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Kickstart your early-morning meeting by choosing a venue that offers a delectable breakfast and a peaceful ambience. Whether you’re looking for a place with professional and modern vibes or aiming for a traditional and laid-back atmosphere, Venuerific has the perfect locations for you! Check out the top cafes, restaurants, and function rooms suitable for business breakfast meetings below:

Business Breakfast Venues Rental Guide

Business Breakfast Venue Singapore

Did you know that an average business owner spends up to 50% of their time in meetings? Some of these meetings may be held during the mornings. For sure, you already know the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is why an ideal time to discuss goals with employees or connect with clients is during the morning as well.

Hosting a business breakfast meeting is an excellent idea since it provides the attendees with great food and a vibrant atmosphere. When planning for a successful business breakfast meeting, make sure to consider the helpful tips below: 

  • Ensure the location provides a hearty and delectable breakfast. One of the key aspects of a business breakfast is the food. Good food may help you close a deal, negotiate a better price, or even convince the people within the meeting easier and quicker! Whether you are dining for two or meeting a bunch of people, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes across Singapore that can offer a plethora of breakfast options. Ideally, you want to do your business breakfast meeting in a venue that provides breakfast buffets, waffle stations, or omelet bars. Aside from delectable breakfast dishes, coffee is another item you must not forget on your list. Make sure everyone has access to a hot cup of coffee, tea, or any beverage to wake them up during the meeting.
  • Choose a venue that suits your meeting goals. So, you already got a list of the best cafes in Singapore that offer breakfast dishes and beverages. Your next goal is to narrow your list. You can do that by crossing out the locations that you think will not pass the vibe you are aiming for the meeting. Think about your meeting goals. Are you using this business breakfast to motivate or inspire your team? Or are you aiming to impress and close clients? Maybe you are planning to sit down with the management for realignments? Whatever your goal is, the ambience and environment around your chosen venue can affect your meeting. For instance, you don’t want to hold your business breakfast with a client in an open area where people can overhear your confidential conversation. Thus, it would be best if you considered venues that can offer private meeting rooms or secluded areas away from noise and eavesdropping. On the other hand, taking out your employees for alfresco dining may help your team take their minds off work (even if they are still out for a work meeting). Creative and vibrant spaces full of other people may also help the team become closer together and spark innovative ideas.
  • Make sure you can do your presentation on-site. Sometimes, meetings require visual presentations. Thus, you need to make sure that your business breakfast venue has electrical sockets and enough space for you to use. There are cool and affordable meeting rooms for rent around Singapore, so you can ensure that you and your team can go through the meeting conveniently and comfortably. See to it that your team or clients have enough table space so they can jot down notes or open their laptops.
Why it is ideal to hold a business breakfast meeting?

Back then, the usual hour for a meeting is during lunch or the afternoon. However, the business environment has evolved in such a way that meetings are no longer limited to lunch.

You might wonder why companies are choosing to hold business breakfasts out of all the possible times. For starters, the cost for breakfast meetings is cheaper than lunch and dinner. Moreover, the food choices are easier to cook and eat. Lastly, it is better to hold a breakfast meeting than to disrupt everybody’s flow of work midday.

Let’s go over some more reasons thoroughly below:

  • Business breakfast meetings are cheaper than lunch. Most business meetings are held during lunch. However, if you have a tight and busy schedule and budget to follow, you might want to consider holding your meetings during breakfast instead. Keep in mind that aside from the main dish, lunch meals can also include drinks, appetizers, desserts, and possibly, a second or third drink. On the other hand, breakfast meals are considered to be more economical since they come at a lower price. A hearty breakfast like scrambled eggs loaded with meats, sweet or savoury toasts, creamy benedicts, or corned beef hash generally costs less than a full lunch course. And of course, coffee and tea are much cheaper than alcohol and fresh juices.
  • Business breakfast meetings are the priority of the day. Do you want your meeting to be everyone’s priority? Or are you aiming to get something done as soon as possible? Then a business breakfast is an ideal way to go. Remember that breakfast is not just the most important meal but also the first within the day. Thus, your business breakfast will not just become a priority, but it will also come first. At lunch, you or your attendees can have a plethora of excuses to cancel, whether they need to comply with a specific deadline or a workload just dropped unexpectedly. Scheduling the meeting firstly in the morning will eliminate those instances. Everyone will hear what you have to say or what the team needs to accomplish before they even start their work. This puts you in the priority lane!
  • Business breakfast meetings increase energy. Starting the meeting in the morning lets the attendees have a fresh and clear mind. Take advantage of that before they hassle inside the office! Moreover, you can avoid the midday slump that comes after eating heavy lunch meals. In addition, breakfast food can increase energy levels since it is filled with nutrients (and caffeine). Eggs, fruits, coffee, and tea are perfect breakfast items to be eaten to kickstart and power through your day. Eating breakfast at the beautiful cafes in Singapore will not just increase your energy levels, but it can improve your day as well! Just imagine sitting around the café as you and your team or client discuss how your company can become more successful. The thought is enough to make you feel grateful and lucky!
  • Business breakfast meetings are quicker. Although some restaurants offer an all-day breakfast menu, in the business world, breakfast will generally last for an hour. Remember that everyone has somewhere to go and something to do after 11 AM! This is why business breakfasts often finish quicker than lunch. Business breakfast meetings will suit those with tight schedules by only giving up an hour out of their day. Surely you do not want to end up with a busy client who wants to appear busy by spending more than 3 hours with you. Moreover, business breakfasts save you from the anxieties of returning back to the office for your unfinished tasks. You have not even stepped foot in the office! So, you do not have to worry about your upcoming or pending tasks for now. Just enjoy the great food and a hot cup of coffee while chatting with your clients and team.
How to effectively hold a breakfast meeting

Now that we know why meetings are ideal during breakfast as it is during lunch or dinner hours, here are some tips on how you can effectively host a successful business breakfast:

  • Set an agenda prior to the scheduled meeting: Let your team and yourself prepare ahead of time by sending out your agenda ahead of time. This will also lead to a clearer and more concise meeting since everyone will have time to review the discussion points and summarise their updates.
  • Let the attendees have coffee and breakfast before the meeting: We know that you had called for a meeting, but it is better if you let your attendees grab a bite of the pancake and a sip of their coffee before going straight to the agenda. A full stomach will improve their mood and allow them to think clearer during the meeting.
  • Provide an assortment of options: Make sure to consider what your team or client wants when choosing the menu. Some of the versatile and great breakfast items that everyone will love are bagels, fruits, scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes, and waffles. For the best options, try asking the team or your client about what they specifically want.
  • Start and end the meeting in a timely manner: Time is always of the essence whenever and wherever you go. Even if you have plenty of time during the day, chances are, your team or your clients do not. Thus, make sure to start and end the meeting on time. Do not be late, especially if you are the one who will lead the meeting. Also, use the time wisely and productively to avoid going over the time limit and coinciding with other people’s schedules.
Business breakfast in Singapore FAQs

What is a business breakfast meeting?
A business breakfast meeting is designed to connect with clients or discuss employee matters. It functions the same as regular meetings, except that it is often held outside the office in the mornings.

What is a traditional Singapore breakfast?
Just like in any country, eggs and coffee are some of the breakfast staples. But if you want to have a traditional meal for your business breakfast, try some “kaya toast”! Kaya toast is made of two slices of toast with kaya (coconut hame) and butter. It is often served with soft-cooked eggs and coffee.

What do you usually serve at a morning business meeting?
When thinking about the menu for your upcoming business breakfast, it is ideal to have bagels, fruit, yoghurt, and of course, coffee and tea. However, you do not have to order or prepare them yourself! Simply rent out one of the best business breakfast event spaces in Singapore here at Venuerific and leave the menu to the venue.

How much does it cost to rent a business breakfast venue in Singapore?
At Venuerific, you can find the perfect venue that suits your budget! If you are looking to meet with a small number of people, you can rent business breakfast venues for 6-25 people priced at $10-$50/pax. Otherwise, you can opt for a more spacious and lavish corporate breakfast by checking out the business breakfast venues for 51-100 people priced at $101-$180/pax.

What are the most popular locations for hosting a business breakfast meeting in Singapore?
Singapore is a modern metropolis, ideal for those who are planning to host a business breakfast. One of the most popular locations for such meetings is at Orchard, which is home to various entertainment options, fine dining, and luxury hotels.

Another popular location for business breakfasts is Tanjong Pagar, located at the southern tip of central Singapore. This former fishing village was transformed into a vibrant business and commercial centre, perfect for hosting corporate meetings and events.

How can I rent a business breakfast venue in Singapore?
The guide above will give you an idea of how to choose the best venue for your business breakfast. To select an ideal location, just follow the steps below on how to rent a business breakfast venue in Singapore:

  • Compare and contrast the available venues for business breakfast meetings at Venuerific.
  • Use the smart search by searching for specific event type, venue name, number of guests, and event locations to narrow down your selection.
  • Once you click on your desired venue, make sure to check out its features and descriptions to ensure that the place will accommodate your needs and preferences.
  • Check out the prices, photos, and customer reviews of the venue.
  • Go to “Check Availability” to see if the venue is available on your desired schedule.
  • Click the “Send Enquiry” button or try “Whatsapp Enquiry” to connect with the host of the venue. 
Holding a business breakfast in Singapore is a great way to kickstart your day productively. Fortunately, it is easy to set up and find ideal venues for your meeting through Venuerific. Make sure to follow the tips on setting up a business breakfast listed above for a chance to have a successful meeting.

If you don’t feel like getting up and preparing early for a meeting, you can also consider delaying the meet-up to lunch by booking one of the top business luncheon venues in Singapore! 

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Zoey Yeo
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Booked at Thirsty4balls

Very nice place !! Clare was very nice and friendly. She offered her help to help with my decorations and to teach my friends and families on how to play the Korean Billard. Enjoyed the atmosphere and was a memorable 21st birthday for me. All my friends and family enjoyed themselves even though I did not have much time for them. It’s a nice and spacious place . Just take note that the other side with the 300 on TOP is not included. Despite that it’s still worth the price. Would definitely come back again if I have any party!!

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Chloe Loh
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Booked at Luna
The host is prompt and helpful with my queries and requests.

The place is also nice and convenient for parking.

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Will strongly recommend this event space to others.

Excellent and prompt reply to my enquiry. Altho it was very last minute. They still accomodate to my request. Excited to be visiting!

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