Top Boutonnieres & Corsages for Wedding in Singapore

Boutonnieres and corsages are elegant accessories that add a touch of charm to wedding attire. They are traditionally worn by the groom, groomsmen, and the bride's close family members, such as her mother and grandmother. Singapore's boutonnieres and corsage vendors offer a wide range of designs and materials to complement any wedding theme or colour scheme.

From simple and understated to intricate and ornate, Singapore's boutonnieres and corsage vendors can create beautiful and personalized accessories to match the couple's style and preferences. Whether you prefer fresh flowers or silk blooms, they can help you choose the perfect flowers and colours to make a statement and enhance the overall look of your wedding party.

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Event Tailor by XOXO & Co.

Event Tailor by XOXO & Co. caters to your every Styling need. We are a One-Stop Styling Company specializing in Bridal Florals, Fresh & Faux Floral Decor, Carpet & Fairylights Installations, Candle, Arch & Prop Rentals.

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Dorcas Floral

At Dorcas Floral, we take the time to find out exactly what you want, and harness our many years of knowledge, skills, and experience into ensuring your idea is made into reality. "We know we have succeeded when your loved one is smiling from ear to ear!"

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I Do For You

I Do For You is primarily a Wedding Planning & Event Services company. We aid you in the planning, coordinating, styling of basically any dream event you have in mind. ''You Dream, We Do'', we aim to create memorable & smooth-sailing events for you and your guests to enjoy to the fullest.

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Handcrafted from High-Quality Japan & Europe Preserved & Dried Flowers-Same Day Delivery. Online Everlasting Birthday/Anniversary Gifts - DIY Preserved & Dried Flowers for home decor.

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Here at Avoflorals, we aim to partner you in your journey through your special day, significant milestone and everyday gifting! Planning your big day soon? Speak to us to customise your dream wedding!

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A Guide to Choosing Boutonnieres & Corsages for Your Wedding Event in Singapore

Here's a guide to choosing Boutonnieres & Corsages for your wedding event in Singapore:

  1. Consider your wedding theme and colour scheme: The Boutonnieres & Corsages should complement the overall look and feel of your wedding. Choose colors and styles that match your theme and colour scheme.
  2. Choose your flowers wisely: Select flowers that will hold up well throughout the day, and make sure they're in season. You can also opt for silk flowers, which can be just as beautiful and won't wilt.
  3. Determine who will be wearing them: Decide who will be wearing Boutonnieres & Corsages, such as the groom, groomsmen, and family members. Make sure you order the appropriate number for each person.
  4. Consider your budget: Boutonnieres & Corsages can vary in price, so consider your budget when making your selections. You can also choose simpler designs or DIY options to save money.
  5. Coordinate with your florist: Work closely with your florist to ensure that your Boutonnieres & Corsages match your overall floral arrangements and theme. They can also provide valuable advice on flower choices and design.
Boutonnieres & Corsages for Wedding Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What are Boutonnieres & Corsages, and what are they used for in a wedding?
Boutonnieres & Corsages are small decorative arrangements of flowers, foliage, and other embellishments worn by the groom, groomsmen, and other male guests (Boutonnieres) and female guests (Corsages) in a wedding ceremony or reception. They serve as a visual accent to complement the overall theme and color palette of the event.

How do I choose the right Boutonnieres & Corsages for my wedding?
Consider the colour scheme and style of your wedding, as well as the outfits and personal preferences of the wearers. Discuss with your florist or wedding planner about the available options and design ideas that fit your budget and theme. You can also incorporate meaningful elements such as specific flowers, symbols, or cultural traditions into the Boutonnieres & Corsages.

How much do Boutonnieres & Corsages usually cost in Singapore?
The price of Boutonnieres & Corsages can vary depending on the type and number of flowers, the complexity of the design, and the vendor's pricing policy. On average, Boutonnieres & Corsages can cost between SGD 10 to SGD 50 per piece.

What if some of the Boutonnieres & Corsages are damaged or lost during the wedding?
It is recommended to have some spare Boutonnieres & Corsages on hand in case of emergencies. Inform your vendor or wedding planner about the situation as soon as possible so that they can provide a replacement or a quick fix. It's also helpful to assign someone to keep track of the Boutonnieres & Corsages

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