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32 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089137


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About Event Room

  • Capacity

    2 - 24

  • Cuisine


  • External Catering

    Modern Asian

Top 3 Event Venue Features

  • Multi-functional event space
  • Easy access to public transportation
  • Perfect for intimate events

Event Venue Details

  • Air conditioning
  • Bar tab
  • Full bar
  • Microphone
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Minimum F&B Spending: Private Dining Room - From $1500++

 Lunch Venue Exclusive Buy-Out- From $5,000++

 Dinner Venue Exclusive Buyout- From $10,000++

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Minimum spend:

Lunch - $3,500++/room 

Dinner - $6,000++/room

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About Imbue

Time-honoured yet distinct, Imbue is a contemporary European restaurant with a progressive take on Asian flavours. Western techniques lend finesse to execution, transforming fine ingredients into multilayered dishes centred on Asian sauces. Conveying novel perspectives, Imbue is an innovative yet heartfelt celebration of cultural heritage.

Nestled within a heritage shophouse, Imbue offers a warm and convivial dining atmosphere, where social interactions take centre stage. The meticulously crafted dishes are prepared in a show kitchen—a creative space where a dedicated team works closely to discover new tastes in an ever-evolving menu.

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Promo, Menu and Floor plan

Imbue Event Deck
1855 Event Deck


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Mimo Eats
Imbue Imbue
5 / 5

Amazing new fine dining restaurant in Singapore. Every dish is a perfect balance of flavours that enhance each other. All the dishes have a clear asian flavour profile that is delicately blend with the European style dishes. We particularly loved all the snacks, appetizers, and desserts. The snacks were all meticulously presented and each one of them was a burst of flavours that makes you want to eat more. The smoked yellowtail was also one of the highlight of the dinner where the freshness of the fish is well balanced by the ginger and other ingredients. The desserts were also spectacular, like many Asian deserts that have a salty and sweet contrast, all the deserts in the menu have a salty component too. Our favourite was the mont blanc with pork lard but also their signature chocolate shitake mousse with whiskey icecream was delicious.

Zhe Ming
Imbue Imbue
5 / 5

First of all, I must commend the quality of staff service here. The staff were absolutely fantastic, from greeting us and sitting us down at the table and for helping us with food recommendations. For a dinner for 4, we ordered quite a couple of appetisers to try out the different assortments offered. Got 3 mains to share (the noodles, the steak and the lobster). All of the dishes were cooked to perfection!

Sharon Tan
Imbue Imbue
5 / 5

I had the pleasure of dining at your restaurant and had an exceptional experience! Every dish was so well presented and explained. The food was absolutely delicious, every bite was a delightful surprise, l appreciated the creativity and care that went into preparing each plate. If I have to select a few dishes as my favorite dishes, those would be malai bread with ginseng honey butter, drunken chicken, century egg crab and grilled octopus. Overall, the dishes are excellent, the service was top-notch, and l felt very welcome. Thank you for a great meal and excellent service! Highly recommend!

steven lim
Imbue Imbue
4 / 5

Service here was truly delightful from entry to the end of the meal. Staff were attentive and friendly, and our male server even came out of the eatery to say bye when we left. The food was nice and the plating was beautiful but did not live up to the service fully. We enjoyed the starters. For me, the grilled octopus was one of the best we had this year - marinated and grilled just nicely, so that it was not too chewy. My wife liked the chilled somen with beef granita and plum consomme. We ordered the signature Malai bread for $18. The six small buns were light and moist, with a nice crumb, and went well with the ginseng and honey butter that accompanied it. The mains were nice but, to be honest, not very filling. My wife, who is a small eater, even felt hungry after the meal and wanted to have a snack immediately. The wagyu rump cap with bone marrow and parsnip puree was okay, and left us wanting more. The mangalica pork loin was tasty and could have used a few minutes more in the oven to render the fat, as the piece was still quite hard and chewy. The desserts were not as good for us. The brie cheese in the pu-erh ice cream overpowered the scent of the tea, while we did not enjoy the shiitake mouse with the puffed rice and plum sour cream. Sparkling or still water is provided - it cost $12 for two, without branding like Pellegrino or Evian.

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By Cheryl Choe
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