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Benefits to Listing on Venuerific

Curated Marketplace

Curated Marketplace

Get access to over 90,000 event organisers per month visiting Venuerific from around the world since 2013.

Venue Management

Venue Management

Improve productivity by taking advantage of our advanced CRM, analytics, invoicing, and scheduling system.

End-to-End Support

End-to-End Support

Venuerific customer success team will be there to guide you in growing your events business from end-to-end.

A Place for Every Venue

Event Space Garner more events by boosting your event space in Singapore designed for various events, from weddings to corporate functions
Unique Venues Reach your target market for unconventional event spaces in Singapore, creating memorable experiences for friends & family
Meeting Room Promote your compact spaces in Singapore for professional gatherings like presentations, discussions, and collaborative work
Hotels Promoting event spaces in Singapore beyond accommodations like ballrooms, functional halls, & meeting rooms
Restaurants Boost celebrations and special occasions at your restaurants, highlight your diverse menus and experiences
Bars Foster lively and relaxed environments for socialising by listing your social hubs
Function Halls Find people hosting large-scale events, accommodating sizable gatherings such as weddings, conferences, and banquets

Our Features



Manage all incoming booking inquiries in one view, even from external sources

Reporting & Statistics

Reporting & Statistics

Analyse your venue's performance with an informative smart analytics page



Integrate Venuerific Pay to ease your venue's booking process



Add your past and upcoming events and block out specific dates

Email Management

Email Management

Customise your email using our builder system for retargetting



List different rooms in your venue with different operating hours and pricing

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From Our Venuerific Community

Straight off the bat, there was a 400% increase in the leads Venuerific helped generate.

Without Venuerific, we’d be fully booked a week in, whereas with Venuerific, we might hit that threshold within the two-month mark. Venuerific really helped us grow as an event space and beyond an event space.

Aaron Lee
Director, All to Gather

With Venuerific, The rate of bookings are actually about 50% confirmations through them itself.

We’ve got weekly enquiries coming in and all the details are really there for you. It’s a just-a-click-away kind of thing. It’s been really good platform for us.

Kanthan Jay
Director, SK Hall

Everyone kept telling me, ‘Use that V! Use that V!’

The results prove themselves. We got quite a number of bookings and enquiries after using Venuerific. We looked at all sorts of meeting events and companies that can provide business to us. No matter who I spoke to, everybody said to use Venuerific!

Raymond Howe
Deputy Director, Commercial Services, NTU @ one-North

After joining Venuerific, our number of leads and inquiries doubled by 200%

Conversion rate, I can safely say is about 70%. The Venuerific team has been helpful to us in terms of customer service, marketing, and things like that. It has definitely helped us a lot in our business.

Co-Founder, HAPPEN

Venuerific is a terrific platform for gaining more exposure

We are not easy to find. It’s difficult because [customers] will walk past us and then end up being in some other restaurant. But Venuerific has helped a lot with the exposure that we needed and with being listed on Venuerific, which is the top venue platform in Singapore, people would trust the credibility of KOMYUNITI.

Aliff Ajis
Marketing Executive, KOMYUNITI Bar & Restaurant

With Venuerific, we gained a 200% increase in bookings

We started our business during COVID-19, which was a tough time and with Venuerific’s help we are able to get through this difficult period. We’ve seen more bookings of our space with each passing month. Venuerific’s large member base and seamless booking system allowed our business to grow and we’ve seen a 200% increase in our customers since we signed up with Venuerific!

Chen Lin
Manager of Royal Eternity Tea House

Venuerific makes the impossible possible!

I would definitely recommend anyone to sign up with Venuerific especially new venue owners who are just starting out. In fact, I referred a friend to sign up with Venuerific. Overall, I am very glad that we decided to sign up with Venuerific as it has brought us more inquiries, more revenue and more exposure. So, thank you Venuerific!

Ophelia Ong
Events Executive, Luna