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Rising Stars: Mini Buffet Catering Singapore Options (2024)

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 5 minutes read / Feb 15, 2024

Explore the rising stars in the events’ culinary scene as we present cutting-edge options that promise to elevate your intimate celebrations, from weddings to seminars. From inventive flavours to stunning presentations, these catering choices are set to revolutionise the way we approach mini buffet catering Singapore options. Discover your top choices for event services Singapore listed with us on Venuerific Vendors!

1. Catering Concierge

buffet spead and slider sandwiches

With a commitment to customising menus based on specific needs, Catering Concierge acknowledges the uniqueness of each occasion. Their collaboration with renowned chefs guarantees a diverse array of international and vegetarian options, enabling clients to mix and match cuisines for the perfect blend at corporate gatherings. Catering Concierge emerges as the premier choice for mini buffet catering in Singapore, providing a seamless and tailored solution to elevate your events. Book Catering Concierge on Venuerific now!

Menu Options: Customisable Cuisine, Italian, Middle Eastern, Indian, French
Prices: Contact for more details

2. Amici Events and Catering

western buffet spread and canapes

Elevate your mini buffet catering Singapore options with Amici Events and Catering, another boutique food caterer renowned for delivering tantalising culinary delights to your chosen venue. Led by a team of culinary experts, their in-house crafted halal food catering menus have both Eastern and Western influences, great for activities in multicultural Singapore. Discover why Amici Events and Catering is Singapore's best-kept secret for both corporate and individual small party catering Singapore needs!

Menu Options: Tapas, Breakfast, Cheese Platter, Canapes, Asian, Western, Local Buffets
Prices: $50+ SGD for 20 pax

3. LAVISH Dine Catering

canape table and close-up of tart desserts

As one of the industry's leading premium caterers, LAVISH Dine Catering remains at the forefront by exploring new food technology and sustainable innovations, redefining the approach to food creation and enjoyment (which makes them Rising Stars still, in our opinion!). Their extensive menu covers BBQs, canapes, tea receptions, cocktail receptions, and even bento catering Singapore boxes, which have been used for weddings, birthdays, and corporate seminars in Singapore. Find out why LAVISH Dine Catering has triumphed over 20 years in the industry by booking them now!

Menu Options: Tea Reception, LAVISH Gourmet Box, Seminar Snacks
Prices: $38+ SGD for 30 pax

4. Stamford Catering

asian food dining and canape spread

Hosting an intimate wedding and need a mini buffet catering Singapore options then? Stamford Catering stands as a prominent Halal-certified caterer offering top-notch food and services such as mini buffet catering. Enjoy complimentary wedding thematic setups and live stations, adding an extra layer of charm to your celebration. Create a seamless and personalised mini buffet catering in Singapore with Stamford Catering on Venuerific now!

Menu Options: Bento Catering, Canapes, Mini Party Sets
Prices: Contact for more details

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5. Orange Clove Catering

festive buffet platters and mini buffets

Another established catering brand that has made this list is Orange Clove catering, which continues to churn out mini buffet catering Singapore options. Providing renowned culinary experiences that seamlessly blends distinct international flavours with an Asian flair, they have menus decent for 10 - 20 people, may it be in corporate events or personalised celebrations. As a bonus, they have also been at the forefront of small party catering Singapore innovation, with offerings like the 1st portable sushi conveyor belt, The Moving Connoisseur, and the 1st Robotic Noodle Chef, Sophie. Book Orange Clove Catering on Venuerific today!

Menu Options: International, Asian, and High Tea Mini Buffet Catering Options
Prices: Starts from $20 SGD for 10 pax

6. How's Catering

corporate space with buffet and buffet platters

Opting for HOWS for mini buffet catering in Singapore is choosing a commitment to unwavering quality. Their dedication to excellence starts from sourcing premium ingredients to upholding the highest standards in food safety, ensuring an unparalleled culinary experience. In every mini buffet, HOWS delivers not just a meal but an exquisite journey marked by quality, thoughtful service, and shared creativity, making them the ideal choice for those who seek an exceptional and memorable catering experience. Contact How's Catering on Venuerific now!

Menu Options: Bento Catering Singapore, Low Carb Meals, Snack Boxes, Canapes, iHeat Mini Buffet Catering
Prices: Starts from $43.38 SGD for 20 pax

7. Chilli Manis Catering

people getting catering and catering soups

Rounding up this list is Chilli Manis Catering, perfect for those looking for Peranakan-centric and international menus in Singapore. Each mini buffet catering in Singapore is a unique fusion of signature Peranakan tastes with Madam Hoh's personal touch, promising a culinary journey that delights the palate and adds a touch of sophistication, making it an unforgettable experience for all. Learn more about Chilli Manis Catering on Venuerific Vendor Listing now!

Menu Options: Peranakan Mini Buffet, Classic Mini Buffet, International Mini Buffet, High Tea Mini Buffet
Prices: Starts from $32.57 SGD for min. 20 pax

BONUS Rising Star Vendors: Cakes

birthday milo cake and strawberry tarts
Cake from The Frosted Chick and tarts from Taira Pastry

As a bonus gift, we’ve also highlighted top dessert options for your events in Singapore. Also listed on Venuerific Vendors, these complete your buffet evenings with sweet endings!

  • The Frosted Chick: The Frosted Chick specialises in crafting custom cakes, dessert tables, and artisanal treats, using premium ingredients, and expertly decorating them for a unique and delightful touch, catering to a variety of occasions from birthdays and baby showers to corporate events.
  • Taira Pastry: Taira Pastry, the pastry arm of 7th Heaven Collective, is renowned for its Artisan Tartlets, Festive Cookies, and Customised Theme Cakes, with a philosophy rooted in the Japanese concept of 平 (balance), aiming to serve as a reminder to cherish life's little moments and find joy through their delightful products amidst the fast-paced city life.

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Final Word

These small party catering Singapore options blend creativity with diversity, providing a unique edge to your business events. Elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression by incorporating these celestial wonders into your promotional strategies. Until the next business triumph, may your events be graced by the brilliance of mini buffet catering in Singapore options!

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Frequently Asked Questions
To find top event vendors in Singapore, you can explore online platforms like Venuerific Singapore and their Vendor Listing Program. Additionally, local business directories, social media, and word-of-mouth recommendations from friends or colleagues who have organised events in Singapore can be valuable resources.
It is advisable to book catering services in Singapore well in advance, especially for popular dates or during peak seasons. For major events like weddings or corporate functions, it's recommended to book catering services at least 3 to 6 months before the event date. This allows sufficient time for menu planning, customization, and coordination with the catering service.
The main difference between a mini catering buffet and a regular buffet in Singapore is the scale and variety of offerings. A mini catering buffet is designed for smaller gatherings or events with a limited number of guests, typically ranging from 10 to 20 people. It may have a more concise menu and a smaller selection of dishes compared to a standard buffet, which caters to larger groups.

To apply for a catering licence in Singapore, you need to follow these general steps:

  • Contact the Appropriate Authority: Reach out to the National Environment Agency (NEA) in Singapore, as they are responsible for regulating food establishments.
  • Prepare Documentation: Prepare necessary documents, including business registration details, floor plans, and details of food handling procedures.
  • Submit Application: Submit your application to NEA, either online or through their office. Pay any required fees during the submission process.
  • Inspection: NEA may conduct an inspection of your premises to ensure it complies with hygiene and safety standards.
  • Approval: Once your application is approved, you will receive the catering licence.

It's recommended to check with the NEA for specific and up-to-date requirements and procedures, as they may be subject to change.

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