Top Flower Workshop Venues in Singapore

Are you planning to host a flower-arranging workshop? Where you hold it is an essential part of how well it goes. Check out the perfect flower workshop venues in Singapore below and learn more about how to plan a successful workshop event at the bottom of the page.

Flower Workshop Venues Rental Guide

Flower Workshop Venues in Singapore

As the flower season enters, now is the best time to start planning for a flower workshop! If you are a new floral designer, here are some tips on how to organise a workshop:

Look for someone to host it with you

If you want to plan an event like this, you should look for a friend who also loves flowers. After that, you will be able to get help and decide what needs to be done first (because there is a lot of it). Floral designers should also consider collaborating with flower farmers. The farmer has the room and flowers needed to host a workshop, and the designer has the tools to teach. 

Start mapping out the details

In the process of setting up a workshop, partners need to make a lot of decisions together. Because there is so much to think about, here is a short list of the most important questions to answer to make sure the workshop goes well: 

  • Who are the people this workshop is for? Are you aiming to teach beginners or those who have already experienced working with flowers?
  • What sort of lessons do you want to teach? Choose a subject to prepare that you know a lot about and are comfortable with. This will make the actual process of training much easier.
  • Why should people sign up for your workshop? Find out what your event can bring to the table for the guests and any special touches you can add to make your session stand out.
  • When will the workshop happen? Choose a day and time to meet.
  • Where will the workshop take place? Choose your venue based on how many people you want to attend, which ideally has plenty of space and natural lighting.
Find the perfect venue

The flower arrangement workshop venue is often the first thing to think about. First, you should think about any geographical or financial limits that might apply. To reduce travel costs, choose a workshop venue based on where most participants live.

You should not just use the conference rooms at your workplace. We know that many offices don't have rooms that are good for workshops, so we suggest you look for places away from your office. Moreover, people can break out of their routines if they work away from the office.

You can't always put the budget at the top of your list of priorities. Sometimes, you need to think about the resources you already have. Is there a particular participant or expert you would like to join in the event? Then you should be in the same location as your ideal guests. 

Measure the space

Even though it might seem like nitpicking, you should pay close attention to the details of the space. First of all, it can't be a small room! Find a place that is big enough for everyone to sit at the table. Remember that you need enough room to move around without feeling squished. Make sure the room you choose is the right size for the number of people you expect to come, and choose a place that can fit them all without getting in their way. 

Consider the environment

Think about how the workshop setting will affect the attendees' feelings. Is it possible to concentrate while also having fun? Is the environment conducive to work in terms of comfort and lack of interruptions? Think about the air quality, how the room looks, how bright it is, and how it makes you feel.

People like having windows because they feel they are not stuck in a closet all day. It is also well known that working in places with lots of natural light can help you get more done. So, a room with windows and lots of natural light is a safe bet.

The temperature of the room is also something to think about. Ensure you can control the room's temperature so that neither the heat nor the cold will make people uncomfortable. A helpful hint to keep in mind is that playing music is one of the most effective ways to make the atmosphere more pleasant. It is beneficial to bring a portable speaker to play appropriate music when people arrive, during breaks, or even during brainstorming sessions. 

Check the furniture

You will have everything you need in a perfect flower-arranging workshop venue. You will need at least one chair for each person participating in the activity. But you don't want too many chairs or other furniture that take up too much space. It would be best if you are looking for rooms with tables that are easy to move and can be arranged in several different ways, depending on what you want to do there. Is it necessary, for example, for everyone to brainstorm together in a big group? Do you also want to break up into smaller groups? A valuable piece of advice is to ensure that you have sufficient time before the start of your workshop to reorganise the space so that it is optimal for the planned activities and the people attending. 

Provide wall space and whiteboards

One of the things that makes a great workshop location is the ability to find a place to work. You will need a specific place to hang ideas, posters, or Post-it notes. Check that there is enough space on the walls to pin or tape things and, if possible, that there are enough whiteboards. If whiteboards are not available, flipcharts can be used instead. If this is the case, you should buy one or two easel stands, so they have a place to sit. A good tip is to ensure that any walls you want to hang things on are smooth enough for Post-it notes to stick to. 

Test the audio and video equipment

Inquire about the audio-visual amenities offered at the venue, and check to see whether they meet your requirements. Most of the time, you can use a TV or projector with HDMI, VGA, or Airplay to show your presentation. Also, having access to WiFi is helpful but optional. 

Offer refreshments

When searching for flower workshop venues, it is essential to consider the dining options available to the attendees. Well-fed guests are happy participants! If the venue does not have a dining area, people should have enough space to eat at their current location. Make sure you have a spare table to set up their meals. You should also check to see if there are enough recycling, compost, and trash cans for the team in the area. This is a small but essential detail. 

Think about the pricing and payment

You and your co-host need to agree on how much you will charge your guests to cover your costs and time. After you've done these things, you can charge your guests the right amount. There are many ways to agree with this, so you should choose the one you and your partner feel most comfortable with. Your list of things to do is getting longer, which means you're getting things done! So, when the big day comes, you'll know you've done everything you can to ensure everyone has a great time. 

Get everyone excited

In addition to social media promotion, you can also start an email marketing campaign for those who signed up to attend. It is crucial to thank them for their purchase via email, which can usually be set up automatically. Then, send invitations and full information about the workshop to the guests a few days ahead. It is also nice to send a thank-you email after an event that includes photos if you want to. These messages should give clients confidence that they got good value for their money. This could lead to more sales in the future and word-of-mouth advertising from happy customers. 

Flower Workshop Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flower arrangement workshop?
A flower workshop is an enchanting event where you can learn how to arrange a selection of seasonal flowers into a beautiful bouquet. This is often held to teach beginners or those with minimal flower-arranging experience. Some flower workshops also offer refreshments and activities as part of the event.

What happens at a flower workshop?
The activities and overall agenda of a flower arrangement workshop depend on the event's organiser. Most often, a flower workshop will walk you through flower care and teach you how to arrange bouquets. Here, participants may also learn how to trim, arrange, and design flowers in vases, which takes roughly 1.5 hours and more.

Where are the best venues for a flower workshop Singapore has to offer?
Most flower workshops are typically held in venues with large spaces and natural lightings, such as outdoor venues, event spaces, restaurants, and training rooms.

Organise The Best Flower Workshop Singapore Has to Offer

If you feel energised and ready to start after reading these tips on planning a flower arrangement workshop, do it! Book the best venue for your anticipated flower workshop via Venuerific.

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