10 most popular filming locations in Singapore

Below are some of the most popular types of film venues Singapore locations that you can book here at Venuerific:

  • Function Halls: Function halls are great places to set a scene where a banquet or other event occurs. You can make them as big or small as you want and design them in a way that suits the scene of the movie.
  • Co-working spaces: In Singapore, it's not hard to find buildings and places to work. You can even rent meeting rooms or seminar rooms if you need to shoot a corporate scene.
  • Clubs and bars: There are a lot of movie scenes with bars or clubs in them. Without a place like this, a scene about a night out on the town wouldn't be complete.
  • Cafes and restaurants: There are a lot of great cafes and restaurants around Singapore that could be used in a film. When the characters want to talk in-depth, they should go to a cafe or a nice restaurant. You can rent a table, a space, a room, or the whole venue.
  • Galleries: If your next scene requires an art gallery, you can find a bunch here at Venuerific. Without a gallery to show off beautiful pieces of art, an art show scene wouldn't be complete.
  • Hotels: Hotels are versatile film shooting locations since they have a variety of spaces and rooms that you can rent. For instance, they have gyms, spas, swimming pools, rooftops, outdoor gardens, banquet halls, suites, and many more.
  • Universities and schools: A university or other school is always needed as a school film location. Many horror movies or films also use these venues for Halloween filming locations.
  • Studios: If you want an all-in-one film shooting location, hire a studio instead. These venues are recommended for small shooting projects, especially if your team does not have a complete set of lighting or audio-visual equipment for the scene.
  • Theatres: Theatres are also a popular film shooting venue due to their great acoustic and large space. These are excellent post-production locations if the whole team wants to watch the project.
  • Warehouses: Warehouses are like a vast blank canvas that you can turn into any place you want. If your movie scene needs a warehouse or you are just looking for a large space to use, these venues are an excellent option for you.
Tips when looking for a film shooting location

When shooting a movie, you can save considerable money if you don't rely on film location agencies. By working as a team and planning an organised schedule, you can successfully shoot movie scenes in no time. As a film location scout, your main job is to look for the perfect place to shoot a specific movie scene. Here are some critical factors you should consider when scouting for a film location:

  • Venue type and environment: Does the space or location match what the director had in mind and what the script says? Look at both the natural and artificial lighting to include in your scouting notes. Is there a nearby road, creek, or air conditioner that might make it hard to record sound while filming?
  • Distance: Find out how far away the location is from the main film office so you can figure out if it is possible to get all the cast, crew, and equipment there.
  • Permits: Create a film location agreement with the venue owner and inform them about the shooting activities you will do once you secure your booking. If the location is on property owned by the city, county, state, or federal government, a permit application will need to be filled out and reviewed.
  • Budget: The film shooting location should have its own line in the movie's budget. If there is more than one location, figure out if any of them have fees and how much each one will cost. If you find a film location that costs more than you planned, try to work something out with the venue host.
  • Logistics: Think about how you will shoot the movie scene at your chosen venue. Things to consider are available parking lots, cell phone coverage, electrical and water outlets, spaces for equipment and props, and bathrooms.
Film Shoot Venues FAQs

Why is the film shooting location important in movies?
Whether you are shooting a TV series, a commercial, a music video, or a film, your shooting location is a key player in how great your output will turn out. The location will set the scene and vibe for the movie and is regarded as an essential factor in a film script. 

How much does a film shoot venue in Singapore cost?
The cost of hiring a film shoot venue in Singapore depends on various factors such as the type of venue, the number of guests, the location, and your desired price level. For budget venues, you can secure a film shooting location for as low as $100 or $10 per pax. You can also find luxury venues costing as much as $181 and above per pax or $1000 and above per package.

How can I book a venue for film shooting?
Hiring a film shooting location in Singapore can now be done within a few clicks. Using Venuerific's smart search, you can filter the venues based on your desired location, venue type, number of guests, and budget. After choosing a venue, simply coordinate and book an appointment with the venue host to secure your schedule.

Book the best film shooting location Venuerific

Sometimes, you don't have to pay extra for film location agencies to shoot a movie successfully. All you need is an efficient and excellent film shoot venue. Fortunately, we offer a plethora of potential film shooting locations here at Venuerific!

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