Top Baby Shower Venues in Singapore

When it comes to baby shower venues Singapore won't run out of potential places for such events. Whether you are organising the celebration for your friend or a family member, securing one of the best venues for baby showers Singapore has to offer ensures exciting times ahead! Take your pick at a plethora of spaces and rooms for such events below:

Baby Shower Venues Rental Guide

When picking ideal and suitable baby shower venues Singapore can provide you with lots of potential locations. By the time you finish reading this baby shower guide, you will be able to pick the perfect baby shower venue. Let's go through some baby shower ideas and tips to successfully throw this type of event.

What is the meaning of a baby shower?

When looking for an answer to the question "What is a baby shower?" the answer is simply a party held for a mom-to-be or a pregnant woman. During the baby shower, friends and relatives will bring gifts, which consist of items needed to take care of the baby. This event is a great way to show emotional support for the mother.

How to host a baby shower in Singapore

You can be given a baby shower or plan the event yourself. You can even ask someone to throw the party for you. Regardless of who plans the baby shower, hosting one is a heartwarming gesture to support the birth of life. There are some things you should keep in mind when you do a baby shower. Check out some baby shower ideas and tips below:

Have an intimate guest list
There is nothing wrong with having a long guest list for your baby shower. However, these types of events are often seen as intimate affairs. Thus, it is ideal for the party to be attended by the mom's closest friends and relatives. Consider which friends and family will likely want to celebrate the new addition to the family.

If you are planning the party and have informed the mom about it, you should also consider who she does and does not want to be invited to the party. This is vital, especially if you are just a family friend who may not be aware of any estrangement within the family.

Baby showers are traditionally an all-female affair. However, it is entirely okay to throw "co-ed" baby showers that include male and female attendees. If you are planning a large party, you might want to consider multiple baby showers. This is because some pregnant women find it difficult to host large events, especially if they are in their late pregnancies.

Having multiple baby showers is also a great idea if the mom wants to have separate celebrations with different groups. Say, one with the family, one with friends, and one with co-workers. 

Have a baby shower theme
You can incorporate a baby shower theme to the event to make it more organised and special. Typically, baby shower themes do not need to be child-like since the baby is not born yet. Thus, you can consider other themes that the mom and guests can relate to. Check out some fun baby shower themes here.

Send out the invitations in advance
Make sure to send the invitations at least four to six weeks in advance prior to the date of the baby shower. This will give the guests time to shop or order gifts and also for you to plan the event itself. Sending out the invitations can be done via email or social media, but it will also be nice to send a physical invitation as keepsakes.

As much as possible, do not request or give out information about desired gifts on the invitations since these are considered rude. However, you can give such details if the guests request it. Talking about presents, are diapers a good baby shower gift? It sure is! The mother should appreciate the gifts for her baby no matter how much it costs.

Prepare light food and drinks
When it comes to baby shower food and drinks, think easy-to-eat snacks and appetisers like canapes and finger foods. Always keep the mom's and guests' dietary restrictions and personal preferences in mind. It will be best to serve coffee, tea, juice, or spirits instead of beer or wine for drinks. The mother-to-be should not be consuming alcohol at this point.

You can find the best baby shower venues that can offer such food and drinks in Venuerific. Otherwise, you can also find affordable baby shower venues that allow external catering so you can customise the menu as you wish. 

Give out memorable baby shower favours
Aside from the modern tradition of using exclusive baby shower hashtags, it is also ideal for giving out shower favours to guests. Baby shower favours are a great way to show gratitude for the guests' presence and efforts, especially if they have also brought gifts.

Shower favours do not have to be grand. They are often small, simple keepsakes like customised bags, bath products, fridge magnets, or keychains. Make sure to match your baby shower favours to your budget. Simple tokens like candles will do if you can't give fancy or personalised gifts. 

Plan some games and activities
Although baby showers are often attended by the mom's closest friends and relatives, sometimes guests are not close to one another or may belong to different social groups. You can break the ice and prevent awkwardness by planning some games and activities. Here are some Pinterest baby shower ideas that you can use.

Just ensure such activities can be done comfortably within the venues for baby showers in Singapore. For small baby shower venues, you can simply host a "Who Knows Mommy Best" game where guests will prove they know most about the mom by answering questions about her.

If you are renting large event venues for baby showers, you can opt for the classic and fun baby shower game called "My Water Broke!" Here, you will put tiny plastic baby dolls in small containers with water, and then freeze them.

Once the game starts, you will give one frozen baby doll to each participant. Their goal is to melt the ice and get the baby out in whatever way possible. The first one to completely thaw the baby doll will yell, "My water broke!" and is considered the winner. 

Singapore baby shower venues

Take a look at some potential venues for baby showers Singapore has to offer or unique restaurant baby shower venues in Singapore so you can book an ideal place to host the party:

  • Restaurants: Restaurants can be rented as a whole, or you can just book a separate dining area away from other guests. These are great venues since you do not have to worry about the menu or spending extra on renting chairs and tables.
  • Rooftops: Rooftop venues will help make your event one of the most memorable baby showers. These places provide great views regardless of the time of the party.
  • Country clubs: A country club usually has other facilities that your guests can enjoy. Including this in the list of your potential baby shower party venues will help you have a greater chance of throwing an exclusive and private party.
  • Hotels: Are you looking for an all-in-one baby shower venue? Hotels may be your best bet. These venues will provide you with the best service starting from the event space and catering to lodging and transportation.
Baby Shower Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

Where should a baby shower be hosted?

There are no rules when it comes to the locations of baby showers. You don't have to feel bound to a specific guideline. As long as you can gather your squad to celebrate an upcoming life and support the new mother, consider the event a success. You can host a baby shower at your home, but it can also be fun to hire a venue instead. 

What week should a baby shower be hosted?

Again, there is no specific playbook for deciding when you do a baby shower. However, it is often a good idea to conduct the vent when the mother is between 24 to 32 weeks pregnant. This way, the mom has overcome her first-trimester symptoms but is far away from her delivery date. Thus, she will be stable and strong enough for the party.

How can I throw a cheap baby shower?

Throwing a baby shower does not require a fortune! If you want to save some dough, you can keep the event small and simple. Invite only the closest and most important people as well as opt for DIY decors and a simple cake. When booking an event, it will be helpful if you do not book during weekends or peak seasons since prices are at their highest during these times. 

Who should pay for the baby shower?

Whoever hosts the baby shower is the one who pays for the event. Often, the mom-to-be does not organise or plan her own baby shower. Instead, it is those who are close family members or friends who will host the event. 

How much does a baby shower event cost?

The cost of the baby shower event in Singapore will depend on the length of your guest list, venue, food, and other extra services you want. You will be looking for anywhere between $100 to $1,000 to host this event. At Venuerific, we ensure that the cost of booking each venue can fit within your budget! We have an available budget ($10 to %50 per guest), economy ($51 to $100 per guest), premium ($101 to $180 per guest), and luxury ($181 and above per guest) baby shower spaces and venues you can book.

Book the best baby shower venues Singapore has to offer

Take a pick from a plethora of Singapore baby shower venues here at Venuerific! We have a wide range of party venues Singapore for you to choose from.

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Wei Han Chen
5 / 5
Booked at Control Space by TheParallelSpace
Highly recommended

Well equipped space, plenty of carparks around, delicious buffet spread. Also engaged their balloon set up.

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Joseph Chua
5 / 5
Booked at Control Space by TheParallelSpace
The hosts were very responsive and attended to my requests promptly!

The venue was filled with many amenities like foosball, darts, karaoke, mega jenga, etc that kept my guests entertained throughout! Will be back to host my baby’s first birthday!

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5 / 5
Booked at Control Space by TheParallelSpace
Family and I had a great time here.

Parking was ample, and the space was well located with convenience stores around. Buffet line can be placed along the corridor and the host was easy to communicate with.

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5 / 5
Booked at Control Space by TheParallelSpace
Celebrated baby Kayden's baby shower here and it was a success.

Reasonable pricing, Good buffet (save me the hassle of planning), a lot of parkings (the building uses mechanised parking, so just park at the multi-storey carpark beside), amenities for all ages! If i would nitpick i would prefer the space to be a bit bigger to accommodate all my 80 guests!

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