Lewis & Carroll Tea

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South Jakarta

Cafe, Restaurant, Rooftop

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Fanciful tea parties are no longer the stuff of dreams with Lewis & Carroll. Especially with an intricate selection of quality tea blends and genteel setting that adds to its obvious charms. Set up in such a way to engage their patron’s participation, wooden tables and chairs are evenly distributed throughout the earth-toned, brightly lit space. With their calming warmth, patrons are encouraged to walk up to the counter and take their time sniffing tea leaves before deciding on their desired flavors. No detail is overlooked in Lewis & Carroll. From the water temperature, brewing minutes, to exceptional machines, generous attention is paid to every process, resulting in a most meticulous tea serving. And of course, the perfect space for your events. Capacity: Ground floor, semi private: 50, private 100 Rooftop: 30
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  • Smoking area
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