Top Company Christmas Party Venues in Singapore

As the holiday season draws near, it's the perfect moment to embark on the journey of planning an unforgettable company Christmas party for your dedicated employees. With a multitude of venues available, each catering to various event sizes and styles, you'll discover the ideal setting to create lasting memories. When it comes to organizing a seamless and memorable celebration, look no further than Venuerific.

Our extensive selection of company Christmas party venues Singapore ensures that whether you're envisioning an intimate gathering or a grand-scale affair, there's a space that perfectly suits your needs. We've handpicked some of the most reputable and popular venues in Singapore to make your decision-making process a breeze.

Company Christmas Party Rental Guide

Once the 'Ber months have begun, you will hear people saying that Christmas is just around the corner. This holiday season, which is universally acknowledged as the best time of the year, will soon be upon us, and before you know it, everyone will be in the mood to celebrate. If you are in charge of throwing or organising the company Christmas party, you will discover that many factors are essential to achieving the "wow" factor.

If you take things one step at a time and organise them in order of importance, you can ensure that your party will have an exciting beginning and conclusion. To help you, we will impart some fun and best corporate Christmas party ideas and venues Singapore! Check them out below:

Holiday Bingo

Holiday Bingo will make your employees talk to each other at the party. Start the game by giving each person a Bingo card. Then, try to get people to talk to each other. Players put the names of other players who fit the description on the squares. The winner is the person who is the first to mark five squares in a row and call it "Bingo." 

Foodie Fantasy

At any company holiday party, food-related games are sure to be a hit. Some of the best company Christmas party ideas include holding food-related activities. Book a venue where you can host a cooking class and teach your employees anything, from making hand pies to crafting customised recipes. You will never get bored, and the activities are often easy since you just need to follow the instructions and have fun.

Holiday Photobooths

Photo booths are fun additions to parties that make them more exciting and fun because you can use Christmas props such as Santa hats, reindeer antlers, scarves, gloves, jingle bells, and garlands. Most of these things are cheap, and you can get most of your props from a dollar store, making this one of the best company Christmas party ideas on a budget.

It is easy to make your photo booth. Simply set up a camera with a timer or trigger, or have an event staff run the camera. Free mobile apps also let you add frames and effects to your photos. You can send the photos as thank-you emails or have a mini photo printer on hand to make copies right away. 

Secret Hall Deckers

Secret Hall Deckers combines a desk decorating contest and Secret Santa. Pair your employees and let them decorate the desks of their coworkers who they are paired with. So that the surprise doesn't get ruined and the game isn't too crazy, you can schedule times when the person in charge can't be at their desk. People must guess which teammate put them up when they see the decorations. If you have a lot of employees, you can spread the exercise over a week or a month. Remind people that decorations must not hurt or destroy any things in the workspace. Also, don't forget to take pictures of the finished decorations! 

White Elephant

Exchange One of the best gifts to give at a company Christmas party is unexpected and unique items you can get from holding a White Elephant Exchange. Here, instead of giving each other lovely gifts, people give each other funny and gag gifts. Employees can also steal gifts from their coworkers. The basic rule of the White Elephant Exchange is to let each player give or receive gifts. Participants will either get a gift from a partner they are paired with or pick a gift randomly from the pile. The following person in line can either choose a new gift or take it from the person before them. The last person to open a gift can take anything from another player. 

Christmas-themed Happy Hour

For adults, the best way to get in the holiday spirit is to have a good drink! With the Christmas-themed Happy Hour, everyone in the office will get into the holiday spirit with coworkers and employees while drinking tasty drinks. Book a venue that offers beer, cocktails, and wine. A happy hour with a Christmas theme will be a fun night that will make everyone feel happy and bright.

Christmas Movie Night Out

Rent a movie theatre and take all your employees, coworkers, and clients to see the latest hit movie during the Christmas season. Everyone can enjoy the holiday spirit by watching classic Christmas movies together. You can bring in food from local restaurants or caterers for an extra festive touch.

Disco Party

If you and the employees find it challenging to decide what to wear to a company Christmas party, why not implement a dress code? Throw a disco party themed around the 1970s. Inform the guests to wear their best disco outfits because it's time for a night of dancing.

Holiday Miracles

Christmas is a time for receiving gifts, but it is also a time for giving. Holiday parties are a way to thank employees for their hard work over the past year. They are also a chance for employees to show gratitude and give back to the community. One of the best company Christmas party gift ideas is to host a charity Christmas party where you could host a silent auction. The money raised could go to a charity chosen by the employees. You can also organise a half-day volunteer event in December. For instance, you could visit older people in nursing homes or organise donations at a food pantry.

Worldwide Christmas

Christmas is celebrated differently around the world. Show how different cultures celebrate the holiday and help your employees see things from a different point of view. Find out how different countries celebrate Christmas and appoint a department per country. All homages should be respectful of other cultures, accurate, and not offensive or based on stereotypes. Get the right food and drinks. For example, Costa Rica has tamales, and Japan has KFC fried chicken. Different countries should also be reflected in the decorations and entertainment for the holidays. Music can also go with the theme. For instance, you could play Christmas carols like "Feliz Navidad'' or the translated versions of other popular carols. 

Pyjama Party

The best thing about a pyjama party is that there is no pressure involved regarding what to wear to a company Christmas party. You need some cosy pyjamas, snacks, hot chocolate, and a few good movies to get everyone in the mood for a Christmas party. This is one of the perfect small company Christmas party ideas for employees who want to chill out. You can also set up games like charades or card games.

Holiday Escape Room

Escape rooms are company Christmas party game ideas to do for the event. Find an event space or a recreational venue that you can turn into a place where the guests will solve puzzles while trying to get out of a locked room within a certain period. Make sure the escape room is Christmas-themed by including holiday aspects such as Santa getting locked in a living room and the group having to help him get out. Room decorations should be in the spirit of Christmas, and holiday items can be used to hide clues. After that, you could take the team out to dinner. 

Company Christmas Party Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What types of company Christmas party venues are available in Singapore?

Singapore offers a variety of Christmas party venues, from luxurious ballrooms, rooftop bars, fine-dining establishments, and spacious event halls, to even one-of-a-kind themed locations.

How do you plan a company Christmas party?

If you are holding a large-scale Christmas party, you might want to get a group of people to help you plan. First, pick a date and find a venue for the office Christmas party. Next, prepare the menu, and think of things to do and games to play. Next, you should make a schedule. Then, let employees know about the event by sending out company Christmas party invitations. There are many company Christmas party invitation templates on the web. Make sure to say if family and friends are welcome or if only employees are invited. Give yourself a few hours to set up and decorate on the day of the party. Then, have fun and don't forget to take a lot of pictures!

Where are the best company Christmas party venues in Singapore?

Check out some of the best company Christmas party venues Singapore you can book here at Venuerific below:

  • Hotels: Large hotel chains make it easy to host a Christmas party for a large group of people because they have a lot of perks and amenities. Their ballrooms can fit a lot of people and are complete with tables, chairs, and catering services.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants can be one of the most accessible Christmas party venues for groups that need food, drinks, and service. They have spaces for small and large groups of people. The restaurant can help you choose a menu, or guests can order from the main menu.
  • Function Halls: Function halls can be rented for Christmas parties with a lot of guests. You can hire DJs to play the music that goes with the party's theme. A big part of the hall may be cleared out so that people can dance, play games, and do other fun things.
  • Bars: Having your event at a bar is one of the most excellent small company Christmas party ideas. The party could rent a room in the bar where drinks could be ordered and served only to the group. 

How much does it cost to book a company Christmas party venue?

At Venuerific, renting venues can cost as little as $10 per person or as high as $181+ per pax. Whatever your spending limit is, we can offer a suitable company Christmas party for you. Check out some potential budget, economy, premium, and luxury company Christmas party venues!

Is there a minimum or maximum duration for renting these venues for a company Christmas party?

Some company Christmas party venues in Singapore may have a minimum rental period, especially during peak holiday times. It's essential to clarify the rental duration and any overtime fees with the venue.

Book the best company Christmas party venue in Singapore via Venuerific

Finding a venue for your upcoming company Christmas party can be thrilling but also tiresome. Fortunately, there are a plethora of venues that are suitable for this type of event here at Venuerific! Book the top venue and follow the company Christmas party themes and ideas above to provide your employees with the memorable and fun celebration they deserve!

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