Find The Best Tea Event Spaces and Venues To Rent In Malaysia

Looking for the right venue to host your next tea workshop? We have the right venue for you! Discover all of Venuerific cosy and intimate event space and get your next tea workshop started!

One matching venue for Tea

  • Outdoor area with projector screen at SWAG Bar & Grill
  • Modern and classy restaurant space at SWAG Bar & Grill
  • Cosy and intimate indoor dining area at SWAG Bar & Grill
  • Cosy bar area at SWAG Bar & Grill
  • Classy and modern event space at SWAG Bar & Grill

Kuala Selangor

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20 - 85

Bar, Restaurant

Industrial Themed Bar & Grill located in Petaling Jaya. What makes us so good? We’re a passionate bunch who are constantly striving to more

One matching venue for tea