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Taylor Swift Singapore 2024: Themed Eras Party Locations

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 6 minutes read / Mar 08, 2024

Get ready to shake it off and immerse yourself in a night of glitter, glamour, and Taylor Swift magic! As the pop sensation performs this week in her anticipated tour stop of Singapore (2024), Swifties around the Lion City are keeping the celebrations going. What better way to honour the iconic artist than by throwing a Taylor Swift-themed eras party? No matter the month or the time, Taylor Swift Singapore 2024 era is here to stay, and we’re here to give you the best event venues Singapore has to offer!

Taylor Swift Singapore 2024 and the MICE Industry

Taylor Swift Singapore 2024’s Eras Tour week is coming and going for fans in Southeast Asia. However, we know better than to move on this fast (we’re right where she left us), especially since the country is decked out in Eras tour displays — like the Taylor Swift lightshow at the Marina Bay Sands.

People from across Southeast Asia (and even beyond, we see you Lisa Manoban!) have taken the time to book their flights and see Ms. Swift live. So, it’s no surprise that she’s gone on to bring in over 500 million dollars to Singapore, causing a boom in hotel bookings, event planning, and exhibition culture in the Lion City. Restaurants are planning Taylor Swift evenings, malls playing her songs — everyone’s got the Swift bug and as purveyors of #CelebrateAnywhere, we’re 100% here for it. 

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Taylor Swift Party Singapore: Themed Eras Party Locations

1. Taylor Swift (Debut) in Vibe Bistro

restaurant with greenery next to taylor swift playing guitar
Image from Taste of Country

To celebrate Taylor Swift’s debut album, look into Vibe Bistro, an earthy, sleek dining hall that does not fall short of comfort and home. This multifunctional event space emanates a quirky feel, which is similar to the aesthetic and vibe of Taylor Swift — enjoy meals such as the Chinchalok Steak and Pork Cutlet Rendang with friends or family while enjoying this Taylor Swift Singapore 2024 party location. Book Vibe Bistro today!

2. Fearless in The Upper Room Restaurant & Cafe

restaurant with guitar on wall and taylor swift raising her guitar
Image from The New York Times

This iconic, grammy award-winning album should only be celebrated in the bright, musical Upper Room Restaurant & Cafe. Located in the Lavender district, this restaurant is the perfect space to dance in your best dress, Fearless with its performance stage and outdoor terrace. You can also opt for free flowing alcohol with buffet-style Asian Fusion in this Taylor Swift Singapore 2024 location. Book The Upper Room Restaurant & Cafe on Venuerific now!

3. Speak Now in Eat at my Kitchen

restaurant with floral decor and taylor swift performing her concert
Image from Fox News 26

A hidden gem with a beautiful, lush view of Dempsey Hill, Eat at My Kitchen has the hues and enchanted feel suitable for a Speak Now Taylor Swift Singapore 2024 party. Customise your celebration with an unforgettable wine & dine experience that empowers you and your friends to dance, sing, and “Speak Now.” the menu? Speak to the people at Eat at My Kitchen and stage the Taylor Swift party of your dreams. Book Eat at My Kitchen now!

4. Red at Major99

karaoke event space with neon lights and taylor swift performing in her concert
Image from Business Insider

Feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters? Make fun of your exes? Major99 is a top team and friendship bonding space perfect for a “Red” party in the Lion City. Play beer pong, darts, claw machines, and karaoke (it’s not a Taylor Swift Singapore 2024 party without this!) too. This venue was made for releasing tension and stress, so grab a microphone and book Major99 on Venuerific now!

5. 1989 at Bolonia Restaurant

restaurant facade and taylor swift performing in her concert with sunglasses
Image from Entertainment Weekly

There’s no better way to celebrate the seagull-ocean album than by booking a space that brings you a taste and feel of the South of Spain, Bolonia beach. As a favourite spot for breakfast, casual lunches, after-work drinks, and memorable dinners with friends, Bolonia Restaurant is a unique event venue in Singapore, beyond Taylor Swift parties. Take a trip to Raffles Place (if you aren’t there yet) and book Bolonia Restaurant now!

6. Reputation at Social Bar & Bistro

restaurant with modern interiors and taylor on a chair
Image from The Hollywood Reporter

Stage the luxury and cadence of reputation at Social Bar & Bistro. This stylish restobar in the heart of the city, right at the bustling central business district, features bespoke cocktails and delightful international cuisine, fully adaptable to meet any of your Taylor Swift Singapore 2024 theme ideas. Choose from their outdoor patio (which has elegant city views at night) and modern indoor restaurant space. You need no further explanations, only the reputation of Social Bar & Bistro, book now on Venuerific!

7. Lover at Tipsy Flamingo 

neon lights in fun restaurant and taylor swift on a pool floaty
Image from Fox News

Standing out from this list so far, much like the Lover album, Tipsy Flamingo is all about brightness, pink, and fun. Experience a touch of sun and sea breeze in the CBD at this Taylor Swift Singapore 2024 themed party venue. Lively with bold colours, an indoor 'pool,' and seaside cabanas, this restaurant has a menu as lively as their aesthetic, boasting refreshing cocktails You Need to Calm Down. wink wink Book Tipsy Flamingo on Venuerific now!

8. Folklore at Olivia Restaurant and Lounge

modern european style interiors with taylor swift performing on stage
Image from Billboard

Betty, Augustine, James — meet Olivia. Homey and summery, Olivia Restaurant and Lounge brings the poetic style and taste of Europe to your senses — similar to Swift’s magnum opus, Folklore. Designed by the renowned Barcelona-based Lázaro Rosa-Violán, Olivia Restaurant & Lounge features a seamless day-to-night transition, much like the epitome or a Folklorian summer day. If you seek a lunch party, an evening dinner, or a weekend brunch with a group of friends through the spirit of the Mediterranean and elevated homestyle cooking — book Olivia Restaurant & Lounge on Venuerific now!

9. Evermore at Norris House

bali-style area with taylor swift by the window
Image from Entertainment Weekly

Underrated Evermore, meet aptly rated Norris House — one of Venuerific’s most popular event venues Singapore. As you step inside, it feels like a villa staycation, featuring a full bar setup, alfresco roof terrace, pitched roof with straw ceiling, and Bali-themed furniture and decor! Spiritually similar to the venue above, Norris House is the Evermore to Olivia Restaurant & Lounge’s Folklore.   

10. Midnights at Studio Min Max

old retro sofa and licing space next to taylor swift on a couch
Image from Teen Vogue

Looking straight out of a Midnights album cover, Studio Min Max takes inspiration from the captivating architectural style of Californian accommodations and the rich colour palette of Moroccan interiors. This unique venue is perfect for those seeking an unconventional and memorable event space — a bejewelled celebration, if you may. Featuring a fully functioning kitchen, it is well-suited for cooking with friends or cooking with your party. Book Studio Min Max on Venuerific now!

Final Word

Whether you choose the vibrant energy of Lover, the sophistication of Folklore, or the urban charm of Midnights, each venue offers a unique canvas for Swifties to paint their memories. So, Swifties, keep celebrating, don your favourite era-inspired outfits, and get ready for nights filled with music, laughter, and the timeless magic of Taylor Swift’s discography!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Global artists like Taylor Swift, Enhyphen, Ed Sheeran, and more are expected to visit the Lion City in 2024. For more information on back-to-back concerts in Singapore (and where to stay), check out our latest blog.
For her much-awaited Eras Tour, Taylor Swift is performing at the National Stadium from March 2-9.
Yes, Taylor Swift has toured in Asia as part of her international tours. She has been to most Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, and more) for her Speak Now and Red tours. For her Eras Tour, her only Asian stops are Japan and Singapore. 
Taylor Swift's popularity can be attributed to her musical talent, diverse discography, relatable lyrics, and a strong connection with her fan base. Additionally, her ability to evolve and adapt her musical style over the years has contributed to her ongoing success. To stay updated on her current popularity, refer to recent news, social media trends, and official announcements from her team.