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For lovers of authentic Asian cooking, Elsie’s Kitchen is one of Singapore’s pioneering halal caterers, serving a diverse array of local and heritage culinary treasures since 1954. Customers can choose from an evolving menu of traditional and modern classics, created by authentic chefs committed to championing the best of Asia’s culinary skills and traditions.

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21 Chin Bee Rd, Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you may request for your preferred skirting colour to suit your event’s theme. Subject to availability.

Based on SFA guidelines, food is best consumed within the 4 hours timeframe from the time the food is cooked at our central kitchen. We will need to allocate at least 1.5 hours for the food packing and delivery, which includes any unforeseen circumstances during the delivery process. Hence, it is advisable to consume the food within 2 hours upon arrival.

Food portioning is based on 500gm per pax with an additional 5% food buffer. As a guide – 1 piece/item per pax for countable items, otherwise a 2 inch food tray contains food for 50-60 pax and a 4 inch food tray provides for approximately 100 pax.

You can place your order via the following means: Email our sales team @ Sales@Elsiekitchen.com.sg or call +65 6288 4457 during weekdays 10-4pm

Yes, disposable wares will be provided for all buffet menus with an additional of 10% buffer. You may choose to upgrade to bio-degradable wares at just $1.00 ($1.08 w/GST) per pax.

We can arrange for a bag of ice (10Kg with Styrofoam ice box) at $ 30.00 ($32.40 w/GST) each.

Service staff (4 hours) – $100 ($108.00 w/GST) per service staff Additional hour – $35 ($37.80 w/GST) per hour Chef on site- $100 ($108.00 w/GST)

You will receive an auto-generated email upon the submission of your online order. Our sales consultant will get in touch within 3-5 working days. Please give us a call at +65 6288 4457 should you fail to hear from us.

You may substitute up to a maximum of 2 dishes of lower or equivalent in value. Surcharge will be applicable for substitution of dishes from different categories.

Changes must be made within 48 hours prior to the day of event. An administrative fee will be applicable for any last minute changes. A 50% penalty charge will be imposed for cancellation made less than 2 days prior to date of event.

We are engaged as a long-term strategic partner by Corporates and Government agencies in times of crises or emergencies. Our team has the ability to cater to large groups within a short notice. Give us a call at 6288 4457 or 9655 6124 for any last minute orders. Subject to availability. Additional surcharge will be applicable and advance payment will be required.

Our earliest delivery time is at 7.30am. Delivery before 7.30am will be chargeable at S$150 (S$162.00 w/GST) per order. Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, our delivery may vary 30 minutes before or after the stated time. We seek your kind understanding as certain conditions are not within our control.

Climbing up the stairs with bulky logistics or food trays can be dangerous and physically exhausting for our crew. Charges will be $70 per level for a maximum of 3 levels. These incentives are rewarded to our staff that put in the extra miles for our customers.

Providing exact location to your event venue will ensure timely delivery. Our crew may have problems searching for the right building and the exact unloading bay to offload. It will be extremely helpful if you are also able to inform us of any road works or security checks that you are aware of.

Collection timing is 2.5 hours from your ready-to-eat time and is subjected to delay due to schedule limitations. Please inform us if your function room/venue is time-sensitive. Please note that there will be NO table setup for Mini Buffet and Packet Meal orders. Dishes & meals will be packed in disposable trays/boxes. Disposable cutleries and serviettes will be provided.

Only a maximum of 1 hour extension is allowed for all events. Our last collection timing is at 10.30pm. Collection after 11.00pm or on the following day will be chargeable at $150 ($162.00 w/GST) per order.

Apart from weddings which require a 5 days in-advance payment, all payments can be made via PayLah!, PayNow and cash or cheque upon delivery. Cheques must be crossed and made payable to “Elsie’s Kitchen Catering Services Pte. Ltd.” Interest will be charged at 12% per annum for any overdue balances beyond the payment terms.

We regret to inform you that we do not accept any form of Credit Card payment mode at the moment. Once your order is made on our website, our sales team will contact you and confirm your order and payment can be made shortly after.

Yes, Elsie’s Kitchen has been registered as a Halal-Certified caterer since 1999. In fact, we were one of the first few caterers to be awarded the Halal certification by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS).

Our vegetables are freshly cooked for food safety. However, prolonged heating during your event may alter their colour. Rest assured, they remain delicious and safe for consumption.
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