One-year-old Birthday Party Package for only $999! | Mr Bottle's Kids

Packages details


  1. Birthday Banner (1.9 x 1.4m)
    • Customised to suit your event and baby's name
    • Great for photo taking
  2. Balloon Columns x 2 OR 1 x organic garland.
    • choose your favourite colour; recommended pink for girls and blue for boys.

    Warm-up Party Fringe Activities

    Choose one of the following:

    1. Balloons Sculpting (1hr)
      • Our sculptors can make any designs the children wants.
      • Recommended if there are children of various ages.
    2. Face & Hand painting (1hr)
      • FDA safe paints
      • Recommended if there are many young kids or  mostly girl guests.
    3. Caricature (1hr)
      • Recommended if there are mostly adults at the party

      One-year-old / Baby Shower / 100th day Main Activities

      Choose one of the following:

      1. Hosting of Baby Choosing Ceremony (~30min)
        • Guessing Game for guests.
        • for 1-year-old birthday party 
        • Lots of photo opportunity for the baby.
        • Centre of attention for the family and baby (It's his/her day after all)
        • includes all props needed for the choosing ceremony.
        • certificate as souvenir.
      2. Close-Up Magic Show (1hr)
        • Recommended if there are many adults at the party
        • Suitable for children as well
        • Roving
        • Increase interaction among your guests.
      3. Birthday Magic Show (30min)
        • Recommended if there are a lot of children above 3 years old at the party
        • Lots of participation for the children
        • Subject to availability (Mr Bottle's Kids Party will have another magician in case Mr Bottle is not available)
      4. Photography (3 hours)
        • Capture all the beautiful memories
        • Photos given in digital transfer to client.

      Free e-invite (customised) / invitation cards






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