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Choosing the right venue for your business reception is as important as inviting guests and planning the schedule of the event. Once you secure the best business reception venue, the rest of the event planning will be easy! Find the perfect venue below:

Business Reception Venue Rental Guide

Business Reception Venues Singapore

Business receptions are formal corporate events that are often more casual than business banquets and dinners. You will be expected to mingle around and make small talk to introduce yourself to people you do not know. While you can be relaxed during a business reception as you would at your office, remember that you should still project a professional image.

Basic business reception etiquette

If you are not accustomed to events such as a business reception, you can still make a good impression by following and keeping in mind basic business reception etiquette.

  • Work the room
    During a business reception, guests and hosts are expected to work the room or mingle with other people. Strike up conversations and make small talks to network with as many guests as you can. In business receptions, no one will think you are rude if you only chat with them briefly.

    You should also be careful and respectful of other people’s time and space. For instance, do not hog the guest’s time through lengthy conversations. Allow them to meet other people throughout the event as well.

    Moreover, avoid interrupting people who are engaged in an intense or serious conversation. Instead, move to someone who is alone or groups that are open to newcomers. It is also ideal and easier to connect to a group where you know at least one person. 

  • Be careful when handling food and beverage
    Unlike a business dinner, a business reception usually just has a combination of appetisers and drinks. Buffet tables are also common. Be careful when handling appetisers as you move around the room. If you are having a snack, stand next to a table so you can put your plate there when you want to shake hands with someone. You can also just eat before the event so you can nod and smile easily for a handshake.

    As for the beverages, most business receptions will offer wine and cocktails. Make sure to consider how much alcohol you can consume or stick to a one-drink rule. You don’t want the alcohol to affect your behaviour negatively.

    Avoid seeking out drinks if the beverages are circulated. Instead, wait for the waiters to pass by. If the event has a bar or drinks table, ensure it is your turn to order and ask other people around the area if they are already waiting. 

  • Know how to engage in the conversation
    In business receptions, you will often talk to people you do not know well. In such situations, make sure to avoid controversial issues or sensitive topics such as politics and religion. Do not share confidential work-related information as well.

    It is also ideal if you would avoid talking about subjects that you are passionate about. If the person disagrees with you, you are setting yourself up for a heated argument or debate instead of a friendly conversation.

    The best way to engage in a business conversation is to talk about current events and discuss trends in your industry, especially if the person you are talking to is in the same profession as you. Small talks should be simple until you and the other person find a common interest. A simple “Hi, my name is…” can be a great way to strike up a conversation with someone you have just met. 
Tips for choosing a business reception venue

The right business reception venue will help you host a successful and fruitful event. There are various factors that can impact the success of your business gathering. Check out these venue considerations that you should keep in mind when choosing a place for your business reception. 

  • Space and layout
    When scouting for a business reception venue, ensure that the space meets your event requirements. Inquire about the venue’s capacity limit and ask about the available spaces that you may use.

    The flexibility of the layout is essential when considering a venue. Check if the rooms and spaces can be changed according to your event’s needs and if they can accommodate your expected number of guests.

    If you are planning to book an outdoor venue, make sure to ask if the patio, rooftop, lawn, or garden is available for use during your target time and date. Discuss all your plans with the venue host so they can offer ideas on how to accommodate your needs.

  • Location and accessibility
    If your guests are travelling from out of town or country, pick a venue that is near the airport or central transportation. Do not forget to check the available parking slots on your target date and if there are any extra costs that the venue will incur. Make sure to arrange alternative parking and transportation as well.

    You can reserve nearby parking lots for attendees in case on-site parking is full or is not available. Moreover, you can book alternative transportation such as Uber, taxi, or shuttle bus for the guests.

    The location of the venue will most likely depend on you and your guest’s preferences. For instance, if most of the invited guests are from the same area, then book a venue closer to your common location to encourage attendance. Otherwise, you can book a venue in a further location for a change of scene.

    Try checking out Venuerific’s available venues around Singapore’s Central Area as well as North, South, East, and West Regions.

  • Amenities and services
    Not all venues can offer similar amenities and the same level of service, so make sure you are familiar with what the place can offer. Find out what the venue can offer in terms of audio-visual equipment, staging and lighting, decoration, transportation, and so on. If the venue is not able to provide you with your required services, asking them about their recommended vendors can help you avoid missteps since the venue may have more experience on-site. 

  • Ambience and atmosphere
    The overall vibe of the space will set the mood and tone of your event. Ensure that the atmosphere and ambience of the venue can inspire social interaction and bonding. The furniture, architecture, lighting, acoustic, and decoration of the space contribute to the atmosphere. You can also have an idea on what to wear to a business reception based on the vibe that the venue gives out.

  • Menu
    Decide what type of food and refreshments you are going to offer and coordinate this with the venue host. If you need additional services such as external catering to better cater to your guests’ dietary needs, ensure that the venue allows it. It is also better to find out if there is a minimum food order required, especially if you are booking a restaurant to ensure that the venue fits your budget.

  • Restrictions
    All venues will have restrictions to ensure that the place is well taken care of throughout the event. For instance, some venues do not allow hanging decorations on the walls. Others do not allow alcohol or external catering. Outdoor spaces may not be available to use during specific times. Make sure that you are clear on any restrictions the place may have. 

  • Lodging
    If you are inviting guests from out of town or country, it is ideal to hold your business reception in a hotel or somewhere near a place that offers overnight lodging. If the venue does not have lodging facilities, make sure to arrange for transportation.
Business Reception Venue FAQs

What is a business reception?
You can be more casual in a business reception meaning it is less formal than a business dinner or banquet. Here, you are expected to mingle around and network with other guests. These events are a great way to market yourself or your business and make an impression on your target investors or clients.

What are the best business reception venues Singapore?
Some of the popular and ideal business reception venues in Singapore that you can book via Venuerific include places with lodging services such as hotels. Venues with catering services such as restaurants are also a great choice. If you want a more customised venue, try booking ballrooms, warehouses, and other event spaces, which you may often design and decorate however you want.

How much does booking a business reception venue Singapore cost?
In Singapore, business reception venues’ costs range from $10 to $181 and above per pax. You can use Venuerific’s smart search to filter the venues based on their price levels such as Budget, Economy, Premium, and Luxury. Make sure you consider the number of your potential guests when choosing a venue that fits your budget.

Book the best business reception venue in Singapore via Venuerific

Choosing the right venue and following the basic business dinner reception etiquette can help you plan and host a successful event. The best and most convenient platform to hire a business reception venue is Venuerific. Planning for a big corporate event? Check out the best venues for large-scale corporate events in Singapore

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