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Anniversaries give life meaning. Whether you are celebrating historical and national events, business and professional achievements, personal and family milestones, or other things, make the day more special by hosting an anniversary party! Find the perfect venue for your anniversary event in Singapore below:

Anniversary Party Venues Rental Guide

Anniversary Venue Singapore

The best way to celebrate your anniversary is to spend it with your family and friends. It might seem complicated to plan an anniversary party for yourself or a friend, but that is not always the case. We have broken the process into seven easy steps to ensure you have everything you need to throw perfect anniversary parties every year.

Step 1: Pick a Date
The first and most crucial step is to pick a date for the event. To ensure everyone can come and give yourself enough time to plan, you should hold the party as close to the anniversary date as possible and give the guests at least one month's notice. When choosing a date, consider when the party will take place. Will it be a party in the afternoon or in the evening?

Step 2: Choose a place.
The location of the anniversary party will depend on many things, like whether it will be held during the day or at night if it will be formal or casual, and how many people will be invited. Once you know the answers to these questions, choosing a venue will be much easier. Holding the event outdoors could be a nice touch if the weather is good.

Or, if you want to go all out for this important event, you could book a hotel, function hall, restaurant, or country club, which are popular anniversary event venues. Book the site as soon as possible to avoid missing out instead of waiting until the last minute.

Step 3: Pick a theme
Now comes the fun part: deciding the theme! In general, the theme should be friendly and show something about the person or people being honoured or the reason for the party. Formal parties often have a colour theme so that the whole event's decorations look like they belong together. For casual meetings, on the other hand, you don't have to worry as much about sticking to a theme. 

Step 4: Send invitations
Most of the time, invitations are not needed. But for formal anniversary parties, it is best to send out printed invitations four weeks in advance with details like the dress code, children, and plus-ones. It is also important to remember that the venue may need to know how many people to expect to prepare the space. But if you want to keep it a secret, you could make a Facebook event group where it would be easy to keep everyone up to date on the time and other important information throughout the day. You could also send an electronic invitation to everyone. 

Step 5: Prepare the decoration for the event
The decorations have a significant effect on how your anniversary feels. You can place a vase of flowers or aromatic candles in the middle of the table if you are celebrating an anniversary with your loved one. Another popular choice is to use your wedding anniversary as part of the decor. For instance, red is the colour for a 40th wedding anniversary, so most of the decorations, including the tableware, should be red.

Step 6: Choose the food
You can only have the best anniversary dinner Singapore has ever seen if your event provides food and drink. Some people choose to set up a buffet, while others would rather have the whole event catered. When choosing the food, think about the number of guests, the theme, and any special dietary needs. If you are having a small party, it may be the best option to serve food from a buffet. It will let you get a wide range of finger foods, ensuring everyone has something to eat. If you have more than 30 guests, having the party catered might relieve some of the stress of making enough food for everyone and let you enjoy the day. No matter what kind of food you serve, you must continually offer a variety, including vegetarian and halal-certified options. Remember to bring the cake!

Step 7: Capture the moments
Hiring a photographer to record and capture the best parts of the anniversary event is the best way to remember it. If you do not have enough money to hire a photographer, there are many cheap ways to take pictures of these special moments. One way to let people take pictures is to buy a lot of disposable cameras and put them all over the place. At the end of the day, you can gather all the beautiful photos. 

Anniversary Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best anniversary gift ideas?
You can base your anniversary gifts on the specific year or anniversary you are celebrating. For instance:

  • First Anniversary: Paper is one of the traditional anniversary gifts for the first anniversary. Thus, you can gift your loved one or the celebrant with origami, books, and letters.
  • Fifth Anniversary: Wood-made products and daisies are some of the traditional gifts on a fifth wedding anniversary
  • Tenth Anniversary: The blue sapphire is symbolic of honesty and intelligence and is the official gemstone for the tenth anniversary. Gift your loved one or the celebrant with sapphire items for their 10th-anniversary celebration.
  • 20th Anniversary: The traditional gift on a 20th anniversary is china. You can also incorporate the colour emerald, which represents the twentieth anniversary, in your gifts.
  • 50th Anniversary: A golden jubilee is the 50th anniversary, which is why the perfect anniversary gifts include anything with a touch of gold.
What are the best anniversary party Singapore theme ideas?
It might be hard to develop a suitable theme for an anniversary party. To make your work easier, here are some ideas for putting together an event with anniversary theme ideas:

1st Anniversary

  • Origami (paper cranes): If it is your first wedding anniversary, have a party with a paper crane theme. You may use them as a decorative element by hanging them from the ceiling or as photo opportunities for guests. You may even use them as table centrepieces for your anniversary party.
  • Letters of affection or appreciation: Your guests can write love letters or any letters of affection or appreciation for you. It is a beautiful way to mark your anniversary and recall how you have built successful and fruitful relationships.
  • Newspapers: Create a party with a newspaper theme to celebrate the anniversary and spread the fantastic news. Guests may dress like journalists or decorate using newspapers.
5th Anniversary

  • Palm trees: If you like the tropics, you may choose to celebrate your fifth anniversary with a palm tree theme. To create a fun and unique event, decorate the venue with seashells, flip-flops, and palm trees.
  • Tiki Night: A tiki party is a lovely way to celebrate with friends and family. You may use tiki décor and serve island-inspired foods and drinks.
  • Pink Quartz: If you like crystals, the fifth wedding anniversary gemstone is rose quartz. The traditional flower for a 5th wedding anniversary is the daisy. Buy single-stem vases and arrange daisies on your guests' tables if you are using flower decor.
10th Anniversary

  • Futuristic-themed party: Anniversary parties with futuristic themes are an excellent alternative for couples who like science fiction. You may construct your own photo booth with props such as space helmets, cardboard robots, and neon signs. In addition, you might include anniversary treats such as galaxy popcorn or space-themed pastries.
  • Silver and Blue: Since the traditional colours for the 10th anniversary are silver and blue, you could have an anniversary party with a denim and diamonds theme.
  • Art Theme: Use Vincent Van Gogh's painting Starry Night as the centrepiece of your anniversary celebration so you can incorporate silver and blue in the decorations. As an anniversary meal, serve cookies or cupcakes with blue icing fashioned like stars.
20th Anniversary

  • Tea party: Since the traditional gift for a 20th anniversary is china, Bring out your finest assortment of exquisite china and celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary with a tea party theme.
  • Winter's Magical Land: Celebrate your anniversary with a party themed after a winter wonderland to recapture the enchantment. Decorate the location of the celebration with silver. You can use snowflake confetti or snowfall lights to decorate your anniversary party.
  • Disco-themed celebration: For those who wish to relive the disco era or were born during it, a disco-themed party is an excellent option.
50th Anniversary

  • Bee-themed Party: Violets and yellow flowers represent the 50th anniversary. These flowers are the ideal finishing touch for your anniversary celebration décor. Decorate the venue for your anniversary celebration with golden yellow and honeycomb motifs. Add yellow roses or violets if you are utilising flowers for your event location.
  • Travel Theme Party: Celebrate a long and happy life by hosting a travel-themed anniversary celebration to show where you have travelled or what countries you wish to explore. Your anniversary celebration backdrop should be a globe. To decorate, use globes, pieces of luggage, and centrepieces with a travel theme.
What types of anniversaries are celebrated?
Some anniversaries are only celebrated by the people involved, while others are big enough to be celebrated by the whole company or even a community! Check out the types of anniversaries that you can celebrate with a fancy dinner, a rocking party, or a simple meeting: 

  • Significant Cultural Events
    Many people celebrate the significant anniversaries of local projects and structures that are important to them. Some also celebrate the birthdays of famous people and the anniversaries of books being published. 
  • Organisational milestones
    Colleges celebrate their founding dates in the same way that churches, charities, and other non-profits do. Only half of businesses make it through their first five years, so business anniversaries are essential. Companies use these events to show customers, employees, and investors how much they appreciate them. Product anniversaries give companies a chance to get people interested again, while employment anniversaries give companies a chance to thank employees for their hard work and loyalty. 
  • Life events
    Birth and marriage are all significant life events that connect people. Birthdays are really anniversaries, even though they are called birthdays. Some couples even hold parties to mark wedding anniversaries. People in recovery from drug addiction often have a party on the anniversary of the day they stopped using drugs and went to a treatment program.
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