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12 Affordable Team Building Venues in Singapore (2023/2024)

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 7 minutes read / Oct 25, 2023

Team building is a cornerstone of any successful organization. As we step into 2023 and look ahead to 2024, the importance of strengthening workplace relationships remains as crucial as ever. In this blog, we'll explore 12 of the best team building venues Singapore or corporate hackathon venues Singapore to connect, collaborate, and create lasting memories with your corporate family. From cozy cafes to unique event spaces, Singapore has it all, and we're here to guide you through the top choices and the best team building activities Singapore for the year ahead.

1. O3 Estate

sofa area and bar room

O3 provides an excellent setting for team bonding events, featuring private dining rooms, a full bar, and a diverse selection of beverages and delectable cuisine. Their event space in Singapore caters to various occasions, such as business meetings, product launches, wine tastings, tea gatherings, and other social events. This venue also prides itself on offering a luxurious and private ambiance, versatile spaces that leave a lasting impression on guests, and an experienced team dedicated to ensuring the success of every event. Learn more about O3 Estate!

2. room2f @ Bras Basah Complex

spacious chairs and tables and board games area

Located near City Hall and Bugis, room2f offers a cozy and well-equipped space that can accommodate a good-sized group. With various amenities like board games, retro video game machines, and a gallery wall, it's perfect for team-building activities. You can easily project your ideas and engage in a comfortable atmosphere, making it suitable for team building sessions, workshops, and corporate events. 

Plus, they provide affordable rates, catering to your specific needs, so you can focus on strengthening your team connections. Book room2f @ Bras Basah Complex

3. Taylor Adam

intimate bar areas with lighting

Taylor Adam, tucked away inside the "Taylor Shop," is a fantastic choice for team building events in Singapore, especially during the holiday season. With space for up to 50 seated guests and 70 standing, it's perfect for creating intimate memories with your team. The European-speakeasy ambiance, situated at 1 Raffles Place, adds a touch of James Bond-style sophistication to your Christmas party, making it a memorable and unique experience for your colleagues. Enquire about Taylor Adam! 

4. The Cocoon Space @ Design Orchard.

spacious coworking space and meeting room with whiteboards

The Cocoon Space is an excellent choice for team building events. Nestled in the heart of Orchard Road, it offers a creative co-work and event space designed to encourage networking and interaction. With versatile workspaces equipped with high-tech facilities, it caters to various business needs, fostering creativity and innovation. They even have special spaces such as The Makers Studio and a lush outdoor amphitheater ideal for team building activities. Enquire about The Cocoon Space @ Design Orchard!

5. HaveFun Karaoke

karaoke room and karaoke walls

HaveFun is an excellent choice for team building venues in Singapore. As a family-friendly entertainment venue, it offers private room movie screenings, making it perfect for a fun and relaxed night with your team. Plus, it's a multi-functional space with easy access to public transportation, so you can dine, celebrate, enjoy board games, and bond over your favorite TV series with your colleagues, creating memorable team-building experiences. Book HaveFun Karaoke!

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6. Grids Coffee

coffee space and room with projector screen

Located in a vibrant area in Chinatown, this multi-functional venue offers a casual dining cafe, lifestyle retail options, and a community space for interactive activities. Grids Coffee | Bar is one of the most popular team building venues in Singapore. They bring people together and transform individual lifestyles into shared experiences. With two separate floors, three bookable areas, and customizable menus and layouts, it's one of the perfect team building venues in Singapore! Learn more about Grids Coffee on Venuerific!

7. Barouv Singapore

rooftop event space at night and day

BAROUV, a rooftop bar and distinctive rooftop bar event space in Singapore, offers an excellent setting for team building activities in Singapore. Located within walking distance of Ann Siang Hill in the heart of the Central Business District, it provides a stunning skyline view of Singapore. Now open for both public and corporate bookings, BAROUV is an ideal choice for team gatherings. Contact their BAROUV today!

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8. Attic 113

modern style apartment and long table in event space

Attic 113 is one of the top team building venues in Singapore, with seating for up to 21 guests. Whether it's parties, meetings, photography sessions, or study sessions, you'll have a comfortable environment with amenities like a private bathroom, air conditioning, and modern appliances. Other team building amenities they offer include, glassware, a projector, a Bluetooth microphone, and board games for added fun, ensuring a great atmosphere for strengthening team connections and collaboration. Enquire about Attic 113 today!

9. Paintblush Pte Ltd

easels in rooms

This Art Studio is an excellent choice for team building events. You can transform the space to suit your needs, whether it's for meetings, brainstorming, or combining team activities like Art Jamming. They provide a TV for presentations, a spacious area for movement, a pantry for drinks and snacks, and a fun and creative atmosphere. With a photobooth, Instagram-worthy spots, and a balcony area, it's one of the more unique team building venues in Singapore. Book Paintblush Pte Ltd on Venuerific today!

10. X-scap8

big cafe event space and man in playground area

This is the ultimate spot for active team building events in Singapore! Located on Orchard Road, it's the largest indoor Funground with a variety of activities to challenge and unwind in a stylish and trendy space. With a 10-meter high Elements Obstacle Course, a scenic patio with an Orchard Road view, and a 'Eat-Play-Laugh' RestoBar serving delicious food and drinks, it's the perfect place to strengthen team connections and have a blast together. Enquire about X-scap8 on Venuerific!

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11.  The Happi Loft

minimalist spacious venue with chairs and table and games room

The Happi Loft, a versatile 2-story event space in Singapore, offers a spacious 2,000 sqft area with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, making it a fantastic choice for team building events. With a wide range of facilities and entertainment options, it's easy to bring your team together for a fun and memorable experience. From team-building activities to workshops, it's one of the most affordable team building venues in Singapore to create lasting moments. Enquire about The Happi Loft today!

12. HiThere

spacious dining area with TV and private game room

HiThere is last on the list for team building venues in Singapore. This beautifully designed contemporary event space in Singapore offers a luxurious yet relaxed atmosphere. With its spacious 1,369 sqft area, it's fully functional for hosting corporate events like team building and seminars. Located away from city traffic, it provides ample parking, and its high ceilings and wall windows create a bright and open environment, making it an ideal setting for bringing your corporate team together. Book HiThere on Venuerific!

Final Word

From the heart of the city to its hidden gems, each location offers a unique opportunity for your team to flourish. So, take this list as a starting point, but never stop exploring the ever-evolving landscape of team building opportunities in Singapore. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your creativity. Happy team building adventures in the Lion City! Remember that the success of your team begins with the connections you build!

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Frequently Asked Questions
The best place for team building depends on your team's preferences and objectives. In Singapore, you can consider venues like Sentosa Island, outdoor adventure parks, or even specialized team-building providers who offer a wide range of activities. Venuerific provides a curated list of the top team building venues in Singapore!
The cost of team building in Singapore can vary widely based on the activities, location, and the number of participants. It can range from a few hundred dollars per person for a simple activity to several thousand dollars for more extensive team-building programs.
Team building is the process of creating a stronger and more cohesive team within an organization. It typically involves various activities and exercises designed to improve communication, cooperation, trust, and overall teamwork among team members.
The cost of holding an event in Singapore can vary significantly depending on the type of event, the location, the number of attendees, and the services required. It's advisable to get quotes from event venues and service providers for a more accurate estimate.
The cost of hosting an event can depend on various factors, including the event's purpose, size, location, and the services or amenities provided. Event hosts typically charge a fee that covers their expenses and allows for a reasonable profit margin. The pricing can vary greatly, so it's essential to consider all relevant costs and competition in the market when setting your event fees.