Top Graduation Party Venues in Singapore

Planning a graduation party will be easier and more fun once you have booked the best graduation party venues in Singapore. Whether you will host a huge graduation party for all the students or you want to give your hard-working teenager a rocking party, you will have a greater chance of hosting a memorable event if you secure the venue here at Venuerific!

Graduation Party Rental Guide

Graduation Party Venues Singapore

Whether you are looking for some high school graduation party ideas or fun graduation party games for college graduates, Venuerific is here to help you throw the best event ever. To give you a head start on planning, here are some ideas and tips on planning a graduation party.

Graduation Party Rental Guide

Whether you are looking for some high school graduation party ideas or fun graduation party games for college graduates, Venuerific is here to help you throw the best event ever. To give you a head start on planning, here are some ideas and tips on planning a graduation party.

Secure the right graduation party venue

If you want to throw a special graduation party, you will need to locate an appropriate or unique venue. You can secure a budget-friendly venue by choosing a location that offers all-inclusive packages and deals. Find a place that has in-house catering, tables, chairs, décor, linens, and audio-visual equipment. This way, you won't have to pay for additional third-party services or rent equipment.

When you are looking for ideas for locations for graduation parties, it is crucial to consider the practicalities as much as the cost and the preferences of the graduate. If the location you're considering for the graduation party doesn't have bathrooms, you should cross it off your list of potential venues.

The location of the graduation party can have a significant influence on the mood that is set for the entire event. It does not matter if you want to throw a massive fiesta or an intimate dinner. You will find that there are a lot of fantastic graduation party venues Singapore here at Venuerific! Some of the potential graduation party venues that we recommend include:

  • Outdoor: Outdoor venues are especially great if you are planning to host outdoor graduation party games such as ring toss yard games, outdoor ping pong, or bean bag toss. There will be plenty of space for guests and other graduation party activities, such as photo booths and outdoor pools.
  • Restaurant: Restaurants are inexpensive and convenient venue choices for graduation parties. Here, you won't have to worry about setting up tables, cleaning after the party, or hiring caterers and staff. It is possible that the only thing you need to supply is the decorations and a cake.
  • Function Hall: A function hall is an excellent place for a graduation party venue if you plan to invite many guests. Tables, chairs, set-up, and other services are often included in the overall package of hiring the venue. You can also make arrangements to bring in your own caterers, decorations, and other items as you see fit.
  • Bar: If you want to throw a graduation party somewhere other than your house, one of the best options is a bar. Make sure to make a reservation a significant amount of time in advance of the event. This is because there will be a large number of other people making reservations for the same weekend as your party. Private rooms in bars or clubs are wonderful because they allow you some solitude and the freedom to design the area as you see fit while still allowing you to make use of the cuisine, drinks, and service that the venue offers.
  • Yacht: Since most graduations take place in the summer, it is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the occasion on a yacht. Make the event even more memorable by ordering catering that corresponds to the concept of your party.
Ensure the venue can accommodate all the guests

Ideally, you will want a venue with a friendly staff that can comfortably accommodate the number of guests you have. If you have a particular budget to follow, limiting the number of guests you invite is one step toward having a graduation party that is easy on the wallet yet memorable. Here is a list of the potential graduation party venues based on the number of guests they can accommodate:

Decide on a unique graduation party theme

It is not surprising that local stores run out of graduation party balloons so quickly during graduations. Thus, make it a priority to secure some school-coloured banners and other decorations as soon as possible. However, it would be best if you also thought of a unique graduation party theme to make the event as memorable and distinguished as possible.

Choosing a unique theme for your graduation party will inspire you to come up with fresh activities for your celebration, which is yet another way that your event will stand out from the others. For instance, if you or your child belong to a sports club, try throwing a sports-themed party and encourage everyone to show up wearing their favourite sports jerseys or attire. 

Construct the graduation party agenda

Guests of all ages, from little children to older people, should enjoy the celebration. You will ensure that everyone feels involved and valued if you plan a graduation party agenda in which they can all take part at the same time. Bring your guests closer together by checking out these fun graduation party ideas:

  • Provide your guests with dance floors and hire an experienced DJ to take care of the energetic music
  • Schedule a time when all of the visitors will be present so that the graduate can open their gifts and express gratitude to those who gave them. Also, make sure to make a record of who contributed what gifts so that they can write thank-you notes to the appropriate people at a later time.
  • Prepare a table for the guest book where individuals can sign their names and leave a message for the graduate.
  • Give each guest a blank canvas bag to design with the school's colours, then fill the bags with fresh fruit, candies, or other swag from the area for them to take home.
Don't forget the food and drinks

Ensure that the graduate and the guests have the warmest memories of the event by providing them with delicious and quality food and drinks. Ideally, you should include vegetarian-friendly or halal-certified dishes so that everyone can enjoy the food. It is also up to you if you will be serving beer, cocktails, and wine at the party.

Graduation Party Venues FAQs

How long should a graduation party go on?
The recommended duration for a graduation party is at least three to five hours. This will allow the guests and the graduate to arrive at their leisure, socialise, and celebrate the occasion to the fullest. However, it is also vital to think about the guest demographics when determining how long the event will take. If the party is for children, you should hold it for less than 3 hours. But if it is for teenagers and young adults, you can follow the standard three to five-hour limits.

What food should be served at a graduation party?
Most graduation parties are casual events, so you are not required to set up formal dinners. Typically, the popular foods served during graduation parties are hamburgers, pizzas, fresh fruits, buffalo wings, and finger foods. If the party has a lot of young adults, beer and cocktails are served as well.

What are the best graduation party venues in Singapore?
There are a plethora of potential graduation party venues that you can book around Singapore. Some of the popular venues for graduation parties include bars, restaurants, function halls, and other outdoor and unique venues such as rooftops and yachts. All of these venues are available for booking here at Venuerific!

Book the best graduation party venues in Singapore via Venuerific

Graduation is one of the most anticipated events for a student. Thus, you will want to organise a party that will be remembered for a very long time. The guide above will shed some light on how to plan a successful and memorable graduation party.

Although there will be a plethora of questions to answer and decisions to make, selecting the best graduation party venue remains one of the most difficult ones. Fortunately, there is an abundance of excellent venues that you can book for a graduation party here at Venuerific! 

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5 / 5
Booked at Luna
Great venue! :)

The design of the place was amazing, price was affordable for the size. The service provided was great with service crew always being ready to support you! The venue is also very flexible with the placement of your tables, chairs, photobooth etc. Food ordered from them was great and overall, the event was successful for over 100 pax!

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Alex Runako
5 / 5
Booked at All To Gather
One of the best venue so far!

Booked the place for a small graduation party. The place is very pretty at night and the ambience is really nice. It also had a partnership with Grain Catering that allows us to have 10% discount when we ordered from them. The manager is also really helpful and patient in answering all the questions I had to ensure the event went smooth sailing. Would definitely recommend this place to everyone!!

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