Top Valentine’s Day Venues in Singapore

Celebrate love, from your romantic partner and friends to your family and supporters, by hosting a Valentine's Day party! Book the perfect and unique Valentine's Day venue Singapore and bring all your loved ones together for an extra special day.

Valentine’s Day Venues Rental Guide

Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14, is always riddled with romantic gestures and gifts that will make your heart flutter. This is the Day when no one will judge you for your cheesiness, so you might as well make the most of it by hosting a romantic party!

Venuerific has a plethora of Valentine's Day venues and spaces you can rent for the most memorable and sweet event that everyone will fall in love with. From romantic rooftop venues to big or small Valentine's day restaurants in Singapore, you are sure to find the perfect party place.

To further help you in planning and organising your event, here are some fun and interesting Valentine's Day party ideas:

  • Invite pets
    Invite your guests' pets to your Valentine's Day party! Everyone deserves to celebrate love, including your furry friends. There are a host of pet-friendly Valentine's Day venues around Singapore that you can rent for your event. Who knows, you and your pet might even end up with new best friends!

  • Turn the party into a charitable event
    Turn your Valentine's Day celebration into a good cause to make it even more meaningful. You and your guests can work together to make care packages that will be given to homeless shelters, animal shelters, or struggling school children. You could also plan a "field trip" for the whole group to go to a local organisation and help out before coming back to the party location for refreshments.

  • Set up photo booths
    Rent or create photo booths to encourage your guests to create lasting memories at your Valentine's Day party. You can use Valentine's day party decorations like foil balloons, cupid bows, silly hats, hearts, and flowers. If you are creating your own photo booth, use some Polaroid cameras for instant photo printing. You can use some PVC pipes and red or pink fabrics for backgrounds. If you want an easier and more seamless photo booth setup, consider renting a studio venue for your party. Such venues have cameras, green screens, backdrops, and even photo editing tools and equipment so your guests can take the dream Valentine's Day picture with their dates.

  • Wear costumes
    A quick and easy way to spice up your Valentine's Day party is to have your guests attend the event in Valentine's Day attire. Inform your guests about your Valentine's Day theme party and encourage them to wear something pink, red, or white, or even have them dressed up as Cupid.

  • Have a dessert table
    Valentine's Day is all about romance, love, and sweetness. Set up a dessert table that includes classic sweet treats like chocolate-covered strawberries, cupcakes, custom fortune cookies, and various chocolate desserts. This Valentine's Day idea will be perfectly done if you do it in a restaurant venue. This venue can easily help you set up the dessert table. They can even include dessert as part of their catering when you avail of a venue package.

  • Hit the piñata
    Prepare a special pink and heart-shaped piñata filled with candies and let your guests hit it. Make sure to think of a fun game where the winner can hit the piñata. 

  • Sip some "love potions"
    Serve some pink cocktails that taste like strawberries, or use grenadine, cranberry juice, or grapefruit juice as mixers. You can start with strawberry flavours. Valentine's Day parties with such ideas are great to be held in clubs and bars. Put flowers, cute Valentine's napkins, paper straws, and festive glasses or cups on top of drinks to make them look good enough to post on Instagram. You might also want to serve drinks like strawberry lemonade, Shirley Temples, and Cherry Cokes that don't have alcohol in them. 

  • Have some coffee
    Serving your party attendees coffee or hot chocolate is one of the most thoughtful things you can do to celebrate the middle of February. Don't forget the whipped cream, which can be prepared with or without the use of dairy and comes in various flavours. Consider getting help from cafe venues to pull off a Valentine's Day tea party. Cafe venues often have a selection of sweets and pastries that goes very well with coffee or hot chocolates. Consider ordering tiny pink marshmallows and heart-shaped cookies with pink or red sprinkles. You can also give out a variety of Valentine's mugs.

  • Watch classic rom-com
    Rent a theatre venue and watch the most classic and cheesiest romantic comedies of all time! Some of the best picks are You've Got Mail, The Proposal, When Harry Met Sally, and How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days. Make the event even more fun by playing some rom-con trivia games. Expect a night of occasional "aww" moments and tear-jerkers by binge-watching your favourite movies about love. Don't forget the cotton candies and popcorn to pull off these Valentine's Day dinner party ideas. 

  • Host a V Day-inspired baking workshop
    How about teaching your guests to bake customised cakes, cookies, and cupcakes for their loved ones? Book a workshop venue and start baking treats like red velvet cookies, shortbread squares, and pecan pie bars.

  • Have a Valentine's Day-themed brunch
    The best time for brunch is on Saturday or Sunday mornings, which is also the best time to spend time with friends or family. Set up a brunch with Valentine's Day party themes by serving various tasty dishes and colourful drinks. You could serve mimosas, muffins, red velvet pancakes, fruit salad, and quiche, or you could have a potluck and have everyone bring something to share for brunch. Add touches of red, pink, and rose gold to the venue space. You could also place a vase of roses on each table and set up a coffee station with different kinds of milk. 

  • Host a V Day-inspired painting workshop
    Are you into paintings, drawings, or other crafts? Book a craft workshop venue and share your knowledge with your guests. Have your guests create something special that their loved ones will treasure forever. Add some spice to your event by incorporating some drinking sessions!

  • Exchange gifts
    A "Favorite Things Party" is an excellent source of entertainment. If you do not know how it works, you simply decide how many gifts your guests should bring. Then, everyone talks about what they brought and why it is one of their favourite things or things to do. After that, you can let each guest choose their own gift or draw names out of a bowl randomly to decide who gets which gift. Another way to exchange gifts is to have a Secret Cupid Gift Swap. Once you have a list of everyone who plans to come to the event, you put all of their names on one big list and then assign each person to offer a gift to someone. Make sure to ask each guest to send a brief virtual introduction, preferably one that can be sent by email. Once the party starts, watch them meet each other and let the conversation begin. 

Valentine's Day Venue Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the best Valentine's Day venues Singapore?

There are a plethora of excellent places to go for Valentine's Day venues Singapore has to offer. Whether you plan a romantic dinner with your partner, a hotel staycation with your loved one, or a fun party with your friends and family, you won't run out of places to go during Valentine's Day in Singapore. We recommend booking a hotel or restaurant near Marina Bay to enjoy the mystifying sunrise and sunset over the city skyline. You can also go for a romantic walk around Changi, where the tallest indoor waterfall is located.

Where are the popular dinner places for Valentine's Day?

If you are looking for Valentine's Day places where you and your loved one can enjoy the night together, alone or with other guests Singapore will never run out of choices to offer. While most dinner venues are located in the Central Area, you can also find a handful of restaurants in the Western Region of the lion city. Try checking out Chinatown, Sentosa, and Tanjong Pagar, where most of the romantic and lavish restaurants to dine in are located.

How much does it cost to book dinner places for Valentine's Day?

At Venuerific, the price of booking dinner places for Valentine's Day ranges from $10 to more than $181 per guest. You can use our smart search to filter the best Valentine's Day venues based on your desired price level, which can be budget, economy, premium, and luxury.

Organise The Best Valentine’s Day in Singapore

Ensure that everyone you love will have a sweet and warm Valentine's Day by hosting a memorable event! Consider the list of ideas we have provided above and make sure to book the perfect Valentine's Day party venue Singapore has to offer. 

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