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The latest dining concept by Loh Lik Peng offering an unique amalgamation of the old and the new. In the spirit of conserving a local culinary icon, the beloved Hua Bee mee pok stall now functions on its own during the day and being a front for a modern open-concept yakitori chic joint, Bincho that opens its doors for dinner. The name of the restaurant is inspired by Binchō-tan, the white charcoal used in Japan to grill yakitori. Sitting a total of 46 pax; 9 seats at the counter where guests can watch and chat with the affable Chef Asai Masashi who helms the kitchen. The other unique trait of Bincho is that rather than using the traditional wooden skewers usually found in yaki grilling techniques, Chef Asai instead adopts a skewerless grilling technique (similar to robatayaki). This ensures that there is a balance of smokiness, tenderness to the dishes as well as care to not overcook the meat. Reflecting the concept of old world meets new of the restaurant, the structure and interiors seeks to contrast and blend the two elements; the original with 70 year old distressed concrete walls, classic retro blue tiles, rickety wooden chairs, evergreen marble table tops with modern and edgier copper furnishings around the yakitori counter and the bar. 10% off when you celebrate through Venuerific!
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Air conditioning
Full bar


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Car park