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12 Restaurants in Bugis & Raffles Singapore For Parties and Corporate Events (2024)

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 7 minutes read / Oct 19, 2023

There’s a lot of blogs listing the top food spots in Singapore, we know. But today, we’re churning out something for the locals: Venuerific’s list of top restaurants in Bugis & Raffles Singapore for any kind of party. From grand birthday parties to work-charged corporate events, this blog will provide you with the best restaurants Singapore, mainly hidden gems of Bugis & Raffles—because we #CelebrateAnywhere we want!

Top Restaurants in Bugis, Singapore for Parties

1. Grill Ninety Nine

casual dining area with close-up of steak

Grill Ninety Nine is a premier Halal restaurant and events venue nestled in the heart of Arab Street, Bugis. Whether planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Grill Ninety Nine warmly welcomes parties of all sizes. Guests can immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere, adding an extra layer of joy to the dining experience. The private event space on Level 2 offers an opportunity for more intimate events as well. Book Grill Ninety Nine only on Venuerific today!

Food: Burgers, Halal Certified, Pizza, Steakhouse, Vegetarian Friendly, Western
Amenities: TV Screen, Sound System 

2. Luxuria

luxurious bar area and promotional banner of drinks

Nestled atop a garden rooftop pavilion, this open-air concept venue is enveloped by lush foliage and greenery, providing serenity and sophistication for every event. With panoramic views of Singapore's downtown, it's a picturesque setting suitable for a variety of occasions. Moreover, they have many food options for parties of different sizes. From luxe chili crabs to truffle king tofu appetizers, Luxuria is one of the more unique restaurants in Bugis, Little India.

Food: Canapes, Chinese, Fusion, Cocktails, Full Bar
Amenities: DJ Console, Karaoke Machine, Event Staff, Projector, Smoking Area

3. Armenor

dining area with greenery and spread of food

Armenor Singapore offers a signature brand of hospitality, ensuring a memorable dining experience that perfectly complements an accessible price point. This family restaurant in Singapore also has an inviting and informal setting, where Casual Modern European Cuisine truly comes alive. Book Armenor, one of the top restaurants in Bugis, Singapore!

Food: Finger-food, Full Course, Western, Canapes, Modern Asian
Amenities: Event Staff, Projectors, Sound System

4. Yeast Side Farrer Park

industrial dining space and pizzas on table

Yeast Side Farrer Park is an ideal workshop event space whether you're planning a lively gathering, a corporate function, or a private celebration. With convenient access to public transportation and a beautiful setting of industrial-meets-modern sensibilities, this is a fun restaurant in Bugis for celebrations. Learn more about Yeast Side Farrer Park!

Food: Coffee, Pizza
Amenities: Sound System, Projectors, White Board, Games


eccentric dining area and spread of japanese fusion food

Within the welcoming ambiance of TANOKE, adorned with lush teal walls and adorned with warm accents of metal and wood, patrons discover the joys of gastronomic fusion. The menu pays homage to the culinary traditions of the Edo period, presenting dishes grilled to perfection using the Shichirin Binchotan grill and thoughtfully paired with premium artisanal sake—each selection carefully curated to harmonize with the flavors. Beyond being a haven for sake aficionados, TANOKE stands as one of the best restaurants in Bugis Singapore, for social celebrations.  

Food: Japanese, Fusion
Amenities: Sake Bar, Private Rooms, Sound System

6. The Upper Room Restaurant & Cafe

spacious event space with high ceilings and close-up of salmon bowl

Situated in the vibrant Lavender district, renowned for its diverse culinary scene and lively nightlife, The Upper Room Restaurant & Cafe stands as an ideal party destination. With a proven track record of successfully hosting a variety of events, this venue has sit-down course dinners or buffet-style affairs with free-flowing beverages. The Upper Room Restaurant & Cafe offers the quintessential setting for your next memorable event, making it one of the top restaurants in Bugis for a party. 

Food: Communal Dining, Modern Asian, Finger-food, Vegetarian Friendly
Amenities: DJ Console, Event Staff, Sound System, Stage, Full Bar, Board Games

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Top Restaurants in Raffles, Singapore for Parties 

7. Grids Coffee

cafe dining area and close-up of sandwich

At Grids Coffee | Bar, the seamless fusion of food, community, and lifestyle creates a vibrant and inviting atmosphere where inclusivity is celebrated. Their vision revolves around building connections and transforming individual lifestyles into collective, memorable experiences. Situated within a lively 3-storey shophouse at the heart of Chinatown, this party restaurant in Raffles has 2 separate floors and 3 distinctive areas available for reservations. Enquire about Grids Coffee

Food: Coffee, Cocktail, Japanese, Western, Fusion, Canapes
Amenities: Custom collateral design services, Event Staff, TV Screen, Sound System

8. Taylor Adam

bar area with baklighting and close-up of proscuitto plate

Step into the clandestine world of Taylor Adam, an exclusive cocktail bar cleverly hidden behind a bespoke tailor's storefront. The allure begins with their inspired menu influenced by trade and travels across Commonwealth countries. Tailored to perfection, much like a bespoke suit, Taylor Adam offers a personalized experience, ensuring every guest feels special. If you're in the mood for an exceptional party experience, this hidden gem in Raffles is an ideal choice. 

Food: Full Bar, Cocktail appetizers
Amenities: Sound System, Bar Tab

9. Taki Izakaya Bar

bar area and dining tables and close-up of fried rice

Amidst the plethora of dining options in Raffles Place, Taki Izakaya Bar stands out as a gem, offering an exquisite Japanese experience. The ambiance at Taki Izakaya Bar is meticulously designed, allowing patrons to escape the hustle and bustle of the CBD and find solace in the tranquil theme of cascading water, embodied by the Japanese word '瀧' (Taki). Whether it's a girls' night out or a special gathering, Taki Izakaya Bar offers a refreshing atmosphere. 

Food: Japanese, Modern Asian
Amenities: TV Screen, Sound System, Event Staff, Projector, Full bar

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10. VIBE Bistro

vibe bistro dining area and close-up of hand eating on a plate

Vibe Bistro, where good vibes and good food converge, is an ideal choice for hosting a memorable party. Their culinary offerings pay homage to Singapore's diverse and beloved flavors, adding a delightful touch to any gathering. From the Laksa Salmon to their signature cocktails like Assam Delight, Pearsion, and Gingertini, there's something for everyone to enjoy. You’ll be pressed to find restaurants in Raffles Singapore quite like VIBE Bistro.  

Food: Japanese, Modern Asian
Amenities: Sound System

11. Tipsy Flamingo

quirky tipsy flamingo dining area and seafood pasta plate

Transforming the CBD into a lively beachfront paradise, Tipsy Flamingo is the ultimate party destination. The vibrant and playful atmosphere, complete with bold colors, an indoor 'pool,' and seaside cabanas, immediately transports guests into a sun-soaked, breezy escape. Not only is the ambiance a delight, but the menu further adds to the vivacity, offering a diverse range of colorful fusion dishes inspired by global flavors. Explore the beauty of restaurants in Raffles like Tipsy Flamingo!

Food: Fusion, Asian
Amenities: Full Bar, Bar Tab, Sound System

12. FYR Cycene Ond Drinc

bar and rustic dining area and close-up of western food spread

This venues’ rustic interior, vintage chandelier, sepia-toned mural, and hardwood benches, sets a nostalgic ambiance that complements any gathering. FYR Cycene offers modern European-style cuisine, infused with Southeast Asian herbs and spices, and presents a delightful fusion of flavors, all expertly prepared using the Josper Charcoal Oven. Home to birthday bashes, bachelor parties, and other lively gatherings, FYR Cycene Ond Drinc's is an ideal restaurant in Raffles. 

Food: Western, Beer
Amenities: Full Bar, Smoking Area, Stage, Microphone, Wifi

Final Word

From contemporary bistros to themed bars, and elegant fine dining establishments to charming cafes, these 12 restaurants stand ready to transform your event into a remarkable experience. With a mix of tantalizing cuisines, innovative menus, and inviting atmospheres, Bugis and Raffles present a compelling canvas for creating parties that will be talked about for years to come. Find out more about Singapore’s top event spaces for year-end parties here.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Bugis in Singapore is renowned for its vibrant and eclectic atmosphere. It's a popular shopping destination with Bugis Street, known for its bustling market offering trendy fashion, accessories, and street food. The area is also famous for its diverse culinary scene, historic landmarks, cultural attractions, and a lively nightlife. Bugis is a blend of modernity and tradition, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.
Bugis offers a versatile range of venues suitable for various events. You can host birthday parties, corporate gatherings, team-building events, product launches, networking events, themed parties, workshops, and even intimate weddings. The diverse selection of restaurants, bars, cafes, and event spaces in Bugis provides ample options to cater to your specific event needs. Find your top options on Venuerific!
Bugis is popular for events due to its central location, excellent accessibility, and diverse array of event venues. It offers a lively and energetic ambiance, making it attractive for social and corporate gatherings. The wide range of dining options and nightlife, coupled with the vibrant culture and historic charm, make Bugis a preferred choice for hosting memorable events.
Bugis restaurants in Singapore offer a range of price points to suit different budgets. Casual eateries and street food stalls provide affordable dining options, while mid-range restaurants offer a decent meal for around SGD 20-40 per person. Fine dining or specialty restaurants can range from SGD 50 and upwards per person, depending on the restaurant's reputation and the items on the menu.
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