Top Company Rooftop Party Venues in Singapore

End-of-year celebrations, company anniversaries, and corporate meetups are coming up. The best event to throw for such gatherings is company rooftop parties! Take your pick from these ideal company rooftop party venues in Singapore:

Company Rooftop Party Venue Rental Singapore Guide

Company Rooftop Party Venue Singapore

Rooftop venues are not only ideal for summer events! They are also perfect places to throw awesome company parties. Their pleasing aesthetics, breathtaking views, and vast space can foster relaxation and sociality. This makes it suitable for a wide range of corporate events.

However, in order to ensure that each guest has a positive experience, it is essential to make preparations in advance, particularly in light of circumstances such as unpredictable weather and the potential existence of access barriers. Here is some of the best advice for throwing a successful company rooftop party.

  • Secure the rooftop party venue in advance
    Secure the best rooftop party area in advance, especially if you are scheduling the event on a weekend or holiday. Fortunately, booking rooftop party venues Singapore has to offer can be done within a few clicks. Thus, it is less of a hassle to book your desired venue in advance.

  • Maintain a flexible approach
    Many rooftop venues are strict when it comes to their maximum guest capacity, cleanliness, and so on. Thus, you should make sure that the rooftop party area has enough space to accommodate the guests. However, in the case where your guest list exceeds the maximum capacity of the venue, you have to be flexible enough to either decrease your invitees or find another venue. 

  • Get the word out creatively
    While it is exciting enough to hear that the company party is going to be held in a rooftop venue, you can still increase your attendees' anticipation by adding as creative flair as you can. Make your invitation stand out, considering that you will more likely send them by email. Don't make the party invitation look like the typical company memo! There are plenty of websites online where you can create efficient and unique email invitations. 

  • Make preparations for the crowd
    Since rooftops are at the top of the building, guests will either take the stairs or ride the elevator to get to the venue. Thus, if you have hundreds of visitors arriving at the same time, it may take a minute or more for everyone to reach the top of the stairs at the same time. When planning the schedule for your event, you should keep this fact in mind and think about including a list of the numerous access points in the invitation. In addition, you should set aside a good hour at the beginning of the event to account for people who are travelling to get there. Make sure that information is readily available on your invitation and in any other communication that is directed at your guests. 

  • Hire a DJ or create a great music playlist
    If you have the budget, you can hire a real DJ to play at your party. It would alleviate some of the burdens that are already associated with being responsible for organising the party. However, if you want to throw a rocking private rooftop party without breaking the bank, you may still have your guests jammin' with the playlist that you have previously prepared. Prepare at least one hundred songs so that everyone will be able to find something of interest on that list.

  • Be aware of the weather
    Be aware of the weather since it is obviously an influence on the company rooftop party. Keep scenarios like an unexpected wind or storm in mind and arrange them appropriately, with things like elastic tablecloths, backup tent alternatives, and weather-resistant furniture. Make sure to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Starting the party a bit later (after the sun is setting or has set) and letting guests know ahead of time that they will be outside will help keep things running smoothly. This is especially important during the summer months. 

  • Take charge of the food and drinks menu
    When it comes to menu planning, you should keep in mind the current season. Buying produce that is in season will help you keep your costs down as well. For instance, summer usually equals BBQ. You can make use of the chance presented to fire up the grill. You can order food or hire a caterer for a night of wonderful cuisine if you want to avoid the trouble of cooking during a rooftop dinner party. Check to see that there are options for vegetarians as well as those who eat meat and that there is a sufficient amount of variety. Also, there is no such thing as a successful rooftop bar party without drinks. Surprise your visitors with delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Have a unique rooftop party decor
    It would be best if you made sure the rooftop is properly lit and has an active vibe about it. Although the cityscape makes the environment more aesthetically pleasing, the evening hours can still be quite dim. There are numerous approaches to lighting that you may use, such as Christmas lights and tiki torches. You can make the view from a rooftop garden party more appealing by decorating it with more flowers and plants. In addition to that, don't forget to offer comfortable chairs for your guests. 

  • Follow a theme
    You are going to need a gimmick in order to differentiate your company's rooftop party from all of the other parties. A party's theme can influence the decorations, the atmosphere, and even what people wear. The following are some amusing rooftop party ideas to consider:
  • 90s-themed party: Celebrate like you are in the 90's era! The use of nostalgia can never go wrong. You can use Ring Pops and Slap bracelets to greet your guests when they arrive. Don't forget to encourage the guests to wear some 90 's-inspired outfits and dance to 90's hit songs.
  • Rooftop pool party: The pool itself is the primary attraction during a pool party, and there are a variety of ways that it can be decorated. Pick up packs of balloons for only a few dollars and either manually fill them or use a pump to do so. After which, you can tie them up and place them in the pool so that they can float. In the event that you would like not to use balloons, an alternative is to fill the pool with artificial flowers. Floats are also among the elements that make a pool one of the most pleasant places to be. There is a dizzying array of alternatives from which to pick! There are even battleship floats that can shoot water cannons at your opponent, ensuring that everyone who attends the event has a good time.
  • TV-themed party: People love to talk about the things that they are obsessed with, especially about TV shows. For instance, you might have a party based on the Netflix show Orange Is the New Black, Stranger Things, or Peaky Blinders. The possibilities are endless!
Company Rooftop Party Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to a company rooftop party Singapore?
If you want to look good at your company rooftop party, the answer is simple: wear whatever you feel the most confidence in. You will look like a million bucks as long as you feel like a million bucks. It's important to find a balance between comfort and style. If you are going to a company rooftop party that doesn't have a dress code, you won't have to worry about what to wear. Most people will wear either smart casual or casual clothes to a party. Remember that the clothes must always be comfortable, clean, and proper.

Where are the best company rooftop party venues Singapore has to offer?
There are a plethora of potential company rooftop party venues you can find around the East, West, and South regions, as well as the Central Area of Singapore. If you want to have plenty of choices, try searching around Bugis, Jalan Besar, Raffles Place, and Sentosa. You can do it by using our Smart Search filter above.

How much does it cost to rent a rooftop party area Singapore?
When it comes to renting rooftop party venues Singapore will never run out of affordable and cost-effective listings. On Venuerific, you can find company rooftop venue packages and deals that cost $250 to $9,000. You can filter the list of venues based on your desired price level using our Smart Search bar.

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Time to organise and throw an amazing rooftop party as a way of appreciating the team's efforts and celebrating the milestones the company has achieved! Book the perfect company rooftop party venue in Singapore here on Venuerific.

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