Top Restaurants with Meeting Room in Singapore

Looking for a private meeting room in a restaurant? Well, that's a really good idea! Not only do you get to have productive discussion, you can also enjoy delectable business luncheon or dinner with your client at the same time! If you are unsure where to start finding this venue, fret not! On Venuerific, you will be ale to find the best restaurants that is able to hold your private meetings with your clients! Browse through our extensive list of restaurants in Singapore and find the most suitable ones here for your next business meeting!

Restaurants with Meeting Room Rental Guide

Some people don't really like a formal meeting or brainstorming session. That's why they choose to discuss business ideas by having a business lunch or meeting in a restaurant but in a private VIP room where you will not only get to have a productive session of discussion but enjoy delectable dishes at the restaurants! From Italian restaurant, Western restaurant, to International Restaurant, you've got a wide variety to choose from on Venuerific! Scroll through the list of restaurants and cafes on Venuerific based on your budget!

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