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If you aim to promote your product, deliver a planned speech, or carry out a news conference, a media event can help you create some buzz. Ensure a successful event by booking an ideal venue via Venuerific! Whether you are looking for a simple location or aiming for a classy place, we have a venue that will make your media event stand out!

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Media Event Venues Singapore

Media events are perfect for gaining the attention of the public. All you have to do is arrange a celebration, take some photographs, and let the event be widely reported across mass media. After reading this guide, you will understand what media events are and how you can plan one successfully.

What is a media event?

A media event or pseudo-event is aimed at raising publicity about a product or activity. It is also possible to use the term to refer to an event that receives extensive coverage in the mainstream media, even if it was not arranged.

A media event often occurs during a press conference, a planned speech, an award ceremony, or a product launch. Invitations to cover these events will be extended to members of the press.

In his book titled "The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America," published in 1962, Daniel J. Boorstin is credited for first using the phrase "pseudo-events." The impression that planned events were not as authentic as spontaneous ones led to the development of the term later used to define media events.

Even though Boorstin didn't come up with the phrase "pseudo-event" until the 1960s, media events have been occurring since groups and politicians used daily newspapers to improve public relations. Because of the rise of digital media, getting media coverage for an event is easier than ever. This means that media events are also receiving more attention than ever.

Types of media events

Many individuals, companies, and organisations aim to get their target audience's attention through media events. Some of the most common types of media events that are guaranteed to boost public relations are the following:

Product launch
A product launch is a media event held to introduce a new product or service to the market. There are two types of product launches: hard and soft.

A product will have a "soft launch" when the company only allows a targeted user base to try out its product. Typically, businesses would do this before releasing something to the general public to see how the user base reacts to the new product or service. This allows them to make necessary adjustments before a broader consumer base accesses it.

On the other hand, a product will be made available to the entirety of the market with a hard launch. Companies often focus their efforts on marketing activities to build anticipation. 

Press event
A press event, often in the form of a press or news conference, is used by organisations or individuals to publicly disclose information to the media and address any questions that the media may have. Typically, press events are held whenever there is a problem with an organisation's public relations. However, press conferences can also be held when:

  • Introducing a product Launching a new advertising campaign or a different marketing strategy
  • Announcing important news and updates
  • Disclosing the financial statements of a corporation
  • Bringing more attention to a newly organised charity event 
Since press events can serve various purposes, it should be no surprise that a wide range of industries can benefit from participating in this kind of media event. One of the most important advantages they offer is the possibility for organisers to have control over the message that is communicated.

Photo op
A photo op is another type of event often covered in the media. It is a prearranged opportunity for the public to have their photograph taken beside a celebrity, politician, or other famous people.

In American politics, photo ops started as a strategy to connect with voters and win their trust. In today's business world, companies often hold photo ops to introduce new products or present significant people in the most favourable light possible. 

Award ceremony
An award ceremony is a gathering in which people or organisations are honoured for accomplishments associated with their field. In most cases, these events' dress code ranges from semi-formal to formal. The event organisers often give trophies or other types of mementoes to the winners to commemorate the occasion.

A company can host award ceremonies to show appreciation for its staff. These events can also be held at larger industry conferences when representatives from various companies are present. 

How to plan a media event

It is vital to follow certain guidelines to make your media event as effective as possible. Here are some media event ideas you should consider:

Create a message that can pique the interest of your target audience
A message that can resonate with your target audience is vital to the success of your media event. Make sure you prepare the messaging before you go out and deliver it to the general public. If your event involves speakers, ensure they do not appear unprepared.

Storytelling is one effective method many businesses use to make people pay attention to the message they are trying to convey. Thus, you may want to include narratives in your messaging. When providing stories, you should modify them based on the media members you are communicating with.

For instance, a TV reporter with limited airtime on their program will probably have different questions than a newspaper columnist. This means that you will need to adjust your messaging. If you got a bunch of TV reporters within the event, make the message as concise and informative as possible. 

Set clear goals
It is vital to have a specific objective, regardless of whether you are trying to market a new product or increase brand awareness. Your media event will start to take shape when you have a goal in mind since you will be able to hone your message.

Choose the best media event venue Singapore
The location of the media event is one of the most critical factors in its overall success. Choose a convenient, easy-to-locate venue that also suits the image of your company.

Finding the ideal event location within Singapore for an event can be daunting due to the countless potential venues you can book. Fortunately, booking the best media event venue through Venuerific can be done within a few clicks. You can find a plethora of event venues across Singapore's Central Area as well as the West, East, South, and North Regions.

Get a backdrop
The use of branded backdrops is an essential component of your visual approach. This will ensure that your company's message or logo is captured as the media covers the event. The backdrops need to be aesthetically pleasing and branded in a way that is appropriate for your company. Choose a backdrop that encourages people to take pictures in front of it. This will help spread the word about your event on social media.

Incorporate a theme
You should not just concentrate on what the speaker will say during a media event. You also need to consider the message being conveyed by the location. Incorporating a theme into your event simply ensures that the space communicates the same brand messaging. It does not have to be obvious where you decorate the whole place and make your staff wear costumes.

For instance, if you aim to raise awareness about an environmental issue, you may want to hold your event outdoors where the attendees can appreciate the beauty of nature. On the other hand, if you are advocating for clean products and services, make sure to hold your event in SG clean venues to reflect your message.

Get media coverage for an event
After you have completed the preparations for the media event, you can start writing the press release to inform the media about it. The key how to getting media coverage for an event is writing an effective press release. Take a look at some features of a successful press release:

  • A catchy title or a strong and compelling headline
  • A summary of the article that should be no longer than four sentences
  • An introductory paragraph explaining what the readers need to know about the event
  • A body telling the event's story and other specific details Contact information 
Prepare a press kit
Ensure that the press leaves the event with a favourable view of your brain by putting together a press kit you can give attendees after the event. The press kit should include highlights of the media event and other details that the press may find helpful. 

Media Event in Singapore FAQs

What are examples of media events?
Media events are often held to gain brand buzz through media and public attention. Some examples of media events are product launches, press conferences, award ceremonies, and photo ops.

What is the purpose of a media event?
A media event often spreads news through press conferences or raises awareness through speeches or demonstrations. 

What do you need for a media event?
A media event requires a message or news delivered across multiple media channels. A spokesperson to host the event is also needed, so there will be a specified person who can answer questions. Other supporting items like press kits and press releases are also needed to encourage media channels to show up and cover the event positively.

Book your media event venue via Venuerific!

Being media-savvy is vital when competing with numerous businesses and brands. Planning media events can help generate a buzz about your brand, helping you get noticed by a wider audience. When it comes to media events Singapore has a plethora of potential venues you can hire.

Start leveraging media events to your advantage by booking the perfect venue here at Venuerific! 

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Sarah Koh
5 / 5
Booked at Thirsty4balls

Clare was extremely helpful and patient in answering my queries, and assisted me in any way possible. Great service and atmosphere!

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Melissa Lim
5 / 5
Booked at The Outset
Good food, spacious

The space was able to accommodate over 140 of our guests. I heard from the guests that the food was really good. Rena offered us a variety of offerings including canape, buffet and even live stations. The space has wifi, projector, mics, sound system, karaoke we did not have to prepare anything at all. We were also taken care of on the actual day.

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Booked at Royal Eternity Tea House


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Booked at Control Space by TheParallelSpace
Will hold another event here again for next client.

Held one of our client product launch here at Alt space and it was spacious. We were given ample of time to set up. Logistic was a little tedious as there's no lift, but Joey allowed us to came the night before to leave our stuff. We had our buffet reception with their recommended caterer and the canapés were tasty.

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5 / 5
Booked at Cali Ascott Raffles Place
Highly recommend!

We booked NJ relish for a 10th anniversary reunion event for about 80pax. The venue was classy, and spacious enough to house everyone comfortably. The coordinator Afsha was extremely willing to help and try her best to meet our requests. The operations manager and staff were very approachable and helpful on the day of the event. The food was delicious and there was a good variety too.

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