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Venuerific Spotlight: Meet Velixir

Samantha Mayoralgo / Reading Time 4 minutes read / Sep 14, 2023

Welcome back to Venuerific Spotlight—a series where we dive deeper into the stories and culture of Singapore’s top event venue owners and managers! Today’s edition of Venuerific Spotlight is graced by an interview with Casper and Nicole, the business partners and spouses behind Velixir, a brand specialising in innovative local and regional alcoholic drinks. 

After winning “Rising Star Event Venue Award” for the Venuerific Choice Awards’ 2023, Venuerific had the opportunity to talk to the two about the success of their venue, what makes Velixir special, and how they have managed to pivot from being cocktail connoisseurs to event planning specialists too. 

How Velixir Got Started

blackjack table, mixology bar, and pool table

“We’ve actually built quite a lot of what you see here yourself,” Casper says. Founded with his wife Nicole, and their close friend, Linus, Velixir is an alcohol supply manufacturer turned private events venue. They took the bold risk of quitting their jobs while the world (and the events industry) was recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This move wasn’t without reason though, but rather, pushed by their patrons at the time. “This place that you see here right now [was] meant to be a showroom for past clients but we did start getting a lot of enquiries from them. They want to book this space for events,” Nicole said. She added that the key to surviving the growing pains of becoming an event venue are 2Ps: Pivoting and Patience. Velixir notably started building their resources, filling out their now-popular space with amenities like a karaoke machine, a pool table, and even a Nintendo Switch. 

“Here we are today.”

Direct Development: The Secret to Velixir

Taking its name from the fusion of 'Velvet' and 'Elixir,' Velixir draws inspiration from the enigmatic world of Alchemy, an ancient order steeped in secrecy and intrigue. When it comes to secrets, the events space has many (its logo is even inspired by alchemical symbols of secrecy) but today, Casper and Nicole reveal the most important one.  

“Myself and Nicole are always around every event. [We add] a personal touch and give an added service so that every event is a success,” Casper shares. Nicole adds that they believe in working with clients face-to-face even while an event is in motion.

“Being on the ground physically is important, especially as a start-up. It allows us to speak directly with clients, get feedback, and just allows us to develop relationships with clients and constantly improve [our services],” she remarks of their process.

Exposure, Experience, and Credibility: Venuerific and Velixir 

Coming from the height of their alcohol manufacturing business, Casper and Nicole wouldn’t call themselves “events people.” Venuerific was the first platform despite the apprehension, fear, and uncertainty. “We had 0 knowledge about events; we primarily focused on the alcohol side of the business. But [joining Venuerific] was one of the best decisions we made for Velixir,” Nicole verbalises.

As one of Southeast Asia’s largest events planning marketplace, Venuerific helped push Velixir in the right direction. Casper asserts that the platform is the major element that rocketed their event venue in the industry.

“Venuerific gave us an incredible amount of exposure, experience, and credibility in events. Working with Venuerific has always been very pleasant; the partners they’re always there to answer enquiries. If there’s any hiccups, [they’re quick to respond]!”

Velixir as VCA 2023’s Rising Star 

indoor bar with karaoke for velixir

With only a couple years of experience, Velixir has definitely shaped the story of how an event space comes to be. Casper and Nicole stand out as self-made event space managers, having pivoted solely because of their patrons. 

And isn’t that what it means to be an events planner? To listen to what the people want and deliver a promise to the best of your abilities?

Nicole weighs in: “Actually, winning the ‘Rising Star’ award is a testament to the love and effort we poured into the venue. It is always our aim to make an [event] venue for everybody that books with us. We always aim to give a meaningful experience [to them].”

For their final word, Casper thanks their friends, family, and clients for making Velixir what it is today.

“[They have given us] the motivation to improve the place and improve the services we provide.”

About the Venue

Venue Name: Velixir (Check them out on Instagram!)
Capacity: up to 50 seating; up to 80 standing
Prices: starts at $632
Book through: Venuerific today! 
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