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9 Affordable Options for Your Corporate Private Party Venue in Hong Kong

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 6 minutes read / Nov 23, 2023

Unlock the doors to a world where affordability meets extravagance, and corporate celebrations find their perfect stage in the bustling cityscape of Hong Kong. As the sun sets on the glittering skyline, we unveil a curated list where you can choose the best affordable corporate private party venue Hong Kong for you. From hidden gems to soaring heights, these venues promise not just an event but an experience—an intersection of budget-friendly brilliance and the vibrant heartbeat of this dynamic city. 

1. FOMO Cafe & Lounge

tables in bar with neon lighting

Picture a dynamic atmosphere where business seamlessly fuses with pleasure – customizable packages featuring delectable cuisine, innovative drink selections, and engaging drinking games. This is what FOMO Cafe & Lounge offers for your corporate private party venues in Hong Kong. Moreover, it’s just steps away from the MTR, our versatile venue seamlessly blends sophistication with adaptability, offering an expansive space for up to 60 standing guests. Hold a great event at this top corporate private party venue Hong Kong!

Accommodates: up to 50 seated; up to 60 standing
Price starts at: HK $5,000

2. Studio Duplex at Soho House Hong Kong

spacious party venue with large windows and outdoor networking venue

Discover the epitome of sophistication at the Studio Duplex, an expansive 8,500-square-foot event haven gracefully occupying the second and third floors of Soho House Hong Kong. Perfectly suited for corporate extravaganzas, pop-ups, and shows, this chic duplex boasts seamless connectivity through an internal staircase and two expansive terraces, ideal for al fresco networking and festivities. As for location, it is located in the Sheung Wan neighbourhood, with Sai Ying Pun MTR station just a two-minute stroll away. Book Studio Duplex at Soho House Hong Kong on Venuerific today!

Accommodates: up to 180 seated; up to 400 standing
Price starts at: HK $5,000

3. Soho House White Box

projector in art room and people doing art activties

Home to art exhibitions, pop-ups, brand events, private sales, product launches, and other corporate party venues in Hong Kong, this dynamic space effortlessly accommodates up to 240 standing guests in an atmosphere flooded with bright natural light. This multifunctional haven also offers a DJ booth, track lights, and a unique, clean aesthetic. From the moment you step through the door, let the raw elegance of Soho House White Box shine!

Accommodates: up to 120 seated; up to 240 standing
Price starts at: HK $20,000

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4. House Studio

minimalist aesthetic dining area and sofas near stairs

House Studio stands as a premier event venue on the first floor of Soho House Hong Kong, spanning an expansive 2,500 square feet. Able to accommodate a grand party, exhibition, pop-up, and corporate private party venue in Hong Kong, the venue boasts an elegant entrance with a sweeping round staircase, ushering guests into a refined ambience. Bathed in natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows, the interiors exude sophistication with white walls, track lighting, designer chandeliers, and a built-in art hanging system. It also has access to AV equipment that will complete your event. Learn how you can book House Studio!

Accommodates: up to 120 seated; up to 220 standing
Price starts at: HK $40,000

5. Aaharn

dining table with art and balcony dining

Host your corporate events at Aaharn, where globally acclaimed chef David Thompson crafts a culinary masterpiece. Located in the historic Armoury building at Tai Kwun, Aaharn offers a sophisticated Thai dining experience. Aaharn seamlessly blends outdoor dining with traditional Thai cuisine, creating a unique setting for corporate gatherings. As one of Hong Kong's top corporate private party venues, its elegant atmosphere and extensive wine selection is unlike any other. Book Aaharn on Venuerific today! 

Accommodates: up to 68 seated; up to 160 standing
Price starts at: HK $25,000

6. The Langham, Hong Kong

rose designed tables and chairs and long meeting room table

Choose The Langham as the backdrop for your corporate private party venue in Hong Kong. The Langham offers refined and flexible meeting spaces, including The Grand Ballroom, The Westminster, The Kensington, The Knightsbridge, and The Mayfair function rooms. Accommodating up to 500 guests, these venues have state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities, including a cutting-edge 7M(W)x3M(H) LED Wall in The Grand Ballroom, ensuring a superior audio-visual experience for your corporate events and presentations. Enquire about The Langham today!

Accommodates: up to 450 seated; up to 800 standing
Price starts at: Enquire for price

7. Banyan Workspace

dining and coworking areas with marble flooring and lush greenery

Boasting a breathtaking view of Hong Kong's outer harbour, Banyan Workspace’s beautifully-designed venue combines lush plants, warm natural materials, and cutting-edge technology to create a unique environment that seamlessly blends efficiency, luxury, and sustainability. From board meetings to cocktails, and pop-up shops to photoshoots, Banyan Workspace is your canvas for creating connections and seizing opportunities. Moreover, as a little holiday gift, until the end of December, Banyan's Library will be decorated with a homey Christmas setting, ideal for family portraits or Holiday corporate events. Elevate your corporate private party venue in Hong Kong with Banyan Workspace on Venuerific!

Accommodates: up to 25 seated; up to 70 standing
Price starts at: HK$2,600
Special Promo: 50% off on 8-hour package of Library booking, redeemable until 31st March 2024

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8. UPeksha Space

dance hall with wooden floors and balcony with tiles and view of ocean

A mere 3-minute stroll from North Beach and a short 2-minute walk to Auberge Hotel, UPeksha Space offers a breathtaking 180-degree unobstructed view of majestic mountains and the pristine ocean. With 1420 sq. ft. of stylish lounge space and an additional 400 sq. ft. terrace, UPeksha Lounge provides the ideal setting for your corporate private party venue in Hong Kong. Enquire about a corporate party venue that seamlessly blends natural beauty with chic elegance today! 

Accommodates: up to 50 seated; up to 50 standing
Price starts at: HK$1,250

9. Inakaya

dining halls with view of hong kong skyline

Host your corporate events at Inakaya on the 101st floor of the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong. The restaurant welcomes you with a cosy autumn harvest scene in the lobby, radiating warmth. Move beyond the wine library to find a stylish bar offering a mirrored view of the city. With a modern Zen twist on a traditional sake brewery, featuring sake barrels and dark wood furniture, Inakaya creates an authentic Japanese ambience. The main dining area, highlighted by a raised platform and movable screens, adds refinement to the already impressive setting. Inakaya is the ideal venue for a corporate private party in Hong Kong, and you can book it now!

Accommodates: up to 122 seated; up to 122 standing
Price starts at: Enquire for price

Final Word

As we conclude our review of budget-friendly corporate party venues in Hong Kong, we provide more than just a list. We present you with the key to creating lasting memories, where laughter resonates against the city skyline and affordability aligns seamlessly with excellence. In a city renowned for its dynamic spirit, these venues serve as proof that extraordinary celebrations don't have to come with a hefty price tag. Here's to the joy of celebration, the charm of Hong Kong, and the numerous opportunities that these 9 affordable options for your corporate private party venue in Hong Kong! 

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Frequently Asked Questions
The price range for corporate party venues in Hong Kong can vary significantly based on factors such as the venue's location, size, amenities, and the type of event. Generally, prices can range from moderate to high-end, with some venues offering flexible packages to accommodate different budgets. It's advisable to inquire directly with potential venues to get accurate pricing based on your specific requirements.
To find the best private party venue in Hong Kong, consider exploring online platforms dedicated to event venues, such as Venuerific Hong Kong. Additionally, recommendations from colleagues, event planners, or industry peers can provide valuable insights. Visiting venues in person, if possible, allows you to assess the ambience and facilities firsthand to ensure they align with your event goals.
The ideal timing for a corporate party in Hong Kong depends on various factors, including the nature of the event and the preferences of your attendees. Generally, evenings or weekends are popular choices, allowing guests to unwind after work. However, consider the cultural and business calendar, avoiding major holidays or peak vacation periods. It's also advisable to plan well in advance and check the availability of your preferred venues during your desired timeframe.

Essential amenities for a corporate party in Hong Kong may include:

  • Audio-visual equipment for presentations or entertainment.
  • Adequate seating and comfortable furniture for guests.
  • Catering services with a diverse menu to accommodate different dietary preferences.
  • Wi-Fi access for connectivity during business events.
  • Dedicated event staff or coordinators to ensure smooth execution.
  • Adequate parking facilities or proximity to transportation hubs.
  • Depending on the event, amenities like a dance floor, stage, or breakout areas may also be relevant.

Always tailor your choice of amenities based on the specific needs and nature of your corporate event in Hong Kong. 

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