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Affordable Meeting Room Rental in Hong Kong for All Group Sizes [2024]

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 5 minutes read / Jan 27, 2024

In the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, where business dynamics are constantly evolving, finding the right space for meetings that suit various group sizes is crucial. Navigating the myriad of options can be overwhelming, but fear not! This blog is your guide to discovering affordable meeting room rental Hong Kong tailored for all group sizes, offering insights into the city's dynamic business landscape and the diverse spaces available to facilitate your professional endeavours in 2024. 

Top Meeting Room Rentals in Hong Kong

1. Shaw Creative Hub 邵氏創意中心

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The Shaw Creative Hub stands out as one of the best meeting spaces in Hong Kong with its innovative blend of functionality and creativity. Equipped with private offices, communal areas, meeting rooms, and a spacious terrace, this affordable meeting room rental in Hong Kong is a conducive environment for collaboration and idea exchange. For creative-heavy teams, they also have production studios and green screen rooms for use. Book Shaw Creative Hub only on Venuerific today!

Meeting Package/s: Conference Room (1-16 pax) inclusive of air conditioning, private room, Wifi, TV Screen, Tea, Coffee 


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Ozone's co-working space in Hong Kong offers an ideal setting for meetings with its innovative design and flexibility. The open-plan free-seating encourages interaction and idea exchange, fostering a dynamic atmosphere for collaboration. Their customisable spaces are a great backdrop for a plethora of events, whether you’re planning to co-work or do a shared activity. Book Ozone Creative Space on Venuerific!

Meeting Package/s: Meeting Rooms (4-14 pax) inclusive complimentary self-served premium tea and freshly-brewed coffee; 4-hour conference room credits per month; complimentary 100 B/W pages included per desk per month; high-speed Internet access (WI-FI or Fixed-line)

3. MyBASE Causeway Bay

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MyBASE stands out as an affordable meeting room rental Hong Kong that provides a spacious and versatile setting with captivating views of Victoria Park and the Central library. The options to choose from private units to hot desks ensures suitability for individual or group work, while combinable project rooms make it ideal for small-scale events. With flexible opening hours, adjustable lighting, high-speed wifi, a projector, and all-day snacks in CafeBASE, MyBASE ensures a conducive environment for productivity and social interaction. Book MyBASE in Causeway Bay on Venuerific!

Meeting Package/s: 3 private zones for multipurpose use; HK$120/ head/ 3hrs and whole venue pricing HK$2500; inclusive of Custom Lighting, PA System/ Microphone, Projector System, Void Acoustic Sound System, Video Conferencing, High Speed WiFi


U-shaped meeting room and private meeting room with TV

GoboOffice emerges as an excellent choice for corporate events in Hong Kong's Central district, providing a well-equipped and versatile space for various purposes such as classes, seminars, business meetings, and training sessions. Their inclusion of top-notch equipment, including an EPSON interactive projector, Panasonic air filtering system, GAGGIA coffee maker, Fuji Xerox photocopying machines, AQUA-TEK water machine, SONY 50" LED, and Wifi—are all at your disposal. Visit GoboOffice, a top meeting room rental in Hong Kong today!


5. Commons Workshop

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Situated on the 28th floor of 353 Lockhart Road, Commons Workshop also has a breathtaking panoramic sea view of Victoria Harbour. This grade A venue boasts an industrial-style design complemented by green plants, creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing working space. As an affordable meeting room rental in Hong Kong, this has been home to corporate training, seminars, product launches, press conferences, networking events, business meetings, and even photo shooting and advertisement filming. Book Commons Workshop now!

Amenities: Air conditioning, Bar tab, Microphone, Private room, Projector, Wifi, TV Screen, Sound System, Tech Support, Event Staff, White Board, Karaoke Machine, Cleaner


u-shaped meeting room and normal rows of meeting tables

CORE VENUES, established in 2015, presents an ideal meeting room in the heart of Wanchai, Hong Kong, catering to business and educational seminars, conferences, training sessions, and events. This affordable meeting room rental Hong Kong boasts competitive prices for its well-appointed rooms, committed to delivering a seamless experience, with a focus on technical support provided by their well-trained staff. Learn more about CORE Venues today!

Amenities: Air conditioning, Projector/TV, Stage, Wifi, Microphone

7. Banyan Workspace

long meeting room table in luxe space and meeting room with view of ocean

Banyan Workspace in Quarry Bay is a hidden gem with a stunning view of Hong Kong's outer harbour. With lush plants, warm natural materials, and high-quality fittings and technology, this affordable meeting room rental in Hong Kong creates a unique atmosphere that is both efficient, luxurious, and sustainable. Banyan also has options for various events, from board meetings to cocktails, pop-up shops, and photoshoots, facilitating connections and opportunities for businesses. Enquire about Banyan Workspace on Venuerific today!

Meeting Package/s: Library Meeting Room (up to 12 pax) includes projector and screen, sound system, thick velvet curtains for privacy; 3 Conference Rooms (up to 14 pax) includes HD TV screens, HDMI connection, option to expand room

Final Word

Whether you're orchestrating intimate brainstorming sessions, team-building events, or large-scale conferences, the key is to align your needs with the versatile offerings available. By tapping into these affordable meeting spaces in Hong Kong, you not only optimise your professional engagements but also contribute to the vibrancy of Hong Kong's collaborative spirit. Here's to successful meetings and flourishing collaborations this 2024!

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Frequently Asked Questions
In Hong Kong, you can find top meeting spaces through various avenues. You may explore co-working spaces, dedicated meeting venues, or hotels that offer conference facilities. Online platforms and booking services specialising in meeting spaces, as well as recommendations from business networks and colleagues, can also guide you to suitable venues.
Renting a conference room in Hong Kong offers several advantages. It provides a professional and well-equipped environment for important meetings, presentations, or events. Conference rooms often come with amenities such as audiovisual equipment, high-speed internet, and administrative support, enhancing the overall efficiency and professionalism of your business activities.
The terms "meeting room" and "conference room" are often used interchangeably, but the main difference lies in their size and purpose. Meeting rooms are typically smaller and suitable for discussions, interviews, or small team gatherings. Conference rooms, on the other hand, are larger spaces designed for hosting conferences, seminars, or larger-scale meetings involving multiple participants.
In a bustling city like Hong Kong, it's advisable to schedule meetings during standard business hours to ensure optimal attendance and participation. Typically, business hours in Hong Kong are from 9 am to 6 pm on weekdays. However, the exact timing may vary based on the industry and specific preferences of the participants. 
Booking a meeting room in Hong Kong is a straightforward process. Many venues provide online booking platforms where you can select the date, duration, and type of room you need. Some co-working spaces and hotels may offer additional services like catering and technical support. It's recommended to book in advance, especially during peak times, to secure the desired space for your meeting. Payment methods can vary but are often facilitated online or at the venue.
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