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Venuerific Spotlight: Meet Spectrum

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 4 minutes read / Oct 31, 2023

Welcome back to Venuerific Spotlight—a series where we dive deeper into the stories and culture of Singapore’s top event venue owners and managers! For the month of October, we spoke with Jonathan Phang, the Sales Director of the Golden Equator group, the company behind Spectrum.

A coworking space located in the crossroads of CBD and Kampong Glam, Spectrum has fostered a connected group of entrepreneurs, start-ups, and other local innovators. Today, Phang goes into Spectrum’s community; their strategic values; and how the “Growth Mindset” fosters personal success.

How Spectrum Got Started "Meet Spectrum" text with Spectrum's images

Unlike other co-working spaces in Singapore, Spectrum began from the capital business. “We were providing advisory and support to the foray of startups in our portfolio,” Jonathan Phang says. From then, the team behind Spectrum saw the growing need to provide professional services to start-ups looking for their big break. 

“[The start-up need for professional services] gave birth to Spectrum,” Phang continues. “We [are now] an ecosystem that marshals a community of professional services in an engaging environment where innovators not only work but also collaborate, create, and feel a sense of belonging.” With words backed by action, Spectrum now is home to many start-ups in Singapore, bridging markets together and bringing ideas to life.

Capital, Community, Spectrum: The Secret to Spectrum’s Success

Spectrum finds its life source from an intertwined with a network of businesses; that’s what sets it apart from the common hotdesk and meeting room corporate event space in Singapore. From venture capital fund management to learning programmes, Spectrum continues to provide a conducive environment to companies and start-ups in Singapore.   

“Spectrum goes beyond an event space [and works towards being] a confluence of capital and community working together. [We do this] to create an ecosystem for businesses to thrive,” Jonathan Phang describes their event space’s larger mission. It also helps that the Golden Equator group is at the helm of Spectrum, as it is a prominent name in the field of fund management, capital investment, and more—in two words? Capital & Community. 

Limitless Value: Spectrum x Venuerific

With experience and expertise granted by Golden Equator’s team, many might wonder how event space rental platforms like Venuerific comes into the mix. Phang provides an easy explanation: “Venuerific adds strategic value by connecting businesses to [Spectrum’s] ecosystem through driving visibility allowing us to extend this network to a wider audience.”

Providing workspaces, event spaces, and now a luxury and speakeasy bar named Door XXV, Phang believes that Spectrum and Venuerific can unlock “limitless” value in the next months, years. He adds that there is a strong influx of new members through their partnership with Venuerific, which is one of the reasons why it was nominated for “Best Event Space for Meetings” in the Venuerific Choice Awards this year. 

Facing Fear, the Growth Mindset, and “Making It” 

spectrum promotional banner for Venuerific Spotlight

“One of the key traits I’ve learnt being an entrepreneur is [the] Growth mindset,” Phang says, when asked about what makes a “successful” individual. “This allows me to face ambiguity and be a path finder, especially when creating an attractive community. I know we’ve made it when colleagues come to me when they are walking into something new and seek my advice.”

A preview into the advice he does give, when asked? “The fear of not starting is more regretful than the fear of starting. Pride yourself in learning the 100 ways not to make a lightbulb, because that 101 will be a luminary to the success of a business.”

Spectrum has it together because it keeps people together, and vice-versa. It will seem like the corporate event space venue has “Made It” but, like its network of businesses, it’s just getting started. 


About the Venue

Venue Name: Spectrum (Find them on Facebook) 
Capacity: up to 80 (seated); up to 150 (standing)
Prices: Starts from $1,500
Book through: Venuerific Today!

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