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There will be times when simulating an event is the only way to go, like when there is a worldwide pandemic. This is where hybrid events come in handy! Find the top hybrid event space Singapore has to offer below:

Hybrid Event Venue Rental Singapore Guide

The use of virtual events quickly became the norm, but there will also be times when doing an event in person will be the best way to gather leads and interact with your audience. The event business has learned a lot during the pandemic. One of the most important ones is that live events will always be a vital part of a full event plan, even though virtual events have their benefits.

What is a hybrid event?

Hybrid events combine real-world and online experiences. They are an essential part of the events industry's move to the new normal. There are different kinds of hybrid events. First, we will look at the differences between internal and external hybrid events: 

  • Internal hybrid events
    Internal hybrid event programs are held to benefit a company's internal stakeholders, such as its employees, leadership, staff, and so on. Many businesses find it difficult, if not impossible, to get all of their internal stakeholders in the same room for a meeting. At this point, you could say that this is where holding hybrid events is ideal. All you have to do is choose a hybrid event studio or venue and stream the meeting live to the rest of your company. Some common examples of internal hybrid events are sales kickoffs, global forums, and large team meetings.

  • External hybrid events
    External hybrid event programs are made for your customers, prospects, clients, and other similar groups. If you change your in-person event to one in a hybrid setting, you can get more attendees and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously. Some examples of types of external hybrid events are conventions, trade shows, and product demonstrations.
Benefits of hosting a hybrid event

The many great things about hosting a hybrid event. Although participants could not talk to each other in a hybrid virtual event, it does not mean they get less information. Most organisers prefer hybrid event management since it can help them ensure that their audience gets the essential and useful information they need while staying within budget. It also gives them the flexibility they need to keep their event running. Check out more benefits of holding a hybrid event below:

  • Better accessibility and participation
    People often think that the audience can only attend your event in person or digitally and that there is no other way. Some might think that if you have a hybrid event, the number of people who show up will decrease. But this is not always the case.

    By holding hybrid events, you can reach a wider range of people and bring in more. A survey found that about 98% of those who attended a hybrid event did not plan to attend. This means that your event might be able to bring in people who aren't interested in going to your live event or aren't sure what the benefits of going are.

    By letting potential attendees "test drive" this way, you will get more people to come to your events. Also, there will always be people who want to go but can't for various reasons. With hybrid events, they will find it easier to join. Your reach will greatly increase because you can show your event to a much larger group than you could ever reach in person. 

  • A closer relationship with your audience
    By adding a virtual element to your live event, you can give attendees a wider range of ways to interact with your brand during and after the event. Your online audience is actively participating from their phones or desktop computers. This means they can talk, share, like, comment, and do much more. For example, you could hold open polls during the sessions for both the in-person attendees and those who watched online. You could also have a live question-and-answer session with a speaker.

    You can even help people who attended virtually and in person and connect. You can set aside one area for in-person meetings and another for people who have booked virtual meetings using hybrid event management software.

  • More chances for sponsors
    Most corporate sponsors are interested in hybrid events as long as they can reach both audiences effectively. This is because sponsors get a lot of value from hybrid events for several different reasons.

    First, the audience has grown, giving the sponsors access to a bigger pool of leads. They can have one-on-one conversations with people who are interested and connect with virtual guests online at the same time. Some groups, especially Millennials, are more comfortable communicating online, which could mean more people will visit their virtual booths.

    The second reason is that sponsors have more choices when funding the event. They can use traditional live materials, live streams, event apps, and even more content if they want to. You can offer them various sponsorship prospectuses, such as live sponsors, virtual sponsors, or both.

    The third reason is that more measures can be reported. During the COVID crisis, most sponsors changed their budgets instead of cutting them. This shows that they are looking for new opportunities. And because more and more of these budgets are going to digital areas, they need the data to show that their spending is worth it. With a hybrid event, you can report on a wide range of important metrics, which shows your sponsors that the money they gave was well spent.

  • Less damage to the environment and cheaper costs
    We have already seen how fewer people travelling has helped the natural environment. Cities that used to have traffic jams now have empty streets, and pollution levels have gone down a lot. Face-to-face meetings are still very important, but hybrid meetings are a great way to help people who feel bad about their carbon footprints. They can still enjoy your event and help reduce carbon emissions simultaneously. Also, since the number of in-person guests will decrease, you will need less food and fewer disposable items. In the same way, hybrid events have the potential to cut travel costs for everyone involved by a large amount. People who go to hybrid events will save money on travel costs. Your sponsors will spend less on travel costs if they send fewer representatives to your event. When money is tight, hybrid events are a great way for participants and sponsors to bridge the gap between cost and results. 

  • More marketing content
    Reusing and redistributing digital content is a simple process that lets you keep your audience informed without limiting who can attend your event. To get the word out about your upcoming event, you could, for example, post the whole live stream or just parts of it. When you share your live stream, you also ensure that the sponsors involved are always seen. Streaming your hybrid event has many benefits, including the peace of mind that you won't miss anything important. Because broadcasting is so important, you can rest easy knowing that all your information will be recorded and saved for later use. You can also use the content you have already made to plan marketing efforts for the future. You could also look at the questions during the different sessions to see if a theme keeps coming up. That can help you come up with content that answers the questions your audience has asked. 

  • Higher ROI
    Return on Investment (ROI) is hard to figure out at events because there are so many moving parts. But the ROI for a hybrid event can be higher than for traditional ones, mostly because more people are coming to the former. As a result, it is possible that sponsors' ads will get more views, and you will get more people to sign up after the event. You will also get a lot of information, which will let you give more accurate reports on the event's performance. In terms of scalability, the technology only needs to be set up once, and it's easy to do the same thing at each of your events after that. A virtual event platform can be set up and taken down without the help of many staff. On top of that, you might be able to make your live event smaller while growing your online presence simultaneously. This lets you save money on in-person costs while still reaching a large number of people, which increases your profit margin. 

  • More valuable data
    Some of the best things about a hybrid event are the data that is collected and the new insights that it shows. During a live event, for example, you could count the number of people in the room to get a rough idea of how many people watched the session. But with hybrid events, you not only know how many people attended but also how engaged they were and when they left the session. Thus, you can find out what your participants are interested in. This information can be used to make future events better. For sponsors, they can get important information about how many people visit their booths and how they interact with other attendees, which helps them show that their money was well spent. Since hybrid events take place online, you have access to a lot of metrics that you can't measure offline. You can use these metrics to learn more about your event and make changes to it for the future. 

  • Higher flexibility
    Although hybrid events are not the best setting for all occasions, it is still ideal that you have an idea or experience of hosting these. Keep in mind that COVID-19 is not the only pandemic that can happen. There could also be a large-scale natural disaster or other scenarios that can cause people to change their travel plans. 

    If you did not have hybrid event management as a backup, the people who were planning to go to your in-person gathering would find something else to do. Also, the infrastructure and investments made in hybrid events ensure that you are prepared for virtual events. Thus, you won't have to scramble if outside forces work together to threaten or cancel your in-person event. So, instead of putting all of your money into an in-person event, you should think about adding hybrid events to your portfolio to make sure that your event will be successful no matter what. 
Hybrid Events Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most popular hybrid events Singapore?
A hybrid event can serve many different organisational goals. Below are some of the most popular hybrid event types:

  • Conferences: Hybrid conferences are a blend of physical and virtual conferences. Here, attendees can connect, watch, and share valuable information live and online.
  • Job fairs: A hybrid job fair combines virtual and in-person hiring fairs. Here, you can bring together recruiters and local job seekers in a physical venue for more intensive in-person communication.
  • Trade shows: Hybrid trade shows are an innovative way to predominantly showcase products & services. They allow attendees to submit orders and companies to garner leads both in-person and virtually.
  • Presentations: Audiences in hybrid presentations can engage and listen to speakers, network with attendees, and participate in multiple activities. They can even exchange business cards digitally!
  • Exhibitions: Hybrid exhibitions can be a great opportunity for museums and galleries to educate a large-scale audience. They can host their exhibits at a physical venue and let people around the world access them through virtual media.
How much does it cost to book a hybrid event space Singapore?
Booking a hybrid event space in Singapore costs around $10 to $180 per person. But you can also find event packages and deals offered by venues listed here on Venuerific. You can find hybrid event venues that cost around $250 to $4,500 per event, depending on the venue, the number of attendees, and other factors.

How are hybrid events different from virtual events?
Virtual events are ones where everyone participates online through a virtual event platform, and no one shows up in person. On the other hand, hybrid events bring together people who attend in person and those who attend online. 

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The things that have happened in the last few years have been completely unpredictable. One of the most important things we learned was always to be ready for anything. Adding virtual and hybrid events to your overall event calendar will be an important part of your event strategy. For a successful hybrid event, Singapore has a plethora of ideal venues you can use. Scroll up to check out the list of the best hybrid events Singapore has to offer on Venuerific!

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