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Are you celebrating something special and don't want the fun to end? Keep the party going by booking the best after party venues Singapore! Whether you are looking for exclusive or open event spaces, Singapore will never run out of potential locations for you. Check some of the best venues for after party events below:

After Party Rental Guide

After-party events are common extensions of many celebrations, especially for brands that want to make a lasting impression on their target audience. Organising an after-party requires fast and efficient planning skills. Here are some tips to help you plan and enjoy a fun and memorable after-party Singapore can witness.

  • Secure the booking of your venue early
    Chances are you prioritise the planning of your main event. However, an after-party can be just as impactful as the key occasion. Thus, you should create a separate file for planning the after-party and give it as much attention as you would with the first event.

    It would be best if you held the after-party at a different venue than the main event so guests can distinguish it as an extra offering. However, make sure not to choose hard-to-reach venues or risk no-shows.

    The best thing to do is to secure the after-party venue Singapore near the location of the main event. This way, you won't have a hard time directing guests to the party location. If you hold the after party within the same venue, say a different space inside a hotel, you can also have the chance to get a discounted rate.

    Make sure to secure the booking of your chosen venue, so you don't have to worry about settling for the second-best. 

  • Aim for laid-back after-party events
    Whether you have done a one-day event or a multi-day conference, your after-party should always be laid-back and fun for your guests. Avoid putting too much pressure on them to network or participate in activities. Let the guests take the lead on socialising or simply enjoy a round of drinks and some dancing.

    It will be ideal if you allot a specific time for after-party dance or other icebreaker activities. Ensure that your chosen venue also has introvert-friendly zones for low-key conversations. At Venuerific, you can find various unique after-party venues that offer a mix of exclusive and open spaces to match the vibe you want for your event.

  • Include local flavour in the menu
    A party will not be complete without a bunch of appetising and delicious dishes. Make sure to have an inclusive menu so everyone can enjoy the food. Offering something local is a great way to introduce your guests to the venue, especially if they are required to travel to the destination.

    If you decide to hire an external catering service, check out various after-party food ideas on the web so you can offer something new to your guests. It will be ideal to offer vegetarian-friendly, halal-certified, or international cuisine to make your menu more inclusive.

  • Offer something unique
    Always give your guests a great reason to attend your after-party. Create some wow factor to make your event different from other networking events. Check out some unique after-party exclusives that will surely make the guests stick around:

    VIPs: You can invite speakers or special guests from your main event to your after-party. This will provide the rest of the guests to socialise and break bread with the celebrities from your main event. You can even try inviting real celebrities or bands to make the party more exciting.

    Swags: Give out swags related to your event that will only be available at your after-party. These can be in the form of books, CDs, or posters signed by your event speakers and branded goods.

    Entertainment: Of course, the party won't be complete without entertainment. Aside from living entertainment like bands or DJs, you can also set up karaoke booths and arcade games to give your guests a chance to relax while having fun.

    Special cocktails: This is why bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels are great after-party venues. You can ask the staff or an external catering service to create a customised cocktail for the event. Don't forget to give the cocktail a name connected to your party!

  • Promote your after-party
    After you finalise your venue, schedule, entertainment, and catering, it's now time to send out the invitations and market your event. In conjunction with promoting your upcoming main event, don't forget to market your after-party as well. Make sure to build excitement by mentioning what your guests can expect at the event. Check out some marketing tips you can use when promoting after-party events:

    Electronic Direct Mail: Electronic Direct Mail or simply email marketing campaigns is a great way to reach your target audience. Ensure to include graphics and call-to-actions so the recipients can engage with your email.

    Social media campaigns: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms can be used to reach your target audience. If you are planning to hold an exclusive after-party, you can simply create a group chat or private channel where you can coordinate with your potential guests.

    Geofencing: Geofencing is used when you want to promote your social media campaigns within a designated location. For instance, if you are holding a multi-day conference and hosting an after-party around the same area, you can use geofencing to know when a mobile device enters your set location.

  • Seek feedback from the guests
    As the after-party continues, take time to circulate around, strike up some conversations with the guests, and let them share how they enjoy the party. This is an indirect way of doing post-event surveys. You wouldn't want the guests to feel like they are leaving with a homework assignment, so it will be best if you do the survey indirectly.

    You will know the event is going on really well if the people laugh and smile. Keeping an eye on the party will also rectify problems or improve services immediately, such as caterers taking too much time to refill trays. This is also the best time to impart your after-party thanks message.

After Party Venue Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

What usually happens during an after-party?

After parties are attended by the guests from the main event. Food and entertainment are also served at an after-party. Depending on the time of the event, guests can either just sit down, relax, and chat freely. But if the after party is held during the night, this will also include some dancing, drinking, and more celebration. 

How much does it cost to rent an after-party venue in Singapore?

The cost of an after-party venue in Singapore depends on various factors of your event, such as the budget, number of guests, and location. At Venuerific, you can find budget, economy, premium, and luxury after-party venues that cost from $10 to $181+ per guest. You can also customise the filters on our smart search for more refined results. For instance, here is a list of potential after party venues Singapore based on the expected number of guests:

What are the best after-party venues Singapore can offer?

There is a plethora of potential after-party venues where you can arrive in your best dress Singapore. The most popular after-party event venues are bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels. The perfect venue should be near the location of your main event. For instance, if you are holding a networking event in a conference hall, then you should find a nearby event space where you can host your after-party. This way, your guests won't have much trouble and won't spend too much time and effort attending the after-party. You can still host your main event and after-party in the same location. However, it will be much better if you rent a separate venue for the after party for a change of environment and to offer something new for the guests. 

Book the best after-party venues in Singapore via Venuerific

Are you ready to have an amazing after-party? Take your pick from the best after-party venues in Singapore here at Venuerific! Booking a venue can be done within a few clicks. Simply utilise our smart search by choosing your desired event and venue type or customising your location, number of guests, and price level. Most venues listed on Venuerific offer attractive packages and deals that will make your after-party planning much easier and price-worthy. Try checking out other party venues as well!

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