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Every year, we prepare for Chunjie, also called the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival. Celebrate this festive holiday by hosting the best Chinese New Year party! Start by choosing and booking the perfect Chinese New Year event venue Singapore has to offer below:

Chinese New Year Party Venues Rental Guide

Chinese New Year is celebrated worldwide with parades, fireworks, and shows of traditional Chinese culture, but Singapore does it the best. This multilingual country is unique because most people are from the Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian ethnic groups.

Since the cultural traditions are heavily respected and diverse, the whole country celebrates the Chinese New Year, not just the roughly 75% of Chinese people living there. Singaporeans have added their unique touch to Chinese New Year celebrations by mixing old and new traditions and taking parts from other cultures.

Below are some of the Chinese New Year event ideas you can use to celebrate Chinese New Year in Singapore and also the guide on how to prepare for Chinese New Year Singapore.

Finding "Fu" in Chinatown
Chinatown in Singapore is always busy, but during the Chinese New Year, it is especially lively because of shops selling unique dishes like pineapple tarts and nian gao and performances by groups of traditional lion or dragon dancers. Book a Chinese New Year event venue around Chinatown, so you are closer to festive bazaars and historical buildings. Shop for New Year's gifts like hong bao, red envelopes with exact amounts of money that parents give to their children for luck, and anything with the character "fu," which means "good luck." These things make great keepsakes!

Learning about the history of Chinese people in Singapore
If you want to celebrate Chinese New Year more historically, you can book a museum or an event space where you can show the guests the history of how Chinese people came to Singapore. Decorate the space with photos or paintings of how early Chinese immigrants lived on the island or artefacts showing the lives of the Chinese.

Showing honour to the Buddha
During Chunjie, people will burn incense, give Buddha oranges or kumquats (fruits that represent wealth), and maybe even get a blessing from a monk. You can book a hotel room near Chinatown, where you can find the Thian Hock Keng Temple, one of Singapore's oldest Chinese places of worship. This Hokkien temple also called the "Temple of Heavenly Bliss," is another name for it often organises events for the Chinese New Year.

Yusheng: Tossing Food for Good Luck
The Chinese New Year is the only time yusheng, a traditional Chinese salad, is made. The ingredients vary, but they usually include shredded vegetables like radish and cucumber, raw fish like salmon or mackerel, and a variety of sweet sauces and sesame oil. Each piece has a different meaning, often linked to success and wealth. For example, sometimes the dish has fried wontons on top, which are a symbol of gold. People stir the yusheng with their chopsticks simultaneously and throw them as high as possible to wish each other luck for the New Year. Everyone who consumes this cold, sweet salad is expected to have good luck. This dish is a starter at many Chinese restaurants in Singapore during the festive celebration.

How to plan a Chinese New Year party Singapore

Most likely, the first decorations for a Chinese New Year party that come to your mind are bright colours and fancy designs. You can easily find traditional decorations online and in physical stores. For the Chinese New Year celebrations, the colours red, gold, and green are best used for decorations. You can incorporate the colours in lanterns, streamers, and odd fabric tassels. 

Foods and drinks
Authentic food is a must if you want to show respect for Chinese culture. This calls for a buffet serving steamed shrimp dumplings, sesame prawn toast, mini pots of stir-fried vegetables and tofu rice, and many other tasty dishes. Do not forget the fortune cookies! Fortune cookies are a great way to start a conversation and add a nice touch to any event. 

Musical Show
For a Chinese New Year celebration to stand out, it must include music and dancing. 

It is essential to choose the best venue for your Chinese New Year party. Your guests must be able to enjoy drinks and canapés at the reception, which has both a comfortable and cosy setting with enough room to move around. The venue must also be easily accessible. Ballrooms and function halls are the perfect places for this kind of event since they are both big enough to be decorated in a way that provides adequate space for performances and socialisation.

Tips for planning a Chinese New Year Party in Singapore

Be cautious of your budget
The first step in planning an event for the Chinese New Year is to figure out how much budget you have. How much money do you want to spend on your event? This will give your event both a base and a set of rules to follow. Keep in mind that a Chinese New Year event can be a festive celebration. Thus, you must stick to your budget so you won't have to deal with unnecessary extra bills after the event. 

Book the Chinese New Party event venue in advance
Whether you are having a party or a dinner for the Chinese New Year, the place you choose will be very different depending on your event and plans. Depending on how many people are coming, a dinner will need more space because you will need to set up tables and a stage. Make sure to book the venue in advance, especially if you are planning to host the Chinese New Year event in a popular or sought-after place. Before you secure the schedule, make sure that the venue has all the items and features available for the upcoming event. Also, keep in mind that the rental fee for the venue or event space can vary depending on when you book it. During busy times, it will cost more to book the area. 

Decorate the Chinese New Party event venue
The decorations and location of a Chinese New Year party are essential. Your guests will recognize or feel like it is Chinese New Year if you include bright, lively reds and yellows on the venue decorations. 

Entertain your guests
Entertainment is a vital component of any event. Lion dancers are among the most popular performers to see during the Chinese New Year since they symbolise the Chinese New Year. When picking entertainment for your event, you must ensure each performer has a setlist. Make sure there is enough room between each set and that nothing clashes at your event. 

Chinese New Year Venues Singapore: Frequently Asked Questions

How should I decorate a Chinese New Year event space?

Decorating an event space or any venue for the upcoming Chinese New Year is easy and fun. The things you need to have in your space are decorations involving the colour red and lucky images. Some of the popular decorations during Chinese New Year are: 

  • Chinese Lanterns: Hang Chinese lanterns on trees, doors, and ceilings to "drive off bad luck."
  • Door Couplets: Paste couplets, which state good wishes, on doors. Make sure to post them in pairs because even numbers are associated with good luck in Chinese culture.
  • Paper Cuttings: Glue some red paper cuttings on a transparent surface, such as doors and windows. Paper cuttings during Chinese New Year often provide an image of an auspicious animal or plant that represents different wishes.
  • New Year Paintings: Paste New Year paintings on doors and walls depicting images of legendary figures and plants.
  • Fu Characters: Paste big diamonds of paper calligraphy with the Chinese character "Fu," which means "good fortune."
  • Kumquat Trees: Kumquat is called gam gat sue in Cantonese and Jinju shu in Mandarin. The terms "gat" and "jin" mean good luck and gold. Thus, having kumquat trees symbolises good luck and wealth.
  • Blooming Flowers: Since the Chinese New Year marks the beginning of spring, blooming flowers symbolise wishes for a prosperous new year.

When should a Chinese New Year party be held in Singapore?

The Chinese New Year usually falls between the winter solstice and the beginning of spring, typically between January 21 and February 15. The new year festivities often begin on the 24th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar. The first week is set for visiting with senior family members. The 16th day is the best day to feast with the employees as a reward for a year's hard work, but this is also when most people go back to work. 

Where is the best Chinese New Year party venue Singapore?

The best Chinese New Year party venues are found in the central area as well as in the east and west regions of Singapore. You will find a variety of event spaces in Bugis, restaurants in Chinatown, and hotels in Marina Bay where you can host your Chinese New Year party.

Organise The Best Chinese New Year Event Singapore Has to Offer

Host a memorable Chinese New Year party in Singapore to welcome good luck and fortune in the succeeding months! Find the best venue and take advantage of the packages and deals here on Venuerific. For more ideas on how to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Singapore, check out more blogs on the site.

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