Top Corporate Event Spaces in Singapore

Corporate Events are an extremely important part of your business! Whether it's a seminar, your annual dinner gala or a large meeting, you have to rent a corporate event space Singapore to impress. The great thing about corporate events is how creative you can be with them. You can transform a venue for a big party, or you can find rooms and corporate venues to impress a really important client. The possibilities for the unique venues for corporate event Singapore are endless! Host your perfect corporate event today, and get ready to find your terrific venue now on Venuerific.

Corporate Event Spaces Guide

Choosing the right corporate event space in Singapore can make or break your event. A great venue can set the tone for a successful event, while a poor venue can make attendees uncomfortable and uninterested. Here are some things to consider when choosing a corporate event space in Singapore.

  1. Location: Consider the location of the venue and whether it is easily accessible for your attendees. Look for a venue that is centrally located or close to public transportation. You may also want to consider the proximity of hotels and restaurants, especially if your event will last multiple days.
  2. Capacity: Make sure the event space can accommodate the number of attendees you are expecting. The venue should have enough space to comfortably fit everyone, as well as any equipment or decorations you plan to use.
  3. Amenities: Look for a venue that has the amenities you need to host a successful event. This may include AV equipment, projectors, screens, and sound systems. You may also want to consider whether the venue has a kitchen or catering facilities.
  4. Atmosphere: Consider the atmosphere of the venue and whether it aligns with the tone of your event. Look for a venue that has the appropriate ambience and decor for your event. For example, if you are hosting a formal conference, you may want a venue with a more professional and sophisticated atmosphere.
  5. Budget: Finally, consider your budget and whether the venue is within your price range. Look for a venue that provides good value for money and offers reasonable rates for the amenities and services provided.

In summary, choosing the right corporate event space in Singapore requires careful consideration of the location, capacity, amenities, atmosphere, and budget. By taking these factors into account, you can find a venue that meets your needs and ensures a successful event.

Corporate Event Space Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to plan a corporate event in Singapore?

The cost of corporate events in Singapore will vary depending on the size of your gathering. Small, intimate corporate events (like meetings) can go for as low as $45 SGD per room per hour, with food costs of about $50 - $100 SGD per person. Larger options for corporate event space Singapore options (like banquets and conferences), including food and activities, can cost around $2,500 - $8,000 SGD

What is the cost to rent a corporate event venue in Singapore?

The rates of renting a corporate event venue in Singapore will vary depending on the size and length of your event. Small meeting rooms and corporate event spaces can range from $45 to $250 per hour. Larger corporate functions in Singapore such as company banquets can range from $1,000 to $2,500 for around 5 hours. This will all depend on the size, location, and amenities of your event venue though—so it’s best to check with your Venue Specialist.

Is it important to choose a corporate event venue in Singapore for your upcoming event?

As a worldwide business district, it is important to choose the perfect corporate event venue Singapore for your upcoming event. Carefully chosen venues will often lead to more successful events, setting the tone perfectly for you and your guests. Corporate events especially need this, as they often have more specific business goals like brand recognition, boosting team morale, and making a profit.

How do I choose a venue for a corporate event in Singapore?

In choosing a corporate event space Singapore venue, you need to consider:

  • Your projected number of attendees;
  • Your event location;
  • Your event space amenities;
  • Internal and external catering options;
  • and Entertainment sources

More can be added to this list, but these are the general considerations in choosing a corporate event space Singapore. You must know if your event can fit your attendees, is accessible to them, has everything you need to carry your event, and has space for fun activities (like a stage or a dance floor).

Where can I find some of the best corporate event venues in Singapore?

Venuerific has a plethora of the best corporate event venues in Singapore lined up for you in one quick search. At a glance, here are a few picks from the Venuerific catalogue:

  • Barouv Singapore - A social space in the middle of Singapore’s Central Business District! Barouv Singapore is a rooftop bar that oversees the city skyline, sure to break the ice and build bridges for your team. This space has corporate event venues in Singapore such as an indoor pavilion and outdoor decks. Barouv also has food packages for 8 - 10 course meals (and beverage packages for up to 4 hours of free-flowing drinks, for special celebrations)!
  • Bridge+ Ascent - Research and development teams will flourish in Bridge+ Ascent, located in “Singapore’s Innovation Corridor.” This space has the best corporate event space Singapore that offer flexible, unique solutions to your equally flexible, unique needs. Home to many innovators, researchers, and start-ups, Bridge+ Ascent meeting rooms for up to 12 people and event spaces for up to 52. Hold panel discussions, speaker series, or even just simple brainstorming sessions here!
  • NTU at one-north - Hailed as the “Best Event Space for Meetings,” NTU at one-north is an accessible corporate event space Singapore. It is nestled between Buona Vista and one-north, and offers to park for those who visit. They also have all the amenities needed for a formal, productive corporate event. From an auditorium to function rooms to seminar rooms, corporate events of all shapes and sizes are welcome here. They also have their own in-house F&B options with a cocktail reception and vegetarian options.
  • Mandala Club - Built for communities, Mandala Club can join comfort, casual, and corporate in one event venue. At the heart of this venue remains community-building, thought leadership, and dynamic creativity. This space is a nurturing venue for business owners, creatives, and anyone interested in changing the world. This space has a courtyard area, a member’s bar, a Library area, and other unique spaces for your corporate event. 
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