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    2 - 10

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  • External Catering

    French, Full Course and 1 other

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  • Multi-functional event space
  • Easy access to public transportation

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  • Air conditioning
  • Full bar
  • Private room
  • Wifi
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Minimum Spend Chart


Private room (8-10pax) - $1500++

Entire space - $2500++


Private room (Weekday)- $2000++

Private room (Weekend) - $3000++

Entire space (weekday) - $4000++

Entire space (weekend) - $6000++

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Price Info

Full Information for Minimum Spending

Lunch (12.00pm to 3.00pm)

Weekday - $1000++

Weekend - $1500++

Dinner (6.30pm to 9.30pm)

Weekday - $2000++

Weekend - $3000++

Private Dining Room


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Cancellation Policy by The Venue


No cancellation upon confirmation of event.

Dietary Restrictions

Please indicate your dietary restrictions upon enquiry of your event. Do kindly note that we may not be able to fulfil every dietary restriction or any last minute changes to the menu.

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Iru Den is a hidden gem in a colonial mansion located at 27 Scotts Road. They serve exceptional Modern European cuisine with Japanese influences. Choose between an intimate counter seating for 6-12 guests in front of their open kitchen or the adjacent main seating area for 10 guests. They also have a private room for up to 10 guests. The restaurant can accommodate 28 seated, making it suitable for various group sizes. Experience their captivating ambience that blends modern and Japanese influences in this bungalow event space Singapore.

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Vincent Goh
5 / 5

What a hidden GEM for fine dining !! Javier and the crew does an amazing job for taking Japanese Fusion to a different level. I have been disappointed many times with Fusion but this is not one for sure. Believed it or not, they are are a rare breed who still work on giving customer the best value for money. Unlike the ones I have visited (unfortunately) who over charged for mediocre food just because they got ‘1’ star

Janice Lee
5 / 5

Dining at Iru Den is like doing a slow dance, where one slowly gets into mood and then start getting that feel good feeling that is so indulgent and memorable. The Japanese food with European influences here pleases the palates at first, then it slowly builds up with layers of flavours to totally win over my heart. To add it on, the taste is unique, perfect for individuals looking for gastronomic surprises. Every dish is excellent. Located within one of the extension of the iconic White and Black Bungalow, I enjoy a moment of repose amid the lush greenery and nostalgia while making my way through the gate at the left and then down the wooden walkway to get to Iru Den. The interior fully utilizes the structure of the bungalow to create the feel of a modern, stylish and classy den. It feels cosy, intimate and exclusive. I like the juxtapose of dark walls, furniture with ample of lights and a pillar with mirror finish. The service crew is amazing, attentive and has very good knowledge of the food and wine here. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants I have been to. Amuse Bouche of Shima Aji with Tonzawa and Myoga has this clean, sweet taste with hints of brininess. A very good appetite-whetting start. The extra mild sweetness develops from a touch to a soft lingering presence. A very pleasant surprise. Anago with Gobo and Tamago is creamy briny sweetness that I totally love. And as I bite more into it, the distinctive mild herbal flavour of gobo slowly manifests to add in hints of excitement to the overall taste. Shima Aji Mizuna, Asparagus, Kabu Turnip, Amela is so beautiful in both looks and taste. The vegetables from Taiwan and Japan come with different textures and tastes, all of which are refreshing and carry a subtle sweetness. Shima Aji is the amazing star here. At first look, the delicate slices of Shima Aji look raw. When I savour it, the lovely intense smoky sweetness of grilled meat dances around the clean sweet taste of the fish. This is amazing. Uni Somen Wheat Noodle with Hanawasabi is the definitely one of the most memorable dishes. The fresh uni is so fresh, sweet, creamy and full of umami. Chef Owner Javier elevates it further with sprays of sake and the smooth flavourful wheat somen. Donabe of Yumepirika Rice with Sakura Ebi is packed with intense briny sweetness laced with hints of char. The rice is starchy, smooth and carries a good bite. I scrap up every grain from the bowl because it is too delicious. Since the rice is too awesome and I am too full, I request to takeaway the rest of the rice. Really, don’t be shy about it because good food should not be wasted. So the chef makes it into a cute onigiri for me to take home. I can tell you that it tastes heavenly when eating it on an empty stomach. Black Glutinous Rice Parfait with Amazake and Mochi tastes so unique that I absolutely go crazy about ii. Such a joy to slowly savour it and bask in bliss. Great in texture due to the contrast between crispy rice cracker, frozen parfait and creamy ice-cream. The star component of this dessert is umami in it. Yes, umami! And it works beautifully. Who says desserts can only be about sweetness only? 😉 Japanese cuisine with European influences, under the right hands, is really tantalizing and almost magical.

Abber Tan
5 / 5

Excellent Omakase experience during September 2023. Chef Javier and team managed the Omakase flow smoothly and execution of each dish served was on point. For an SG Omakase chef, he is meticulously attentive to details, with great use of quality ingredients, owing to his vigorous training (in Japan and past SG restaurants). The dishes look amazing and colourful, and it’s just so appetising. I have always thought Japanese chefs are a par above due to their insane perfectionism, but chef Javier did us Singaporeans proud. I was pleasantly surprised by the Omakase considering I was not expecting much at the beginning. Also he did the course tonight without his no. 2 chef and all was great. I did not even realise he was doing it by himself until we spoke after the dinner ended. The dessert courses were very well created, very delicious and balanced, I left no balance behind for the dish washing! So delightful! I sincerely wish that more diners would highlight this place and give it a try. It’s worth the experience ($300+ per pax for the full course dinner, and there is another $200+ option with slightly lesser courses). I understand they do lunch too. The next time I return, I hope that the dishes are imbued with a theme and story to let diners know why certain decorations are done the way it is, to create an impression and form certain memorable associations. By the way, look at the pictures and they should speak for Iruden.

The Caviar King
4 / 5

Although it is not a Michelin star restaurant I have to say the food Chef Javiar served is good . The flavors are spot on and the price point is good . I went for the 7 course omakase which is more than enough for me . I will surely return for his next menu .

Stephanie Wong
4 / 5

Had a lovely experience at iru Den. The seating arrangement is very cozy and made us feel like home or watching your private chef preparing dishes for you. The cuisine served is Japanese influenced, with modern European techniques. Portions were perfect - we went for the 9-course omakase and we were very full at the end of the meal.

Starts from $1,000.00


By Javier Low
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