Top Video Shoot Venues in Singapore

Choosing a good location is an integral part of any video production. The place where a video is shot sets the scene and can affect its style, tone, and overall message. Whether you are making a corporate or music video, it is essential to consider what your target location offers. Check out some ideal video shooting venues in Singapore below:

Video Shoot Venues Rental Guide

Video Shoot Venues Singapore

Typically, there are two kinds of places you can use for a video shoot: on-location and in the studio. On-location means shooting in an area that is usually related to the topic of your video. It could be a school, a private estate, or outdoors like a yacht.

On the other hand, studio shooting means making a video in a controlled setting, like a space with different lights, a green screen, sets, props, and other pieces of equipment. Take a look at some top video shoot studios here.

Before choosing a place for a video shoot, you need to learn some video shooting basics. Some of these things are listed below: 

How to shoot video

Depending on the type of video project you want to create, it makes sense to shoot in a studio, on location, or a mix of the two. If you are looking for a way how to shoot product videos conveniently, you might want to book a studio.

On the other hand, you should shoot on location if you want the project to be more natural, creative, and exciting. This will give you more possible video shooting techniques on how to shoot cinematic videos. Both studio and on-location video production have their own advantages, which we will discuss below. 

Pros of shooting videos in a studio

A controlled environment is one of the main benefits of filming in a studio. When you are shooting on location, especially in a public or busy place, you have to deal with competing sounds and distractions like people walking by or unnecessary noises from vehicles.

One of the best music video shoot ideas is to do the recording in a studio to get the best sound. Another benefit of shooting a video in a studio is that it is easier to use specific equipment like different cameras, tripods, green screens, lights, and more.

In addition, it can be more challenging and take more time to respond to natural light sources, especially since they change throughout the day. You may need to move equipment to get the proper lighting on a subject. This could mean more time setting up, moving equipment, and double-checking apertures. In a studio, some of this time and effort can be saved. 

Pros of shooting videos on location

There are also many benefits to shooting a video production on location. First, shooting on location gives you more visual options and will provide viewers with more to look at. You can also get extra interesting footage on the scene, showing natural landscapes and candid shots that you can use as fillers. 

Ideal video shooting locations in Singapore

Now that you know how important locations are to a video shoot. Before you start running around looking for studios or other venues to shoot at, here are 5 video shooting locations that will work well.

  • Bodies of water
    Look for a venue with bodies of water. You can rent a yacht to capture the beauty of Marina Bay or other beaches, lakes, and rivers around Singapore. Water is exciting and versatile to shoot because both the videographer and the subjects can interact with it in many different ways. You can use the water as a background, get the models to wet their hair, shoot underwater, put products on the water, and so much more. 

  • City
    You will be surprised by how many interesting and unique places there are in the Central Area as well as the North, South, West, and East Regions of Singapore. Parking garages, public transportation stations, playgrounds, parks, rooftops, sidewalks, and water fountains are all great places to start. No matter where you are, you should be able to find a nice coloured or textured wall, graffiti, or any potential background that will suit the story of your project.

  • Outdoors
    Outdoor venues, especially around the Central Area, are a great and highly recommended place to take photos or make videos. An outdoor video shoot allows you to use different backgrounds, colours, and textures that might be hard to find elsewhere. They also change all the time, so there is always something new to shoot there.

  • Buildings
    Every building is different, which is what makes them special and beautiful. Some of the locations that are worth checking out are:
    Coworking spaces
    Restaurants and cafes
    Galleries and museums
    Hotels and country clubs
    Private estates
    Such locations have interesting colour schemes, textures, architecture, light, and feel. 
    Unique venues
    Last but not least, unique venues are highly recommended for all kinds of video shooting where you need to show how products work in a real-life setting. Most unique venues do not need to be rearranged or redecorated to suit your special project.
Video shooting tips and techniques

Many of the video shooting techniques and tips below will always be helpful for various types of video production. Try them out, and make sure you remember them. These videography tips will not only help you create videos that look more professional but will also help you see your own creative potential and style as a videographer. 

  • Research your subject
    The more you know about your video's subject or story, the better shots you can get. Whether doing a video interview or a product shoot, you need to know what you are working on to know where to focus and give important information to your audience. 

  • Gather your equipment
    High-quality digital cameras are now being marketed for personal and recreational use. Nevertheless, you can still learn how to make videos with things you may already have, like your phone. Check out how to shoot a video with a phone better below:
  • Use the back camera to get better pictures
  • Turn on the grid on your screen to keep your shot straight
  • Use the landscape setting instead of shooting vertically
  • Buy a gimbal stabiliser for your camera to make handheld shots more stable, an external microphone to get better sound, and a good video tripod 

    If you are just starting to shoot using your phone, it might be easier to shoot in a controlled environment. You can use the same camera and have the same lighting no matter what time of day it is. This will save you the trouble of having to fix the exposure after the fact. Moreover, most studios will allow you to use their equipment as part of the rental package. Thus, you don't have to rely on using your phone only. 

  • Show the purpose of the video
    One of the main reasons why people stop watching a video is because it does not have a story. The story is the purpose of your video. A single clip can say something profound, tell a funny story, or make a touching point. Most of the time, you have to make the story emotional to keep the viewer's attention. It is up to you to decide how to incorporate your project's purpose or message in your video. 

  • Make sure you have good lighting
    Try to think about your lighting when you are coming up with ideas. Figure out what kinds of lights you will need and where you will put them to get the look you want. For instance, you will need to put shadows in the right places to make a scene look dramatic. On the other hand, having a lot of light can make a room feel cheery or ethereal, depending on where you put your lights. 

  • Try different angles
    You have to learn how to shoot video with DSLR or other cameras to try different angles effectively and expertly. The way you shoot your content has a significant effect on the mood and point of view. Depending on the scene, you can use low, high, bird's eye, and over-the-shoulder angles.

    Put the camera below the level of the subject's eyes to get a low angle. With a high angle, you look down on the subject from above. A bird's-eye view is usually taken from a very high place and a drone is often used to do this. The over-the-shoulder view is often used when two characters are talking or when one character sees something the other doesn't. 

  • Apply cinematic techniques
    A professional-looking video uses various simple camera moves that help tell the story and keep people interested. You might want to use some video shooting techniques to take your videography to the next level and wow your audience. It is best to use only the few cinematography techniques that are most important to your story. You do not want to use excessive visuals and make your viewers more interested in what they see than in your story. 

  • Avoid shaky shots
    Avoid taking shaky shots, especially when panning, doing a crane shot, or moving from side to side. It could make your videos look like home movies. The key is to put your camera on a tripod or some other steady surface. Once you have set up the camera, try not to move it unless you have to. 
Video shoot venues FAQs

How do I start shooting videos?
The best way to start making videos is to watch a few and think about how they were made. Pay attention to things like the angles and transitions. You don't need to go all out and buy the best tools immediately. The content is much more important than the tools used to get it. 

What skills do you need for video shooting?
The most important skill you need is curiosity and the urge to try new things. Aside from that, you will also need to learn about the technical aspects, such as composition, lighting, audio, and angles. Then you will need to learn the video shooting basics, like getting the correct exposure and keeping the video steady. The vital thing is to learn how to tell good stories. 

What are the best video shooting venues?
When choosing a video shooting location, it is vital to consider the project's scope, including the budget and the length of the video. You can try shooting on location if you have enough budget to cover multiple locations. If you have a small budget, it might be better to shoot the video in a studio. Moreover, if a location does not add anything to the video, it might be better to shoot in a studio instead. But if the style, tone, or overall message of the video depends on the location, then shooting on-location is the best choice. 

Book a video shoot venue in Singapore via Venuerific

There are many potential video shoot locations that you can book here at Venuerific. We hope the video shooting tips above will help you not just secure the perfect venue but also produce an effective and quality video. Ensure the success of your production by booking an ideal video shoot venue Singapore here at Venuerific! 

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