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Top 20 Restaurants & Event Spaces for Your Year End Party in Singapore

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 9 minutes read / Oct 06, 2023

Step into the vibrant gastronomic world of Singapore as the year draws to a close! The Lion City, known for its diverse culinary scene and stunning year end party spaces, offers a plethora of options to host an unforgettable year end celebration. From contemporary Izakayas with cascading waterfalls to fine dining experiences curated by world-class chefs, Singapore has something for every palate and party theme. For those looking to make food themselves, we have a bonus list for you too—event spaces in Singapore too. 

In this blog, we present a list of top 20 handpicked restaurants and year end party venues Singapore that promise to elevate your year-end party to a whole new level of elegance, flavour, and festivity. Let the culinary adventures and celebrations begin!

Top 10 Restaurants for Your Year-End Party in Singapore

1.  Taki Izakaya Bar

japanese style restaurant and wagyu steak

Taki Izakaya Bar, the embodiment of an enchanting waterfall in Japanese, beckons year-end revellers to immerse themselves in a cascading journey of flavours and ambiance. As the evening flows, guests can savour delights like the gobu karaage and Gyuniku Steak, surrounded by blue hues reminiscent of a tranquil stream, all culminating in an intimate watering hole setting.

2. Noa Lounge

luze bar area and close-up of mediterranean food

Capturing the essence of Mediterranean soul in a Barcelona-inspired setting, Noa Lounge offers an ideal restaurant for a year end party in Singapore, boasting a multifunctional event space, convenient access to public transportation, and customizable menus to ensure a warm and inviting celebration centered around elevated homestyle cooking.

3. Olivia Restaurant & Lounge

indoor restaurant with wooden table and roasted fish

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge, with its capacity to host up to 120 standing and showcasing Mediterranean soul in a Barcelona-inspired setting, has an inviting and vibrant ambiance, making it an excellent choice for a memorable year end party in Singapore encapsulating the essence of elevated homestyle cooking.

4. Brotzeit

event space and sausage platters

An established German restaurant & bar in Singapore, Brotzeit offers an excellent choice for a year-end party in Singapore, providing authentic German dishes, an inviting 'Gemütlichkeit' ambiance, and multiple restaurant locations, making it perfect for gatherings of all sizes to celebrate and enjoy German cuisine and beer.

5. Chef's Table by Chef Stephan

restaurant with open kitchen and close-up of food

Chef's Table by Chef Stephan stands as an excellent choice for a year-end party, providing an exceptional fine dining experience curated by Chef Stephan Zoisl, renowned for his expertise from globally acclaimed restaurants. Offering a fusion of European and Asian flavours crafted from the freshest ingredients, Chef's Table by Chef Stephan is set in an interactive chef's table setting.

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6. Farrer Horse

classic restaurant and spread of modern asian food

Farrer Horse, nestled in a historic Kampong Glam shophouse, is an excellent choice for a year-end party, immersing guests in a heritage journey with its Modern Asian-inspired cuisine and horse-themed cocktails, inviting everyone to celebrate the year's end in a setting that beautifully blends Singapore's diverse culture and equestrian history.

7. Eclipse by BDC

dreamy restaurant and close-up of pasta with roe

Standing out from this list, Eclipse by BDC offers a stunning rooftop setting atop a Chinatown landmark, promising a remarkable year-end party experience with its Asian-European contemporary cuisine, captivating city skyline views, and diverse event spaces, making it the perfect year end party venue in Singapore to craft unforgettable memories amidst an elegant ambiance.

8. Restaurant Espoir

cafe with modern interiors and close-up of fried food

Restaurant Espoir, located in the historical Anglo-Chinese School within the CBD, offers a sophisticated venue for a year end party in Singapore, combining refined Modern European Cuisine infused with Malayan influences, elegant chinoiserie design, and versatile event spaces suitable for both lavish corporate gatherings and romantic celebrations, ensuring a memorable and enchanting experience for all attendees.

9. Grids Coffee | Bar

minimalist cafe and salmon on rice

Embrace the mosaic of flavours, friendships, and fancies at Grids Coffee | Bar, where they craft a canvas for your year-end soirée, sprinkled with a pinch of uniqueness and a dollop of camaraderie. Nestled within Chinatown's beating heart, this year end party space weaves tales of delectable tastes, cosy conversations, and a sprinkle of creativity. 

10. YOUNGS Bar & Restaurant

open restaurant space and salmon with caviar

Located in the serene ambiance of Seletar Aerospace Park, YOUNGS Bar & Restaurant emerges as an enticing choice for a year-end celebration. It offers a blend of quality Modern European cuisine, a cosy yet elegant atmosphere, and the option to dine indoors or amidst lush greenery, providing the perfect setting for a memorable company year end party in Singapore with delightful food, refreshing drinks, and a charming environment. 

Top 10 Event Spaces for Your Year-End Party in Singapore

1. HIGHfive

modern event space with tv and kitchen

HIGHfive, with its spacious and luxurious design, ample facilities, and serene location away from urban hustle, is the perfect venue for hosting a memorable year end party in Singapore that allows guests to unwind and celebrate in style up to 95 standing, with cuisine available and the option for external catering.

2. SocioQ@Bugis

loft-type living room with tv

SocioQ@Bugis offers a tailored upscale ambiance with customizable lighting, ample space across two levels, and a prime central location, making it an ideal choice for hosting a memorable and affordable year end party in Singapore catering to diverse preferences and crowd sizes.

3. SocioQ@Besar

game room of loft-type event space

Alternatively, SocioQ@Besar offers easy accessibility and seamlessly merges futuristic and retro aesthetics, presenting an ideal affordable year end party venue Singapore. With the option of dual lighting to create the desired ambiance, along with an adaptable layout and diverse entertainment choices, it caters to a range of preferences and promises a unique and engaging event experience.

4. WingsOver Asia

restaurant space overlooking runway

In the world of aviation enthusiasts and industry professionals, the WingsOver Asia Hangar66 stands as a dream company year end party venue in Singapore, boasting an expansive aviation lifestyle facility with direct airside access to a substantial runway at Seletar International Airport, making it an exceptional choice for a year-end party, combining a passion for aviation with a unique event setting.

5. Cloud9 Events

foosball table and games in an event space

Embark on a cloud-nine journey for your year-end extravaganza at Cloud9 Events, where endless possibilities meet a sky of tailored amenities and impeccable customer service, promising a party that soars above the rest. offering a customisable venue with portable amenities, ensuring seamless event planning for various occasions, and providing exceptional customer service for a memorable and tailored year end party venue in Singapore.

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6. Chun Tsubaki

natural lighting in spacious living room and kitchen

Chun Tsubaki, comprising Tsubaki and ATO studio, offers an exquisite event space blend, combining Danish 'Hygge' and Japanese 'Wabi-Sabi' aesthetics, allowing the warmth of natural daylight through expansive windows, making it an ideal venue for a diverse range of year-end events, including social gatherings, corporate workshops, photoshoots, and productions.

7. Major99

bar with karaoke area and lighting

Major99, an expansive team building venue in Singapore, has a plethora of facilities and ample space, offers a unique and entertaining way to release year-end stress and celebrate. It provides a platform for guests to unwind through the joy of singing and ensuring a lively and memorable year-end party experience.

8. Studio Min Max

retro style event space with play area

Drawing inspiration from Californian architecture and Moroccan interiors, Studio Min Max offers a uniquely bold setting ideal for hosting an unconventional and memorable year-end party, providing distinct areas for guests to gather, relax, and engage in delightful conversations while also featuring a fully functional kitchen for interactive cooking workshops or video series, ensuring an unforgettable year-end celebration.

9. Urban Tavern Singapore

spacious event space with lounges and dining tables

Urban Tavern Singapore, adorned with designer furnishings and an array of entertainment options, offers an ideal setting for a vibrant year-end party, providing a customizable 1500 sqft event space with a wide range of facilities, ensuring an enjoyable and inclusive experience for diverse groups and events, all conveniently located in the Balestier Road vicinity.

10. AIBI Maxwell

outdoor event space

Known as the Wellness Playground in the City, AIBI Maxwell is a perfect choice for an outdoor year end party venue in Singapore, offering a holistic wellness facility and versatile event space in Singapore, allowing guests to celebrate amidst a wellness-oriented environment, promoting health and mindfulness as they welcome the upcoming year.

Final Word

As the year approaches its finale, Singapore's culinary playground beckons with open arms, ready to host your perfect year-end soirée. Whether you envision a cosy gathering with close friends or an extravagant celebration, the options showcased here ensure that your year-end party will be nothing short of spectacular. So, gather your loved ones, pick your favourite spot, and bid adieu to the year with a bang at one of these top 20 restaurants and year end party venues Singapore! Cheers to new beginnings and unforgettable memories.

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What are the Best Year-End Party Themes in 2023?

The best year-end party themes for 2023 in Singapore include 'Retro Rewind' for a nostalgic vibe, 'Masquerade Ball' for elegance and mystery, 'Around the World' for a global celebration, and 'Great Gatsby/Roaring Twenties' for a touch of vintage glamour. 'Enchanted Garden' is another popular theme, adding a magical and dreamy atmosphere to your celebration.

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Who Should I Invite for My Year-End Party in 2023?

Invite a mix of close friends, family members, colleagues, and acquaintances to ensure a diverse and enjoyable gathering. Consider the theme and atmosphere you wish to create, tailoring your guest list accordingly to bring together people who will appreciate and contribute to the chosen ambience and activities.

What Month Should I Hold My Year-End Party?

The ideal month to host your year-end party is typically December, aligning with the festive spirit and allowing everyone to come together before the start of the new year. Aim for early to mid-December to avoid clashing with other commitments and holiday travel plans.

Where Should I Hold a Year-End Party in Singapore?

Consider popular new year party venues Singapore such as rooftop bars with stunning city views, trendy year end party event spaces, beachside resorts, upscale restaurants, or cultural heritage sites. The choice ultimately depends on your preferences, budget, and the ambience you envision for your year-end celebration.

How Do You Organise a Year-End Party?

To organise a successful year-end party, start by choosing a theme and venue, creating invitations, planning the menu and drinks, arranging entertainment or activities, and coordinating decorations and party favours. Communicate with your guests, delegate tasks if needed, and ensure a seamless event flow by establishing a timeline and coordinating with event staff or vendors. Lastly, capture the memories with photos and enjoy the festivities!

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