Top Business Dinner Venues in Singapore

Make a great and lasting impression on your clients by taking them to the best business dinner venues in Singapore! Finding a good place for a business dinner does not have to be intimidating and stressful. Prepare the business dinner invitation and leave the venue to us.

Take a look at the plethora of potential venues where you can host the best business dinner Singapore has to offer!

Business Dinner Venues Rental Guide

Hosting business dinners in Singapore can be quite intimidating and stressful, especially if you aim to close clients! The lion city is a significant business hub in Asia, which is why there are high standards when it comes to such meetings.

For you to have the best business dinner Singapore offers an array of excellent venues. But before you secure your booking, make sure you have the following factors in mind:

Guest list
The first thing you should do when hosting a business dinner is to create a guest list, which includes the names of your prospective clients. There are chances that your guests may bring their spouses along, so make sure to account for them when filling out the business dinner invitation template.

Keep in mind that your guest list can change. Thus, it is always a great idea to increase the number of seats and menus in case somebody shows up or comes along with your prospective client unexpectedly.

At Venuerific, you can filter the available business dinner event spaces and venues in Singapore based on the number of guests you have. There is always a venue for your business dinner if your guest list contains: 

  • 6 to 25 pax: There are a number of bars and restaurants that exude a calming and modern atmosphere, perfect for business events with less than 25 guests. If you are having a business dinner with less than 8 guests, you can also enjoy the incredible sights of Singapore from the water while having a lavish private evening by renting a yacht.
  • 51 to 100 pax: You won’t run out of venue choices even if you are planning to invite a hundred guests for your business dinner! There are a plethora of clubs, restaurants, and hotels across Singapore with attentive services, scrumptious food and beverage, and an excellent ambience.
  • 300 pax and above: Reputable hotels, popular country clubs, and reliable spaces catering to more than 300 guests are also available for booking here at Venuerific! Utilise the venues’ hectares of spaces for exploration, discovery, and of course, business opportunities.
Make sure that the venue you are going to book fits your budget to avoid embarrassing moments where you have to split the bill or let the client take care of the payment. Check out the potential venues for your business dinner based on your budget by clicking on the links below:

  • Budget: Have a tight budget for the business dinner venue? You’ll be surprised once you find out that some venues here at Venuerific can give you the optimum service for an affordable price of only $10 to $50 per guest.
  • Economy: Banquet halls, restaurants, and hotels can offer you top-grade food and beverages at convenient locations around Singapore. Book a business dinner venue for only $51 to $100 per person.
  • Premium: Thoughtfully curated spaces, world-class hospitality, and unforgettable experiences. Those are the things you can expect from paying $101 to $180 per pax for renting a premium business dinner venue in Singapore!
  • Luxury: Show how much you appreciate your client’s time, efforts, and resources by taking them to the most lavish and luxurious business dinner venues around Singapore! Spend $181 and above per pax to wow your guests and create a lasting impression.
You can find a variety of affordable function rooms and halls for rent for your corporate event. However, if you aim for a luxurious venue, you can also check out some elegant restaurants in Singapore for your business dinner.

The location of the business dinner venue is another important factor that you should consider. Good restaurants for business dinners should be easily accessible even by those who are not familiar with the place. Make sure the venue is near highways and landmarks to make it easier for your clients to locate it and arrive on time.

Don’t have an idea about the best areas to host a business dinner? Take a look at the most popular locations around Singapore for business dinners below: 

  • Raffles Place: Good food, lively atmosphere, and stunning views of CBD are some of the significant aspects of Raffles Place. This is the reason why the location makes for a good place for business dinner amongst office executives and ex-pats working nearby.
  • City Hall: With a strategic location nearby CBD and Singapore’s Civic District, City Hall puts you within steps of an array of restaurants, hotels, and multifunctional event spaces that you can book for your business dinner.
  • Tanjong Pagar: Book multifunctional event spaces equipped with audio-visual facilities for a successful business dinner in Tanjong Pagar. The area boasts a panoramic backdrop of Singapore’s waterfront and a wide range of restaurants and cafes offering international and local cuisines.
  • Marina Bay: Be amazed by the majestic views of Marina Bay and Singapore Skyline while enjoying warm lights, a relaxing atmosphere, as well as great food and drinks.
At Venuerific, there are a plethora of available places for business dinner that you can rent whether you are looking for spaces and venues around the Central Area or North, East, West, and South regions.

If you are hosting clients from out of town or country, make sure that the venue is within a reasonable distance from the airport or the hotel where they are staying. You can also offer alternative transportation via your company car or arrange a taxi or Uber service to pick your clients back and forth. 

Ensure that the food and beverage the venue can offer will suit your guests' personal preferences and tastes. Keep in mind many people have allergies and dietary restrictions. Thus, it is vital that you book venues that can offer various food options, whether it is local, international, vegetarian, halal-certified, and more.

Some venues do not provide food and drinks but allow external catering. In such cases, you can ask the venue host for vendor recommendations. The recommended vendors that offer external catering services are more likely familiar with the venue and its staff, making it easier for all of you to coordinate with each other. 

Don’t forget to ask the venue host about their parking requirements and services. Do they have valet parking, or will finding a parking space be a hassle? This is especially important if you are planning to schedule your business dinner during the peak and rush hours, like 6 PM to 9 PM. 

Good restaurants for business dinners or other venue types offer ample room for their guests. To ensure that the venue is the most ideal location for your business dinner, arrange a site visit to check the place yourself.

Examine the venue's ambience, seating arrangements, bathrooms, and other rooms. Since business dinners can sometimes take more than an hour, extra legroom will make you and your guests more comfortable as the event progresses.

If you are going to book a room or table only and not the whole venue, ensure that you get the best possible seats. Select those that provide the best views and ambience with enough privacy for you and your clients in case you need to talk about confidential matters. 

Although the result of your meeting depends on your business dinner etiquette, the best business dinner restaurants in Singapore can help you increase your chances of getting better impressions. You can know that you had booked one of the best restaurants for business dinner based on the venue’s reputation.

Venues for business dinners in Singapore should have a strong reputation for excellent service. To make sure that you are booking the right location, explore the venue’s website and see what they can offer.

When booking a venue here at Venuerific, you can also simply read the testimonials and reviews dropped by the venue’s previous clients. Aside from our review section, Venuerific also has a star rating system, so you can have an idea of how good the overall experience of the venue’s clients is. 

Tips on planning the best business dinner in Singapore

Whether you are a small entrepreneur or the CEO of a large company, hosting a business dinner is a great way to gather clients and colleagues. Knowing what to talk about during business dinner and keeping a great atmosphere throughout the night is highly crucial. Here are some valuable tips and business dinner etiquette to help you plan and execute the event successfully: 

Determine the purpose of your business dinner
Ensure that you have a purpose for your business dinner. Whether you want to land clients, finalise business deals, or celebrate success, you and your guests must know the agenda of your gathering.

Knowing your goal for the business dinner allows you to lead conversations and leave a lasting impression on your prospects. Once you have your business dinner agenda, you can choose from the top corporate event venues for rent in Singapore and see if you can find one that suits the vibe and atmosphere you want to achieve for your business dinner.

Plan the flow of the evening
Establish a time frame to keep the evening flowing without rushing the guests. A schedule is a must, especially if there is a speech, presentation, or special toast involved. 

Send a simple but formal business dinner invitation
When sending a business dinner invitation, make sure to include the date, time, venue, and directions to the location. Don’t forget to include the option to RSVP for dinner. You can also include a portion where they can provide you with their special dietary requirements or personal preferences.

Scour the web for the best business dinner invitation template that suits your event. Send the invitations at least 1 to 2 weeks in advance to give you and your guests enough time to prepare for the business dinner.

Arrive at the venue earlier than your guests
Make sure that you arrive at the venue at least 30 to 45 minutes before the business dinner. Arriving at the venue earlier than your guests allows you to make last-minute changes and inform the staff about them. This will also let you greet prospective clients as they arrive and introduce them to other guests they have never met before. 

Business Dinner Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a business dinner?

Business dinners can last for 2 to 3 hours. You should know when to start and end the event accordingly to avoid taking longer time than you should, especially since your event will be taking place during the evening hours. 

How much is the average cost of hosting a business dinner in Singapore?

The average cost of hosting a business dinner in Singapore can range from $10-$180+ per person, with some event venues charging based on the hour.

What is the business casual dress code for dinner in Singapore?

When it comes to deciding what to wear to a business dinner in Singapore, make sure you put on presentable attire. Unless the place requires a specific dress code, here are some tips on what to wear to a business casual dinner:

  • For men: Khakis or dress trousers, a coloured shirt, an informal jacket and tie, shoes
  • For women: Trousers or skirts, tops, casual jackets, sweaters
On the other hand, if you are attending a more formal dinner, here are some tips on what to wear for a business formal dinner:

  • For men: Dress shoes, button-down shirts, dress pants, jacket with tie
  • For women: Dress trousers or skirt, smart jumper or jacket, shirt or smart top, dress shoes

Find the best business dinner venues in Singapore at Venuerific!

Hosting a business dinner requires careful planning and decision-making. One of the most critical choices you will make along the way is picking the best venue for your event. Following the venue rental guide above will give you more chances of hosting a successful business dinner.

Making a lasting impression and closing deals with your prospective clients should not always be done during the evenings. You can also opt to arrange a meeting during the day! Check out the top business breakfast and business luncheon venues in Singapore that you can book via Venuerific!

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Khen Nipanutiyan
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Great venue and service!

Had to find a location within 2 weeks and stumbled upon this gem for an affordable price! Went down on site for a recce and was immediately impressed by the facilities and the ambience of the place. Caspar was extremely friendly and is very proactive in helping to cater to all our needs! Overall a 5/5 experience, would host another event here again1

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Easy booking process. Owner allows viewing of the venue and does his best in adhering to our convenience. Very much appreciated.

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The Spot is a Great Spot!

From Venuerific to taking conversations to The Spot, very smooth planning and execution with Tony Fong who was in-charge of events at the location. Really helped made all the necessary arrangements and recommendations from logistics to food & drinks which led to a very successful networking event for us! Thank you Tony & The Spot Team, we look forward to working with you all again.

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